fast forward to 2014

A Study In Contrast

So I came across this post and I can’t help but be amazed at the play in contrast between Zayn and Liam’s Twitter layout:

Night and Day. Urban and Rural. Black and White. Left and Right. Their icons seemingly gaze into each other.

This was in Nov 2014. Fast forward just over two years (Jan 2017) and it looks like they’ve done it again:

It’s not as blatant as the Twitter layout but the play in contrast is still present. Them seemingly to gaze into each other through their icons has been pointed out in this post but what I’m also excited to discover is that they’ve done it before. And in addition, both their 2014 and 2017 icons bear some similarities with their contrast:

Zayn’s icons both face right while Liam’s are facing left. And in both pics Zayn is wearing a white top while Liam is wearing a black top. And if you take a look at the colored version of Zayn and Liam’s 2017 icons you’ll discover that their pics were taken during day and night respectively!

(So the pic I’ve provided for Liam is not the same as the icon. I’ve discovered that Liam’s icon pic is really set to B&W so for comparison’s sake I chose a colored pic from the same event where Liam’s pic was taken)

Don’t you just love these “coincidences”? 😏😏

remember the shit Kanye was ranting about last year after Beyonce lost album of the year to Beck, and y'all called him crazy? Kanye called out the Grammys for the fact that his 21 Grammy wins are all in the rap categories, and he never won against a white artist. Y'all called him crazy right? Now, look at Kendrick. Kendrick lost all 6 of his nominations in 2014 against white artists, specifically Macklemore…fast forward to 2016, Kendrick wins all the RAP categories he’s nominated for, in which no white artist was nominated in, yet loses the biggest awards of the night, Song Of The Year, to Ed Sheeran, and Album Of The Year, to Taylor Swift. FUCK THE GRAMMYS

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why do you think the pine twins and wirt are the same age in your current timeline? i saw several posts saying that the tape wirt has indicates it's late 1980s-1990s ish in otgw so wouldn't it be pedophilia?

welp. Let’s go back to what you said:

“the pine twins and wirt are the same age in your current timeline” - you, in that ask right there. 

So… nope. No pedophilia here.

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Harry Styles is a Silken Prince

aka he’s been obsessed with silk satin shirts as of late and I AM HERE FOR IT. So I made a masterpost. Enjoy.

I finally broke down after seeing this little number tonight…

It legit looks like he took the top from his silk jammies and said “fuck it” and wore it on stage.

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So, I have a cringe story that makes me want to burn myself alive. So, I grew up fairly normal, kind of poor, nothing too big until I was at 13. When I was 13 I came out of the closet as a lesbian in my rather conservative new york town. This was before marriage equality and tumblr but I had a very supportive family and it wasn’t the south, so I thought I’d be okay. Wrong. Some uh, violent stuff happened and I won’t go into it but it left me with a great deal of trauma that made it very hard for me to go to school. Fast forwards to 2014. I’m a 19 year old still in high school because my fear of school campuses made it impossible to attend public school again, so I’ve been bounced around from shitty charter school to shitty charter school. We moved from NY to OR, to a place much more laid back and gay-friendly for my benefit. I start attending this crappy charter school, less than 100 kids there, and all of them had some embodiment of cringe there, they were the kids who got kicked out of public school for having sex on campus or punching holes in the wall or making death threats and stuff. The one kid who will always stand out most was James. James was a big guy, not just fat, but tall too, and towered over every other kid there, like his mom fed him pure bovine growth hormones. He was also disgusting in every way possible. His hair was long and greasy enough to fry something in it, he smelled like he had never showered in his life, all his clothes were stained and dirty, he typically wore trench coats and tees with characters from homesick and MLP on them. He went barefoot everywhere, and his toes were a nightmare the likes of which would inspire Lovecraft. He always ate the grossest food too, like spraying cheese whiz straight into his throat. I’m gagging just at the memory. He also brought weird ass kink stuff to school, like leather chains and collars and fucking furry tails. The teachers were probably paid in food stamps, so they didn’t give a shit.

Anyways, James really attached himself to me and my group of friends, because the guys in our group were funny and nerdy and weebish and I, the only girl, was small and approachable. I’m only about 5'2" and I look much younger than I am, so it figures I’d attract the guy who wore loli porn as a t-shirt. I made it very clear, on a constant basis, that I was a lesbian and I was not going to “change my mind”, but James didn’t care. One of those “I just wanna be your friend” types who makes approaches that are very not friendly. Whatever, I don’t give a shit, as long as he isn’t super weird. I get to know my friends a lot better and the school has this whole therapy open-up-your-feelings shit, so I eventually tell them about my past sexual assault. They’re all really supportive of me, except James. James becomes fascinated by this, and starts hounding me with questions. Was it real? Who did it? Did it hurt but then feel good? Did I ever dream about it? Did I ever touch myself and think about it? Things got really weird really fast, and I started trying to distance myself from him. Instead of getting the message, he latches on harder, and starts “playfully” forcing me to go places with him, grabbing my arms and dragging me away from my friends. I’m getting freaked out, asking my friends to get in-between the two of us because he scares me, and he just keeps on approaching me even when other people are around, trying to talk to me about flurries and BDSM and super sexual stuff. Apparently, the word no has vanished from his vocabulary, because I keep telling him to leave and he just won’t go.

