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Knit/Crochet Asks

1. Do you knit or crochet or both?
2. What’s your favorite yarn brand?
3. What’s your favorite fiber?
4. Do you prefer neutral tones, jewel tones, or earth tones?
5. Describe/ show pictures of your favorite project?
6. How many WIPs do you have?
7. What’s your go-to needle/hook size(s)?
8. What’s your favorite yarn weight(s)?
9. Favorite place to shop for yarn?
10. Do you like to knit/crochet in public?
11. What’s the most outrageous thing someone’s asked you to make for them?
12. Do you have an Etsy shop?
13. Do you like to watch TV while you craft? If so, what’s your favorite program?
14. What type of music do you listen to when you craft?
15. Are you a fast or slow knitter/crocheter?
16. How long have you been knitting/crocheting?
17. Do you do any other crafts?
18. What is on your knit/crochet wishlist?
19. Do you prefer printed or PDF patterns?
20. Ask me anything.

Feel free to add any other questions you all can think of

anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky getting super into knitting. Imagine he loves creating something with hands once destructive. He joins a knitting circle, joins in with the stories of the "good old days" with the elderly women, and even drags (insert character of your choice) along to show off both skills and arm candy.

“Still working on that sweater, dear?” Janice asks. Bucky dodgedly finishes a cable, and nods. “It’s been months, hasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Bucky admits freely, and then smiles. “I still need to order buttons for it.”

“Generally you buy buttons when you’re finished the garment,” Janice grouses, but she’s smiling too.

Bucky is not a fast knitter, by any stretch. Their prosthetic is fairly adjustable, but some of the finer touches of knitting are lost and besides, the machinery sometimes chews up yarn and needles alike. So Bucky has to be careful; no lace or sock weight yarns for them, just chunky knits while they figured everything out, and now sturdier sportsweight.

Janice wishes she knew who the sweater was for. A gorgeous green and cabled all the way down, it wouldn’t fit them at the shoulders, though it would complement their skin tone. Perhaps they want to wear it unbuttoned? Foolishly, Janice presumed they would not want to wear something from a back issue of Vogue Knitting, with the delicate details and form. But once they came to the knitting circle wearing a long handknit shawl and a silky blouse, and again all bets were off about the sweater.

“If I have to knit any more of this sleeve,” Bucky says stormily, staring at the endless rows of the affronting sweater.

“Why don’t you put it away, dear?” Madeleine, one of the younger women in the knitting circle says, and pauses her Fair Isle vest. “Sometimes I put a project away for two weeks and then come back to it. Brings a new perspective to the project.”

“But what would I do in the meantime?” Bucky asks.

“Socks?” Madeleine suggests. “Hats, gloves. Socks. Surely your sweetheart’s feet get cold.”

“You said socks twice,” Bucky says.

“Socks require notable mention,” Janice says. “I see you’re a very goal-oriented person, dear, but you should put the sweater on mothballs for now and try something new.”

Bucky brings a half a sock in a pretty blue-based multicolour yarn. They’re stuck on the heel, but after a lot of listening they get through it. They mostly listen at the knitting circle, advice and stories and all the minute conversations. Janice remembers how her son was when he came back from the war. She hopes that whoever it is Bucky is knitting that sweater for is there for them more than she was for him.