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Over the plunge at Horseshoe Falls, the Canadian Side of Niagara Falls. That is fairly fast moving water.

The Redwood Swamp, Montgomery Woods State Reserve, California. Normally a nice dry stroll through the redwoods; this time the entire place was flooded with fast-moving water, and we could barely hike more than a few hundred metres. Unexpected.

A response to “A Dog’s Purpose”

I’ve been wanting to post something about the shepherd in the TMZ/PETA video for a while and I ended up getting so irritated by comments on Facebook I posted something there. I figured I’d just post that one here, with a bit of editing now that I’ve had more time to think.

I’ve honestly been getting fed up with people on both extremes of this issue. There are people on one side saying “animals shouldn’t be used for any sort of entertainment purposes ever” and people on the other side saying “oh no it’s fine that’s the only way you can train a German shepherd without getting bit”. Neither of those things are true, so let’s break down what’s actually happening in this video. In terms of the dog’s body language in the video (as much as I could see with the poor quality of the video): it starts off with the dog leaning away from the water and into the trainer (which could possibly be seeking contact comfort, or just where the dog happened to be leaning), and although the quality isn’t great so it’s hard to tell for sure, there seem to be some tongue flicks as well as the dog being quite still and tense. All of these are stress signals dogs use to communicate that they are uncomfortable with a situation. Next, it’s hard to tell if the trainer started pushing the dog or if it was just the movement of his hand along the dog’s body, but for whichever reason, the dog attempts to leave the area but is held back by the trainer. The trainer then begins to lower the dog into the water while the dog flails and continues to try and flee. Once the dog is back on land, he tries to pull away again and his ears appear to pull back. Again, another stress signal. The dog then stops trying to pull away and the handler pats him, but the dog continues to lean away from him. Now the trainer and the dog struggle again, while the dog continues to try and flee, pulling his ears back again. It’s hard to tell the dog’s tail position throughout most of the video because he’s flailing it for balance a lot, but when he relaxes his tail it appears to fall into a low position, though not tucked, again indicating the dog is fearful/unsure about the situation. When the trainer finally lowers the dog into the water, the dog is still scrambling and trying to get out. He pulls the dog up again and then it cuts to the dog in the river with his head going under.

The shepherd in this video gave both subtle and incredibly obvious signals that he was not comfortable going into the water. I have seen arguments that the trainer did this to “get the dog used to it”, but this is not the correct method for introducing an animal to a scary situation. What is happening in this video is flooding (no pun intended). Think of flooding as taking a person terrified of spiders and locking them in a room full of spiders so they “get over it”. Not only is this ineffective, it can be very detrimental to the animal. I usually don’t like to anthropomorphize animals, but this is a case where I think it is appropriate to ask you to imagine someone forcing you into a situation where you had no chance of escaping one of your fears and I think you could get a pretty accurate feel for what flooding is like. Add in the danger of fast moving water with a dog that is already not comfortable with the situation and it’s not a good combination.

There is nothing inherently wrong with training animals for movies. Animal training is mentally stimulating, a humane fix for common behavioral problems, and fun for both trainers and animals (if it’s not, you’re doing it wrong). However, the training methods in this video were not appropriate or humane. If the dog was afraid of going in the river they could have tried a gradual desensitization, using a different dog, or CGI. There was no reason to force this dog into a scary and dangerous situation. The second the dog showed signs he was fearful and did not want to go in the water, the trainer should have stopped. There is no reason to use force in a training situation–especially one like this that is potentially dangerous.

The one thing I want to say about the rest of the film is that I don’t think this necessarily means every dog in this movie was abused and every person on the film crew was aware of what happened. I am concerned about what techniques this particular trainer used with other dogs (or the same dog in different scenes), but he isn’t necessarily the only trainer for the movie. What this means to me is that this particular trainer used inappropriate training methods and should face consequences for it (which I’ve heard he will be). I mistrust PETA, and they are notorious for doctoring videos to suit their needs. It is very suspicious to me that the last thing we saw was the trainer pulling the dog out of the water and then a sudden cut to the dog going under. It’s perfect editing to elicit a response from the public. That doesn’t excuse the dangerous and inhumane training techniques shown in this video and like I said above, makes me concerned about what other kind of training techniques this guy used on his dogs. The point I’m trying to make is film crews are quite large, and I hesitate to pass judgement on the entire crew and cast because of this one terrible trainer (and those that watched and did not intervene). I can’t help but be suspicious of PETA, they just have such a long history of editing and taking things out of context to further their animal rights agenda. You’re within reason if you don’t want to see this movie, but please be aware this is NOT the standard for training an animal.