The nightmare finally makes its climax in history class. I had US history with him, and the two friends I had in that class were both absent, so my shields were down. This school had couches instead of chairs everywhere, to promote community or some shit, but probably because it was easier to pick up one couch from Goodwill than order actual desks. So, I sit down on the only couch available, and James of course sits down next to me. I’m scared and trying to move away, but he keeps moving closer. We’re watching a documentary on the LA riots, so the lights are off and no one is looking, and James starts putting his hands on me, rubbing my thighs and shit. At this point, I’m scared out of my mind and I’m having serious flashbacks, I can’t move because I’m so scared. I didn’t even notice I started to cry. Eventually the teacher notices James is touching my ass, stops the class, and throws him outside. I had to call my mom to pick me up, and I skipped school for a week. In the end, the school didn’t call the police for James molesting me, and encouraged me to forgive him. They even told me I was harming the community by not forgiving him and “look at how sorry he is, he’s crying”. I had to avoid James for the rest of the year, and then I had to stand on a stage and graduate next to him. I don’t know where he is now, but I hope he’s been hit by a truck. I still see his mom at college and she thinks that she and I are friends, I don’t think she knows that I’m the girl her son molested. 

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Wait you were responsible for a werewolf sighting? What did you do?

I’m SO glad you asked because this is one of my favorite stories about me.

So, backstory. A couple years ago I commissioned this beautiful piece of taxidermy from @naturepunk, a black wolf headdress with a fully mounted realistic head. Here’s a picture of me with it:

Shitty bathroom selfie but you get the idea. This thing is huge and envelops pretty much my entire body from the back.

Now, I may be a bit of an oddball but I am at least self aware enough to know that this is not something I could realistically get away with wearing anywhere in city limits without calling lots of attention to myself. So, whenever I get the urge to photograph any of the taxidermy I’ve acquired, I usually bring it with me to my favorite hiking spot about fifteen minutes out of town.

I try and make sure there are no hikers around and snap a few pictures here and there and then finish my hike alone.

Fast forward to Halloween of 2014. An old art history professor of mine wants me to come to her class Halloween party, and knowing my affinity for the macabre, encourages me to bring the most outlandish costume I have. The black wolf isn’t my only piece of fur costumery but he is by far the biggest and one of the most impressive, so I pick him and put him in a bag and take him to class.

Once in class it’s time for the dramatic reveal. I put him on the table, pull him from the bag and place him on my head to which a student in the back loudly gasps and says to me “Oh my GOD! YOU WERE THE WOLF?!”

Apparently, despite my best efforts not to dress like a weirdo in public, on one of my outings in the woods someone had spotted what they could only assume was a werewolf out in the sticks. Given the paths that the trails take and how different seasons make little areas more or less visible with brush cover, it’s not unrealistic for someone to have caught a glimpse of me in my wolf pelt but not enough of a glimpse to see that it was actually a chick in a costume and not an actual factual for real werewolf running around by the riverbed.

He seemed a little disappointed that the wolf wasn’t real. He was however very happy he got to pet it. We spent the rest of the class time watching Dracula in Spanish.

Another BOTDF statement. Read carefully.

