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Favorite Models - Cailin Russo

“I never would have thought I would be a model. Especially through my early teens, I had some serious self-esteem issues. As a kid, I was a total weirdo, always wanting to be involved in crazy arts and crafts and magic. A lot of magic– I had a book of spells that I would try and do all the time. I was always caught in between wanting to be an artist (painting) and being a scientist growing up. Obviously, I had another path coming along.”


Written for @meflashfanwork​‘s May ‘17 theme of “What Might Have Been”
Also available on AO3

The silhouette of Shepard’s N7 armor coalesces amid the smoke and flames that burn through the mess deck of the Normandy. She stands tall, shoulders back against this threat like she stands against every other.

“Distress beacon is ready for launch.” Her voice is calm, like it’s just another day. Like the ship isn’t falling to pieces beneath their feet.

Kaidan reaches out mentally, trying to grasp some of her composure for himself. Fingers slippery with sweat—from the heat or nerves he can’t be sure but probably a bit of both—fumble with the helmet clipped to his waist but he follows her lead, locking it into place and taking a sucking breath at the filtered air that pumps through it before he speaks again.

“Will the Alliance get here in time?” A tiny sense of pride fills him when his words come out without the waver of fear that still clings to his back.  

“They’ll be here.” She glances over her shoulder at him as she wrenches open the metal door housing the fire extinguisher. “We just need to hold on. Get everyone into the escape shuttles.”

Kaidan shakes his head. His attention turns towards a sparking electrical panel, something he’s capable of managing. “Joker’s still in the cockpit. He won’t abandon ship. I’m not leaving either.”

“Damn it!” Her gloved hand pulls him, hard, as she jerks him around to face her. Though only her eyes are visible through the visor, the green in them flash with anger. And maybe, if he looks close enough, he could see the fear in them too. He doesn’t let himself look that close. He needs her strength. “I need you to get the crew onto those evac shuttles. I’ll haul Joker’s crippled ass out of here.”

“Negative, Commander. I’ll get Joker into the pod. You launch that beacon and meet us up there.”

He doesn’t wait for her response; doesn’t listen for another order he has no intention of obeying. He hurries in the opposite direction, knowing she can’t chase after him and launch the beacon. He’d ask for her forgiveness later.

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anonymous asked:

Kennst du das, wenn Menschen in deinem Umfeld. In deinem Alter so viel Erfolg, Geld, etc. haben. Klar Geld ist iwo scheiß egal aber bei ihr läuft alles perfekt und bei anderen läuft es auch nicht ganz so schlecht und dann komm ich mein Leben fuckt ab und sie sie hat fucking Erfolg egal was sie tut, egal ob fast niemand sie mag. Ich versuche mich immer auf mich zu konzentrieren aber ich hasse mich selbst so sehr, dass ich einfach immer wieder zurückfall und neidisch werd

Weißt du, von außen betrachtet wirkt ihr Leben perfekt, aber das ist nur das, was wir von außen betrachtet sehen. Ich hab Mal im Fsj jemanden kennengelernt, da dachte ich mir: Wow der sieht gut aus, der hat übelst den großen Freundeskreis, ne cute Freundin. Hab seine Insta Bilder mir angeguckt und dachte mir: Geil der kommt auch noch Rum um die Welt, hat anscheinend viel Geld, erlebt mega die Krassen Sachen. Anschließend wurde mir erzählt dass er ein Einser Abi hatte. Wieso bist du nur so bestraft mit deinem Leben? Als er sein Fsj beendet hat, hab ich irgendwann nach paar Monaten mit seiner Freundin geredet und die hat mir erzählt, dass seine Mutter 1 Tag vor Weihnachten wie aus dem Nichts gestorben ist, dass sie ins Krankenhaus eingeliefert wurde und in der selben Nacht noch an einem verdammt großen Jahre lang unentdeckten Tumor gestorben ist. Er verlor seine Ausbildung bei der Bank, weil er in der Probezeit deswegen zu oft gefehlt hat, entschloss sich Spontan für ein FSJ, der Vater bekam Depression und die Erziehung des kleinen Bruders blieb an ihm hängen. Was ich damit sagen will ist, dass wirklich niemand das eine perfekte wunderschöne Leben hat. Auch diese Menschen, von den du denkst, dass sie immer den Jackpot ziehen, auch diese Menschen wünschen sich oft das Leben eines anderen.

pyshcodelicmike  asked:

Glock 19 vs g43 which do you prefer?

I like both, but if you/I want one gun to do it all, get a G19. The G43 definitely is easier to hide and is still a good option but there are some compromises for the small is and it’s mag capacity. When I carry my G43 I have a +1 on the mag and carry at least 1 or 2 spare mags with +2 extensions. After all the recent bullshit going on in this world I started carrying my 19 again, usually with a spare 19 or 17 mag and use the G43 for a backup or ankle gun. With any bigger gun you have to be more aware of the gun printing depending on your clothing and dress to the gun. I’ll take the gun with the capacity any day, because that 7 or 8 rounds in that first mag goes fast.