The Red Flower - For Removing Enchantment

Joringel went away, and at last came to a strange village; there he kept sheep for a long time. He often walked round and round the castle, but not too near it. At last he dreamt one night that he found a blood-red flower, in the middle of which was a beautiful large pearl; that he picked the flower and went with it to the castle and that everything he touched with the flower was freed from enchantment; he also dreamt that by means of it he recovered his Jorinda.

- Jorinda and Joringel


Intent: To remove an enchantment or bewitchment placed upon another.

Jar with tight-fitting lid
Photo of the bewitched person
Herbs: Red Aster, Red Geranium, Red Poppy, Red Rose, Vetiver

Ideal Timing: Waning Moon

This spell is meant to remove an enchantment or bewitchment placed upon your lover, or upon someone you care about. It is not meant to break a curse or a hex, but more meant to return a person to their natural state when their attitudes or actions have been altered by magic.

Collect the petals of a red aster, a red geranium, a red poppy, and a red rose. Dry them in the sun until completely stiff. Combine these with four pinches of vetiver.

(Pro-tip: If you have trouble finding a particular bloom for spellwork, roses may be substituted for any other flower. In this case, Red Rose petals may stand in for the Aster, Geranium, and Poppy, if need be.)

Place the petals and pinches of herb in a jar with a photograph of the person who you believe is bewitched. Leave the jar in the sun for three days, then place the photo and the dried herbs in a sachet beneath their pillow.

If your lover is some distance away, retain the photograph in a safe place and either burn the dried petals, which will have absorbed the enchantment, or toss them into fast-moving wind or water to dissipate the spell.

- From the forthcoming book “The Sisters Grimmoire: Spells and Charms For Your Happily Ever After” by Bree NicGarran and Anna Zollinger

Ow ow ow

We had some freak thunderstorm pass through here. I was out running errands when it hit and was maybe 20 feet from my car when the heavens opened up and one of the heaviest rains I’ve ever seen came down.

I decided to make a run for it instead of just waiting for it to stop like an intelligent person.

In mere seconds I was drenched. And then, when I attempted to stop by the car, my feet slid on a fast-moving sheet of water and fell like the sack of shit some anon tells me I am.

My hip slammed into the pavement and cold - so very cold - water soaked into my shorts. I got up and got in the car.

First, I looked to see if anybody saw me. Near as I could tell nobody did. Then the pain hit. Son of a bitch. Perhaps worse, I was soaked, and now freezing cold.

And now, because I’m told that I believe myself to be better than everybody by random anons on Tumblr of all places, I’ve told you about how I looked the fool.

You’re welcome.

livingmeatloaf  asked:

I have a mountain city in my story that sits pretty much at the beginning of a major river. What kind of fish/marine life could they expect to farm or fish from such an area to be a major part of their diet? I have eels and some small fish right now, but I can't seem to find a lot about marine life at the beginning of a river. Should they just expect to fish far downstream? Thank you for the help and advice to provide to writers! Your posts are really interesting to read!

If your looking for fish that are actually worth the time to catch and eat, father downstream would be optimal. Theres not many fish that can live in such shallow fast moving water like the creeks and brooks that feed large rivers. They would be better off hunting game than fishing for food considering how much energy it would take and the time the fish would get to sit and possibly go bad. I would need to know a general area the river would be based off of to give you more information!

Good luck writing!

There’s a hundred miles of flat ochre scrubland between Dallas and Annville, and it all looks the same. They’re walking somewhere nameless out along Route 14 when Fiore stops dead in the middle of the road. DeBlanc’s another thirty paces down the empty blacktop before he notices and wordlessly doubles back, eyes narrowed against the sunset burning firebright behind Fiore like a halo. He’s got that look on his face that he gets when he’s fed up, petulant as a child, with his brow furrowed and his eyes wet.

It’s not an appropriate time to kiss him, but DeBlanc wants to all the same; it might cheer him up, might shift some of the terrible weight on his shoulders.

He settles for taking his hand instead and leading him off the tarmac, coaxing the barest ghost of a smile out of him.

“You’ve stopped,” DeBlanc says, and Fiore shuffles his feet, stares down at the clouds of dirt he’s kicked up white as chalkdust, says nothing. “What’s the matter?”