Since people have such vibrant imaginations and love to call Dahvie a rapist, I thought I would make a statement of my own to clarify why I feel like he isn’t one and you all are full of shit. First off, if he’s a rapist, why is no one going to the police with these allegations? What is writing a tumblr statement going to do? Does this ever cross anyone’s mind? And if you say rape is hard to prove, yeah, in some cases it is, but most of these “statements” I see are stating that there’s multiple witnesses around when said actions happened. Big red flag. I wasn’t going to say anything because yes I used to be a crazy fan and I did go through a year of being in the anti botdf community so I know what it’s like on both ends. I’ve been through both communities. The reason I crossed back over after hating them was because I realized a lot of what I was being told was bullshit. Also, because a situation happened where a girl got banned from their shows and she was blaming their team for it when she put herself in that predicament. Since I defended them in that situation and spoke up for them, I’ve become friends with multiple people who are part of their team. All of which I absolutely KNOW for a FACT are good people, because one of them I’ve known for about 3 or 4 years. If Dahvie was a rapist, this person wouldn’t be part of his life whatsoever. People can talk about their horror stories all they want, but has anyone made a good statement about their experience? Because I’m about to. I met Blood On The Dancefloor in July of 2012 on the Vans Warped Tour. At the time, I was friends with this girl who was in a wheelchair and we met up at the show along with a few of my other friends. Fast forward to that afternoon. We were waiting in line for the botdf signing and Jayy walked to the tent so he could start meeting fans and he saw us in line and he had asked one of his crew members to come get us and they brought us to the front of the line. He hung out with us until Dahvie showed up. When Dahvie came out like 20 minutes after the signing started, he met his VIP group first which was only like 5-10 people and then he met us. He didn’t only meet us, he brought us in their merch tent, gave us free water, and invited us backstage for the show. He brought the girl in the wheelchair onstage and sang to her. He had some fans backstage but he put us in our own area and made sure we were comfortable and taken care of. He spent extra time talking to us before the show while we were backstage and afterwards when it was over. Never once did I see him be inappropriate towards a younger girl. There were people at that show that told me that he was inappropriate but I later found out they were lying to me. The interaction didn’t end there. A group of my friends are actually in their official music video for “Damaged”. Dahvie invited them to be on set and film it with them so they could be in it. I wasn’t able to make arrangements for that because I have a job and I would’ve needed to know way ahead of time, but from what I had heard, their experience there went really well. And once again, Dahvie made sure they were taken care of. He was never once inappropriate to any of my friends and all of us have gotten treated with the upmost respect every time we’ve seen them in person. Fast forward to 2014. I had started a blog where I promote drag queens. I had tweeted Jayy on Twitter and had asked him if he would be interested in letting me interview him and he was more than excited to do it. When our interview was posted, he shared it on every social media outlet he had and it got my page a ton of views. He added me on his personal Facebook, followed me on instagram and he’s been nothing but absolutely sweet to me. The fact that people would even think for a second that Jayy would stick around and defend Dahvie if Dahvie was a rapist absolutely blows my mind. I’m so glad I got over my “I hate botdf” phase because I’ve grown up so much since that incident. I’m not a crazy fan by any means, but I do look out for them. After I hated them for a year, I had apologized to Dahvie and he forgave me with no issues and since then I’ve let it go and forgotten about it. And I haven’t really had any problems with being disrespected or judged for whatever reason. I’ve actually become friends with a bunch of their friends and I’ve gained a whole different perspective on who they are as people. I’m not going to deny that sometimes they make mistakes and say mean things, because they have defended themselves. But don’t all of us act a little childish at times? If you say you have never swore at someone or said something mean to them, you’re a damn liar. I’m not saying everyone has to love them and buy all their music, but at least be respectful and stop spreading malicious rumors about how Dahvie rapes kids. He’s a very respectful man and he’s kind and if anything, I think he lets people walk all over him too much because he wants people to be comfortable and taken care of. He literally opens his house to people that need a place to stay. Knock it off. VIDEO PROOF OF DAHVIE SINGING TO MY FRIEND. YOU’RE WELCOME.
Mexican Character Background and Struggles

One of my characters is a Mexican American born in the 60’s. Her father is Mexican and her mother is white, though her mother had walked out shortly after her birth. She mostly takes after her father, with dark skin, black hair, and so on, though she’s very disconnected from her culture due to her father working long, hard hours to keep a roof over their heads and there being few other Mexicans for her to connect with. But they have a happy life together, or at least until her father dies in an accident when she’s only sixteen. 

She contacts her mother for the first time since forever, but instead of going to live with her, she successfully convinces the court to grant her emancipation (out of resentment and disgust towards her mother). She finishes up school, gets into UC Berkeley, graduates with a Masters in Business, and starts working in a company. Fast forward to 2014, she’s now a major shareholder in big name companies like Google, Apple, etc. (fictionally, of course), lives in the heart of Silicon Valley, and is a single, doting mother of three (by choice, not circumstance).

My main concerns are whether her backstory raises any red flags, and what kind of racial prejudices and discriminations she might face. I can already think of the most obvious for the latter off the top of my head, but given the time period she grows up in (and that I’m not Latinx), I’m pretty sure I’m overlooking some important aspects.

Sorry for this being so ridiculously long! And thank you for your time!

People are terrified that making a Mexican with a demanding career is tantamount to making a Mammy or a Magical Negro so I’m assuming you’re asking “is it OK if the father is hard-working.”  The key in whether you have The Hard-Working Mexican or you just have a Mexican character with a demaning job is in whether or not the character has depth and personal agency.

And then as for the “broken family” dynamic: the backstory would raise red flags for me personally if the parents were race-and-gender-swapped (single Mexican mother, walk-out White father) because of the whole “stood up Mexican mom” thing, but that’s not the case here.

There was a decided lot of anti-Mexicanity in the 60s and 70s and there are people who, despite sharing the exact same heritage, subscribe to a way of thinking that amounts to colorist hierarchy (the lighter, the better) that rejects Mexicanity. I recommend that you interview people who are in their sixties in order to get a feel for the attitudes they grew up with and make the events of her life more fleshed out and also so you can find confidence writing this.

