fast lane

fast lane;
—  hammering headaches fueled by deprivation
(can’t find my glass of aspirin)
i can’t taste the sunlight on my burnt tongue
my eyes are heavy and weak and i just wanna
see the grass weaving between my toes
people passed me by but i couldn’t feel their
footsteps vibrating the cement
the smell of gasoline fills the air
matches lying on the street
fire crackling on the white lines
but my feet won’t move
lost in a city i once knew with my eyes closed
i can feel her aroma lingering on my clothes
but the fire burned the perfume
and her steel-toed boots
melted into a steely heart (much like mine)
left without a trace (just like all those times before)

Who’s to say a couple of years from now a bunch of heels will be attacking Dean and Roman and out of nowhere Seth will come to help them out and when only the three of them are left in the ring, Reigns and Ambrose will look at each other and then back at Seth and keep going until-slowly but steadily Seth will hold out his fist and just like that, the Shield will be back.