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I took stock of the first 25 pages of my new book apparently I’m obsessed with deer and rivers and self-destruction in my new book. That’s the whole project. Deer and fast moving bodies of water and self-annihilation: poisoning, sharp objects, falling etc. Also the book is going to be filled with sticky feathers. That’s all I am writing about.

Step Bro... Fuck Buddy... or Love?

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Genre: Smut ( NSFW )

Members: JungKook & Reader

Word Count : 1946

JungKook is still in my room and we are nakedCrap !

JungKook is asleep so I slightly touch him to wake him up, whispering.


He turns to side but doesn’t wake up so I touch him again.


He opens his eyes with a murmur.

“What is it kitten? Why are you awake?”

I lean in to explain.

“My mum and your dad… They are home.”

He realizes how urgent the situation is and gets up. I throw his clothes at him just to be quick but he rushes to my side giving me a kiss before he goes back to his own room. Our parents walk upstairs just as he closes his door and I let out a breath in relief. My mum knocks on my door.


I pretend to be asleep. At the breakfast it is even more awkward. I do not dare to lock eyes with JungKook and he gives me slight smirks. As we are getting ready I leave the door slightly open for him to see me and wear my black stockings. He bites his lips as he watches me but does not do anything. Just as we decided before we walk into school seperately and I think he is going to avoid me but instead he sits next to me. I give him a questioning look.

“Chill out kitten… It is normal to sit with your classmate.”

I whisper in defense

“You have got a girlfriend”

JungKook rolls his eyes.

“Tchh… Like I care”

I actually get mad at him but don’t talk back as the teacher walks in. He sits next to me during all the classes till the luch break and when we are back it is not different but I do not find it weird anymore. It’s fifteen minutes of the lesson, I am literally sleeping then I feel JungKook’s hand peek under my skirt. I take a look around while trying to push his hand away. He leans in, whispering through my ear.

“Stand still and keep quiet…”

He pushes my skirt up, hooking his finger to the edge of my stocking pulling it just to leave it back.  I gasp but make no sound at all. His hand move along my inner thighs and I try to keep a poker face. I do not fight JungKook as I know I will loose it but as his finger reaches to my panties I give a look. However he ignores me, just going on with his teasing. JungKook moves his fingers over the lace then pushes it aside. I bite my lip as his finger moves around then circles my clit in a painfully slow way. I just cannot help whimpering.

“Uhh… JungKook”

JungKook quickens his moves as I bite my lip and burry my head to my desk. He pushes two fingers inside and I just bite my own finger not to make any sound. He moves them fast, scissoring and twisting which drives me insane. When he curls them up my body tenses. I can feel his smirk as I cannot help but move my hips. He pushes harder and causes me to come in the middle of class, in public. My body slightly shakes as his magical fingers ride my high. I keep my head over the desk till I come back to my senses.

JungKook steals glances from me for the rest of the day and when we go back to home we both pretend as if nothing is going on. Dinner is quiet and peaceful. My mum is calm and happy chatting about random stuff.  

After both our parents go to sleep I quietly tiptoe to sneak into JungKook’s room. He is casually laying on his bed, watching something on his laptob. Only in his dark blue sweatpants and nothing more. The view is delicious but JungKook is surprised as he sees me.


He stops whatever he is watching as he gestures me to sit next to him. I murmur as I lay down between his arms.

“I cannot sleep”

He nuzzles my neck as he gives me a nonchalant smirk

“You want me to help with that”

In the end we have a crazy night again and this time I have to bite his lip to keep quiet. I fell asleep in his room but just change in there indeed.

A month pass by pretty much the same. We spend so much time together with JungKook. We talk, walk, watch something or hang out together and after the midnight we sneak into each others room. JungKook gives me pleasures that I become addicted to. He is rough, he knows all my weak spots, he uses my body at his will. He even gives me hickeys but I don’t care. When my mum or his dad ask I use my clumsiness as an excuse. My best friend Jimin notices that there is something but I don’t tell him anything about me and JungKook. However JungKook knows about Jimin.

My mum and his dad are out for the weekend. I hear JungKook talking on the phone then he walks through me as I sit at the white leather couch. His eyes are darker then ever and I know there is something wrong.

“What’s going on JungKook?”

He is pretty much serious, voice low.

“The date is set Kitten. They are getting married in 21 days.”

I give out a histerical laugh.