- Rodríguez


1st year anniversary of “The Last”

Happy “The Last” anniversary, NH fandom.

Woooh. It’s been a great year, man!

Let’s look back on how we got in here:

In 2012, SP/SJ announced that there will be a new Naruto movie (which was “the Last”). Actually, it was the same year that we got chapter 615. Oooppssss foreshadowing. Honestly, I actually sensed that it would be about NH. I just knew it, for some reason, I just felt that it would be about romance.

And fast forward…. 2014. All my dreams came to happen.

Thanks Kishi!

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My bf and I live 7000 miles apart, i was talking to him on the phone one time telling stories from ur blog and how awesome ur blog is. I didn't think he was listening, so fast forward to dec 2014, i visited him and while I was looking through his phone i saw that he bookmarked your page and i was like 'why is this bookmarked i though u werent interested' he said its because i sounded like i really love what i was talking about and he wanted to look at ur blog together to make me happy, i died


If you were to tell little 10 year old me that I was going to meet Taylor Swift one day I never would have believed you.

At 14 I remember Taylor coming down the aisle hugging fans and right before she got to my sister and I she switched sides of the aisle. I was crushed and heartbroken. I remember watching the girls next to me getting picked for t-party and club red and I would just tell myself that it was never going to happen to me. I remember crying myself to sleep because I thought that I would never get to tell the person I’ve looked up to for 8 years how much I love her. I was told that I would never meet her, even by my parents. I was told to give up. I was told it’s not worth trying to get someone’s attention that doesn’t even know you exist.

But one day, things changed. Taylor had started stalking fans on Instagram. And on April 28th 2014, I woke up to find out Taylor had liked one of my Instagram posts. I started sobbing. I had never felt so much happiness in my life knowing that she saw my face and read my story.

Fast forward to September 26th, 2014. I received a call from Taylor Nation during school and missed the call. I had a heart attack in class and immediately called back. Later that day, they called me back. Liz and I were both invited to a top secret event taking place in Nashville, Tennessee. I remember being in complete utter shock.
That weekend was filled with complete and utter happiness. I met my best friend for the first time. I walked the streets of the city I love. I met the person I had looked up to for 8 years and I got to tell her how much she means to me. She invited me into her family’s home and I had never felt so welcomed by someone in my entire life. You can see in Taylor’s eyes how much she cares about you and it is a feeling I could never describe. I hope one day you all will experience this. I had never been so happy in my entire life. Fast forward a year later, September 2015, and I’m sitting in Nashville at this very moment. One year ago, my best friend played me and 88 others her album secretly a month early. And this weekend, I watched her play it live for 15,000 fans in the same city.
Taylor, words can’t describe how proud I am of you. You have grown into such a beautiful, talented, and kind hearted human. I love and miss you more than words can describe. Thank you for staying involved in my life through online, because although I can’t physically hug you when I need you, I know you’ll be online willing to listen or make me laugh. It’s been a long year without you my friend, but I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

Love you, T.

Xo, Resa.
Happy braidiversary :)

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How did you meet your girl 😁😁

In April 2013 there was a Tinychat. I was on it and so were a couple followers that I vaguely knew. My eyes were drawn to this one girl the entire time. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She had this sweet smile that made her eyes light up and in return it made my heart ignite. I remember the way she’d look down at her phone and look up to the screen again and every single time I’d get nervous. I’d get nervous because it felt like she was looking at me. Sounds ridiculous, right? It felt like she was looking straight through me and it made me weak. 
I remember hovering my hands over the laptop keys for a really long time trying to think of what to say to her. I wanted so desperately to get to know her. I couldn’t think of a single thing suitable to say because “you are the most beautiful person i have ever seen” might have came off too strong, so I complimented her on her hair first. 
I realised I didn’t know her name so I sent a private message to someone else on the chat, asking them if they knew her. I found out her url and her name. Her name was Louise.
We ended up talking a lot that night, we had a lot of similar interests and we planned to tinychat again sometime which made my heart flutter. I was feeling daring so i asked for her Facebook. Things progressed, i got her number and she called me on a bad night once. I remember being so nervous to pick up that I almost missed the call. I had never heard her voice before but trust me when I did, I fell asleep wishing she was mine. I thought about her every single day. For the first month I was really confused by it, I couldn’t wrap my head around how I had fallen this hard for someone i hadn’t even met.

Anyway I’m rambling, so lets fast forward to 6 months later. 
We talk every day, I’ve even told her that I loved her. We’re making plans to see each other someday but it feels so far away. Each day is a step closer to when we get to meet and it’s all I could wish for.

Let’s fast forward a little bit more. April 2014 - an exact year later. I’m shaking on the bus to Belfast, I haven’t slept a wink. My eyes are red, my skin is pale. I look like death and it’s making me even more nervous. It’s approximately an hour until she lands and I haven’t managed to calm down. I couldn’t even remember the last time I ate. The nerves hit me so hard. The whole week leading up to it was complete and utter panic mode. What if she lands and doesn’t like me? What if she’s disappointed? what if I’m not what she thought?
When she landed I literally ran to her. I ran across arrivals and wrapped my arms around her and felt my heart pounding as she hugged me. The smell of her perfume brought a fucking tear to my eye. 

I’m going to fast forward to a year later for you, to present time. I was going to wait another week before I posted this online anywhere but it’s now almost April 2015 and guess what I’m doing? 

I’m buying a one way ticket.



Honestly, I don’t even know how to begin to explain how amazing Friday night was. I can’t put into words how thankful I am for what 5sos-official has done for me.

Since I was 10 years old, I’ve dreamed of being a musician. Life was tough and music was the first thing that I found a love and passion for entirely on my own. I was 12 when my dad got me my first guitar, and I was 14 when I began to learn how to play it. Before I knew it, I was a senior in high school, and I was being forced to decide what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. The only thing that I knew could make me happy for a lifetime was music, but I’m nothing special as a musician. I don’t have an amazing voice, and I’m really insecure about my guitar playing. Everyone kept telling me I need to dream of something realistic. Music can’t make you rich. After graduation, I didn’t sign up for college because I had no idea what to study. The only thing I knew was music but again, I’m nothing special and I would never survive that industry. So I waited. I was so close to giving up on my dreams.

Then, my friend showed me a new band she figured I’d like. Honestly, I had heard of them before but I assumed they were a boy band as they were touring with one direction. (Don’t get me wrong - I do love one direction, but they are not my regular taste in music) Considering my favorite band is All Time Low and Alex Gaskarth kept tweeting them, I listened to them and heard the pop punk influence, and instantly fell in love.

It shocked me to learn that ¾ of the guys were younger than me. They were all just 4 regular boys from Australia chasing their dreams - just like me - and now they’re friends with the musicians they grew up idolizing. That’s when it hit me - I had a chance. I didn’t have to give up. I wouldn’t.

Fast forward to August (?) of 2014. 5SOS announces a tour and they have a stop in my town - Seattle.
I got off work for the day that tickets were released and bought two of the best possible tickets available - soundcheck, and spots in general admission.
After that it was all about patience.

When the ROWYSO tour started, everyone freaked out because the boys brought a fan on stage to play guitar. It killed me. I couldn’t imagine playing guitar on stage with my favorite band. (Insert “I am not worthy” gif from Wayne’s world)

The year strolled by. I finally started classes at a local community college because I wanted to get my basic credits out of the way while I was young. For my class, I wrote my final paper about the gender gap in the music business and for it I was able to interview a music producer who I met in LA when I went down there for the first time in September 2014 to see 5OS. It was through that that I knew I wanted to be a producer.

Fast forward again. The show is a week away and 5sos has still been inviting fans on stage during the show. I couldn’t let myself go to the show without trying as hard as I possibly could to get on that stage (legally, of course.) I decided to make a sign that said “MICHAEL, PICK ME.”

On Wednesday night, me and my best friend stayed at another friends house because she was chosen to be an insider. Thursday we got downtown at 11am, and we found their actual hotel at 2pm. After a bit of casual walking around and waiting, we went into the hotel lobby. My mom and I had been in there before without staying in the hotel so I was confident if we were casual we could stay. My insider friend, Amy, then decided she was going to walk up the stairs to the front desk. Me and Nikki (best friend) sat on the couches downstairs to wait for her. But, as she was walking up the stairs she passes by two guys - one of them was a huge older guy, and the other was younger, tan, tall, with shaggy sandy blonde hair. AND THATS WHEN I REALIZED IT WAS ASHTON AND I WENT INTO SHOCK. I said his name softly - loud enough for him to hear but not to start a scene - and he looked around like he heard it but didn’t want to make eye contact with me. I don’t think it was rude of him, it was understandable because I was in the hotel, invading his privacy, his alone time. Then I look back at Amy, and freaking Calum walks by her. Idk what to do so me and Nikki are just awkwardly standing by the couches - when Nikki begins coughing and having an asthma attack. (Not because she saw them - because she was having troubles breathing before. I had wandered off from the two to check the other hotel that ended up actually being theirs, so when I called them and said their bus was there they both ran 7 blocks up hill.) the boys walked into the bar/restaurant and sat a bit away. Because Nikki couldn’t breath, she went to the bar and asked for a water. The girl gave her and Amy a glass but then the security guards were onto us and the hotel security got us and wanted us to leave. We explained the situation with Nikki and how she needed water so he said he’d bring us some and we went outside. He brought them smart waters which is freakin awesome because $$$$ but then again the hotel is also $$$$$$$$$$$$ so it’s not like it did any damage. Anyway after that he showed us the area that they had roped off and some fans were in there. He said that’s where we should be cause the guys will meet fans there. We ended up staying there until 2am and the guys never came out. However, Bryana came in a taxi at 1:30 and she was so wonderful and beautiful and sweet and I love her wow. Anyway point of this is we were downtown waiting to meet them for 15 hours and didn’t get to so we were all really down.