“This means we are officially going to be…”

He nods, saying

“You are going to be my sister…”

I roll my eyes, burrying my head into his neck.

Oh My God I will have to call you oppa then?”

His eyes are wide as he shakes his had wildly.

“Don’t even start with that… For fucks sake… This is nuts…”

He cannot finish his sentence then the room fells into a sharp silence. Both of us are deep into our thoughts for a few minutes but JungKook is the first to break the silence.


Then our words are whole the same.

“For one last time ! “

I pull him into a kiss. His nails dig into the back of the couch as he lays me down. I am in my dark purple nightgown so he easily pushes it up. He rushes his jeans and boxers. No teasing no fore play. This is unlike of JungKook. I open my legs for him as he leans down on me.

His lips meet mines as he whispers.

“Here, the table over there, bath… You won’t be getting any sleep tonight”

Even those words and his kiss are enough to get me wet and ready for him. I find my heaven again as he sinks into me. My fingers travel around his neck then I pull his hair as his moves are hard and deep. I pull him to myself to kiss him but he doesn’t.

“I want to hear you moan and scream my name”

With that his hips snaps back even more forcefully. He puts one of my legs to the edge of couch as he finds a new great angle. I do not realize that I burry my nails into his skin. Pulling back JungKook sits down taking me over him. He lets me to have control for a while. I put my hands over his shoulders to get some support. I find my own rythm as I move up and down over his member. As my release becomes closer JungKook takes control as he holds me up, thrusting faster and harder. JungKook orders with a husky voice.

“Rub yourself and do not stop till I say so”

I do as he says but it makes me so sensitive that I cannot help moaning out loud shamelessly.

JungKook…uhhcan I stop

His hips hits to a deeper place sharply.


He goes on even harder and I do not last long. When I come all around him JungKook pulls out, gives me a long passionate kiss. Our next spot is the dinner table. He lays my upper body over it as he kicks my feets apart with his own. He gives me some light spanks then his hands are over each side of my ass to keep me open for him. He slids into me slow yet powerful. JungKook groans right beside my ear as he pushes into me faster. Later he lifts my leg up, placing it over the table causing me to feel him even more. Trying to hold on I desperately put my hands each side of the table but my strength is not enough. Lost in all the sensations I murmur

Ahh… JungKookDon’t…Don’t stop please

JungKook moves me up, turns my body around. His lips crashes to mine.

“I won’t stop till you faint Kitten… Not even if you beg me to stop”

He slowly throws me backward to the table, pulling my hips till the edge of it. JungKook begins his delicious moves again. It feels so good that tears begin to pile up. I put my hand over his groin for him to slow down but he doesn’t and I am glad. My walls clench around him as that familiar feeling builds up around my stomach. JungKook’s moves becomes erratic as I came around him again.

When he lifts me up I whisper.

“How can you keep still…It’s just”

He laughs at my words as he lifts me to the bathroom upstairs. When he pushes me through the wall of the bath he takes a step back. Starting the water he pushes my legs aside, holding the cold water over my burning core. I try to push it away but he holds my hand as he rubs it there. I cry out only then he pulls it back. JungKook leaves the warm water to fill the bathtub as he takes my leg over his arm and slids into me again. It is pouring down over our bodies and I cannot keep my hands off of JungKook. His muscular arms, toned back and delicious abs. He is pure perfection and all mine right there and then.

I go crazy with those perfect moves hit all the right spots. As the bathtub is filled he slips into the water taking me over him. He is inside me again and lifting me up and down with fast strong moves. Waters adds to the pleasure and I am not able to scream, moan or form words anymore. To be honest my only reality is JungKook and what he is doing to me. JungKook lays my upper body over his, rubbing my clit which sends shivers through my whole body.

“Never forget who is doing this to you Kitten… Noone will ever make you feel like this”

The only thing I can do is to nod. He snaps his hips, voice is breathy and husky.

“Say my name Kitten and I will let you come”

I say his name out loud then he mercilessly hits my sweet spot till we both are about to come. His member begins to pulse inside of me and he just slows down to pull out but I move my hips.

“Come inside of me JungKook”

With that he gets faster and we both come at the same time. My body violently shakes as my orgasm hits through. His warm seed leaks into me before he slowly pulls out. We say nothing but lay inside the water for a while.