Because we were exhausted from the day before, we got to the venue at 1pm. We were gonna go to their hotel early but decided not to. We also figured so many people were at the needle trying to meet them we wouldn’t even bother. And of course they met people ha ha smh

We got food. Me and Nikki went to soundcheck and it was wonderful. We made some great friends. You know how the story goes..
Our tickets were for general admission and we got pink wristbands which meant we were on Michael’s side. While waiting for them to let us in (soundcheck kids got in first, before the doors opened) I got to chat with girls who would be in Michael’s pit so when we got down there we were all friends. I asked them if they would help me when michael picked someone to get onstage and they all agreed bc FAM. So the show starts and it’s wonderful and amazing and hey violet is adorable and 5sos can’t spell hair gel and I love them. A few years ago I went to an arcade and won this stuffed banana and when I went to LA I wanted to try to throw it on stage for them but I couldn’t. So I brought it to this show and threw it and it MISSED THE STAGE AND FELL ON THE FLOOR I ALMOST CRIED.

Anyway they played rejects and I knew that was when they’d pick a fan. I thought they did it before the song so when they didn’t I got depressed and figured they were either going to do it during a different song or not going to do it at all, but then, before the last chorus, they stopped. Here’s how the conversation went~
Michael: I have an idea Luke: well I also have an idea Michael: oh..well.. What’s your idea? Luke: I think we should bring a fan onstage to play this song with us Michael: that’s a great idea!

Instantly I put my sign up and turned the lights on for it to flash. The lights in the stadium were turned down and michael and Luke were given big flashlights. They were shining them all over the crowd, looking around my side, (they were saying things too about who they should pick) and when they walked to calum’s side I got flashbacks of when I saw ATL and they brought people on stage for time bomb and I wasn’t one of them, and one of the girls didn’t know the freaking lyrics and it made me so mad omg. I was gonna be so heart broken if I was going to end up watching someone get on stage who didn’t even know how to play guitar. They kept looking around and I noticed the camera man was looking at me and I was on the big screen. Then Luke walked over to Mikes side and was shining his flashlight towards me, and said “hey, this girl has a sign. Should we bring her up?” And michael came over and shined his light at me too so I couldn’t see anything other than two bright lights and all I could hear was people yelling and finally I realized they picked me when someone said “ITS YOU! THEY PICKED YOU!!” And then a bodyguard came over and pulled me out of the pit. I put my backpack down and one of the security guards said I couldn’t bring my phone on stage so I gave it to him.

Then I looked up at the stage and realized that was it. I was going to do it. I walked up and looked at the crowd and it was PACKED to say the least. The arena was filled to the ceiling. Strangely it didn’t bother me though, and I didn’t even think about the people. I was more scared performing at my last dance competition in front of 50 people than I was to be on stage with 4 of my inspirations in front of +15,000 people in the key arena. It was oddly comfortable.

This is where things get kinda blurry in my memory. Michael and Luke were looking at me so I walked over to the catwalk where they were standing. I stood by Michael and glanced over at Luke who was just staring at me and that’s when it hit me - it was real. Michael asked my name and if I played guitar and I said yeah, he looked like he was waiting for me to say more so I said I’ve been playing for 6 years. That’s when he was like ok wow that’s longer than me. He handed me his guitar and I put the strap around me while Luke teased that I was probably better than Michael (I didn’t hear it, luckily. If I did then I would’ve been much more nervous bc no way in hell am I better than Michael) lemme just say, Michael wears his guitar LOW. It felt like it was at my ankles. Before I started playing Michael switched it so that I was playing rhythm (thank u mikey) and then he strummed a bit and handed me the pick. Him and Luke walked away and I honestly kinda panicked in my mind. It was like at the end of the Lizzie McGuire movie when Lizzie and Isabella are singing a duet and then Isabella leaves and Lizzie is like WTF M8. In my head I was panicking bc the guitar was so low and my wrists are weak so I thought I would be crappy. I ended up lifting the guitar onto my leg a bit which made it kinda hard to play so all I did was play a little chord progression. Ashton started drumming along and I think Calum started playing too, but I couldn’t hear ANYTHING that I was playing. Ashton stopped so I stopped and Michael came over and said I was a rock goddess and something else idk. I handed him his guitar and tried to hand him his pick but he was like “you can have that” and then I went to walk back and Luke opened his arms for a hug and I hugged him and said thank you so much (Now rewatching videos I think he said something back but I was in a daze and didn’t notice. I’m gonna assume he said you’re welcome or something idk) then I walked back to michael and hugged him and said thank you to him and then I got off the stage and I went back to the barricade and they let me back in where I was. Everyone was telling me I did really good and that’s when I broke down and sobbed into Nikki’s shoulder and then continued watching the show and kdjsjdaiidiajna.

And then here’s a lovely conversation they had before playing SKH
Luke: You may have noticed that we released a new song not too long ago. And what I wanna do - what we wanna do is play that song right now. How do you feel about that? Michael: What would you do if I just said right now I didn’t wanna play it? Luke: wut Michael: what would you do if I was just like, nope, I’m not gonna do it Calum: I would believe you if you said you didn’t know how to play it. Luke: michael says no Michael: I don’t know how to play it. I’m just gonna play - Luke: (points at me) Let’s get Haleigh back up. She’ll play and this is where I freeze up and realize he’s talking about me Calum: (giggles his widdle giggle) Michael: yeah let’s get Haleigh back up
also towards the end of the show, the camera guy picked up my banana and put it by Michael’s mic stand so yAY :’)))))))

After the show, everyone in the pit came up and told me if they got pics and got my number to send them. Some girls told me I was awesome and when I was walking out everyone was looking at me bc they recognized me IT WAS SUCH A WEIRD FEELING. Lots of girls came up and said I did really great and some asked for selfies and some even asked for hugs bc I hugged Luke and Michael. I went to where the busses were bc I was meeting my friend darby there and people were asking me if I was the one that went on stage and they asked for my twitter and stuff.

When I got on Twitter it was blowing up. All these update accounts were tweeting about me. I was getting texts from friends who were not only at the show, but Internet friends and friends I met in California freaking out bc they saw me on their timeline. On Twitter everyone was being so nice, complimenting me and saying I was so good. On Instagram my friend tagged me in an update accounts picture and the comments OMG. Girl were like “SHE SLAYED” “SHES SO GOOD” one girl even said “of course they picked the girl with major talent. I’m convinced they talked before the show” which I take as a huge compliment.

So here’s the thing. I’ve ALWAYS been insecure about my guitar playing. I don’t like playing in front of people who are really good bc I suck. I’ve never ever jammed with anyone (by that I mean I play guitar while someone else plays a different instrument.) hell, my ex had a band room and he played drums and he tried to get me to jam with him but I never did because I was too nervous. But I got on stage in front of tens of thousands of people, and I jammed with one of my favorite bands - the band that I nearly gave up on ever getting the opportunity to meet. It felt so natural. It was everything I ever dreamed of since I was a child.
I feel like all I’ve done for my parents recently is disappoint them. I didn’t get to walk at my graduation. I didn’t start school until 2 years after graduation. I’ve been working at the same frozen yogurt shop for 4 years now because I’m too afraid of change. Recently very sensitive to anxiety attacks. And meanwhile my older sister is a missionary, going to school to become a part of the ministry and getting straight A’s, spending a month in a small, poor town in Costa Rica on a mission trip with my room mate. All my dad seems to post about on Facebook is pictures of my sister in other countries, and he constantly talks about how proud he is of her. He says he’s proud of me, but nothing specific - just like, proud that I don’t do drugs or anything. But that night my dad posted on Facebook about me and how insanely proud he is and how he could never do it. My mom and sister did the same. 5SOS finally gave me a reason to make my family proud of me. I’ve felt so irrelevant lately but that moment completely proved it wrong. Again, I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to have been given this incredible opportunity.

(sorry this was so long but yeah I had to try to put it all into words so enjoy this wall of text)

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Do you remember the grammys 2010, where Bey was so embarrased when she told Jay in public that she loved him. And now we hear her say it so often, like I love how far they have come and how much they have grown

How could I forget? Haha. Jay’s reaction was HILARIOUS. 

Fast Forward to 2014 and 

then 2015

OTP ^.^

Louis Tomlinson To Host Charity Cinderella Ball - One Direction’s Most Charitable Deeds

You know it, we know it, heck, the whole bloomin’ world knows it, but still it’s always nice to have an excuse to remind everybody just how bloomin’ lovely, wonderful, and big-hearted those One Direction boys are.

The latest example of this comes courtesy of the gorgeous, high-cheekboned babe that is Louis Tomlinson, who last night announced that he was set to host a ‘Cinderella Ball’ for Believe In Magic - a charity that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children.

We will give you a moment to stop crying.

With the majority of tickets to the ball being invite only, Louis has released a few to the public and we are just about ready to sell everything that we have in order to go.

We shall go to the ball, etc. etc.

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Anyways, Louis’ act of goodwill had us thinking about all of the other charitable and amazing good deeds that our fave four boys have done over the years, and we figured that today was as good a day as any to put all of them in writing.