It feels like a farewell and it is pretty much like that. Afterwards we both ignore each other at all costs. At home, at school… Not even a word is spoken… Until that day…

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I heard on the radio that someone was going down the highway in a canoe


This dam in Iraq is about to burst — and 1.5 million lives could be at stake

The largest dam in Iraq is on the brink of collapse, and if it does, millions of civilians could be killed in the deluge of water it unleashes. According to to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, anywhere between 500,000 and 1.47 million Iraqis “probably would not survive” the fast-moving wall of water that would rush forth if the Mosul Dam were to crumble. Action is being taken solve the problem, but it may not be enough.


This beetle can water ski with its claws 

The research team used high-speed video footage to demonstrate that when it looks like the waterlily beetles skitter from the surface of a pond, they are actually gliding across it at incredible speeds. By tilting their tiny 6-millimeter bodies upward, lifting the middle two of their six legs off the water, and beating their wings they can cover half a meter per second. If humans could move that fast on water skis, we’d break 300 miles per hour.

The very large study post with Katie MD

So this is what you requested guys, and I’m going to give my best and invite you into a study journey with me, so let’s get this party started!

First, no good study session can start before I clean up my room, because if my room’s a mess, my head will be too. A lot of distractions are going to be at hands reach, and we can’t let anything take our focus off the book, especially that shiny thing there on your table. Yeah, that one you’re looking at right now. So move it somewhere else, fast! We’re moving on…


Water, coffee, tea, anything will work. Ice tea, a cold juice or hot cocoa for revision. Whatever you like, but watch out for those caffeine crashes - they’re the worst study sesh killers out there. And they’re silent, and hit hard with headaches, yawns and leave you with no focus or motivation whatsoever, so my advice is one cuppa in the morning for us coffee lovers, or make not to concentrated coffee in a french press and sip it through the session SLOWLY , with lots of cold water if you’re pulling an all-nighter, or some aromatised water (just put some herbs in it while it sits in the fridge or freeze them in the ice and you’ll get beautiful ice cubes)


Also, before we begin with the serious stuff, a word on flowers. It’s good to have at least one living thing on your desk, it just boosts you happy-meter. I have an orchid (a long beautiful bloom, not so hard to take care of if you give it a try, and a Gerbera I got for my birthday - not sure if it’s “a Gerbera”, because here at home we just call it Gerber)


Filofaxes, register folders, calendars, daily calendars, anything and everything,

depending on how prone you are to going crazy in the office section of any store. Or just print out your own. Or use none if you think it’s a waste of time, just write a to-do list on a simple post-it, and stick it somewhere visible, like your computer screen, desk or wall. Also, you can use Momentum on google chorme or any planner app out there, even a notepad on your phone or computer. Don’t overdo it, organisation can, also, lead to procrastination.

Here’s my filofax. I covered up a bit of my student ID card, just for safety reasons, and then we have see through plastic pages that are great for sticking post-its, since they stick much better than to regular paper. On the end we have a Cristina Yang quote, a little reminder, and some magnet page markers (there’s only one there because it’s April and all the rest are sitting on pages of different books already)


If you want to get these, go crazy! The happier the colors, the better. Because we already know the material won’t be colorful nor happy. Especially if the topic is aneurysms. And clips, clips are good. Clip similar material together, clip and hang important notes, clip your printed material, clip everything!


Notes good, facebook bad! That’s my mantra for any lecture I ever went to. 70% of the people you see at lectures (at least) are just jogging their thumbs hitting that newsfeed button. You’ve seen all those selfies and cats already, and thinking about it, I believe it’s not so much more fun than the lecture itself. Don’t let yourself be driven to log in just because the topic is boring, or the lecturer, as he/she most likely will be. Write stuff down, even just a few sentences, think of it as your own personal shortcut to knowing what’s important and what text should just be skimmed through.

Then again, go home, write the dates on your notes, and organize them:

You can use a register folder with the metal binding and either punch the holes out yourself, or if you’re lazy and a bit clumsy (and you destroy more notes than you properly punch and bind) you can go to the office section again and get a pre-punched pad and just tear out a few pages and bring them to the lecture. (This method also gets a big + for a not so heavy bag, since you’re taking paper instead of a heavy notebook)

Don’t let what others want eclipse what you need,
they’re not the Sun, you are.


No, you don’t need these to study, but meet Grumpy (Siamese fighting fish who loves posing for pictures) and Casillas (Koi fish, or the dude who constantly gets tortured by the Beta)


Hope you liked it, and will send me more requests, I had so much fun writing this post for you. Good luck with your studies and exams,

Katie MD