After all, it’s far too common for the fab stuff that the boys do to get overlooked by all the drama and scandal surrounding their personal lives in the mainstream - so why not spread the word a little bit, eh?

1D made their mark on the philanthropist world early on in their careers, jetting off to poverty-stricken Ghana as part of Comic Relief in 2013. Clearly heartbroken by the tragedies that they were witnessing first hand, the boys also recorded the official single for the charity, a remix of ‘One Way Or Another’ and ‘Teenage Kicks’.

Prior to that, however, the boys had started to individually work with causes that meant something to them, with Niall Horan organising an event to raise money for Irish Autism Action and another charity, Temporary Emergency Accomodation Mullingar, in September 2012.

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Saying that he was “honoured to be able to give back to his community”, Niall’s popularity saw the ticket website for the event break down with all 500 tickets being snapped up in moments.

Talk about a legend, eh?

Liam Payne and Harry Styles also teamed up for a cause close to their hearts, with Trekstock - a leading cancer charity that supports young people battling the illness.

As ambassadors of the charity, they launched a global campaign in 2013 which promised the chance to #HangWithLiam&Harry by offering all those who donated the chance to win an evening out with the boys.

The original goal for the campaign was to raise $500,000, however, Liam and Harry’s involvement saw them exceed the $784,000 mark - or £500,000 to you and us and Her Royal Highness - which the charity revealed would be enough to allow them to “complete funding of their Hodgkin’s lymphoma trial, in the hope of offering a much brighter future to thousands of children and young people affected by this form of disease.”


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Earlier this year, Liam also hosted a Great-Gatsby-Esque ball for Trekstock, ensuring that the charity celebrate their fifth birthday of saving lives and generally being awesome in style. Dressed in a gorge blue suit, Liam was supported by his bandmates as he took on the mammoth, and brilliant, task of raising money for the cause.

And of course that’s not all. Fast-forward to 2014 and you’ll find that One Direction donated a whopping £600,000 to the Stand up to Cancer campaign, by kindly giving portions of their ticket sale revenues from their Where We Are Tour to the charity.

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Then, later that year, they joined charity group Band Aid 30 to record a new version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’, finding the time amid their hectic schedules to record vocals for the song that went on to raise over a million pounds for the Ebola crisis in Western Africa.


Louis, the Prince Charming set to host the aforementioned Cinderella ball, is also a patron for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, dedicating his free time to putting a smile on the faces of poorly children.

The rest of the boys are also happy to put their face and name to a whole list of worthwhile foundations, so much so that when each of their birthdays roll around, dedicated fans donate in their thousands to raise money for a charity that means something to them.

Earlier this year, the fandom donated a huge £11,000 to the London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard in honour of Harry’s birthday, £15,000 for Bluebell Wood on behalf of Louis, and they are in the middle of raising funds for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland
 in time for Niall’s next birthday, and Médecins Sans Frontières (UK), or Doctors Without Borders, for Liam’s. 

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That’s a LOT of charity donations, eh?

Team all of this up with the band’s latest project #Action1D, which urges their fans to take action to basically make the world a better place, and we have some seriously concrete evidence that these four boys are bloomin’ good eggs.

And we also know for a fact that they will never, ever, change. 

Love you, boys.

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thanks to you im now slightly loving Jamie. What are some things i should watch/know to know more about him that you recommend??

Oh my gosh this is such a loaded question. 

First you should know that he had to fight to get where he is now. I’m not saying others didn’t, but like. Jamie Benn was 5’6” at the age of 16 and not sure if he even wanted to keep playing hockey. He was drafted 129th overall because he stayed in Victoria to play hockey in junior and none of the scouts really bother making it out that way, apparently. He was also still pretty scrawny even though he’d actually apparently had a flipping massive growth spurt over the two years in between. He played baseball in the summer up until he was drafted, so didn’t spend the off season conditioning like other players did. 

Anyway, so he was drafted 129th overall. Those dudes don’t normally go straight to the NHL, or even straight to the AHL like some players do. He ended up spending two years playing major junior hockey with the Kelowna Rockets. I don’t follow junior hockey, but his numbers look pretty good to me? He had .65 gpg his first year and .82 his second, numbers he’d kill for this season, tbh. And that’s just goals, not points. He was more than a point a game both seasons. 

He made the roster in ‘09 and hasn’t looked back since. He spent, like, a month in the AHL after the Dallas Stars missed the playoff, playing with the Texas Stars in their playoff games. (They didn’t win that year, but they got all the way to the Calder Cup Finals where they lost to Hershey.) 

Characteristics: that dude’s a beast. No but really. There’s also this one

While the Stars weren’t amazing until they brought in missing piece Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn had pretty quietly been blitzing his way through defensemen all over the NHL. He was invited to the 2012 All Star Game, something he almost had to miss due to an appendectomy. He won the Accurate Shot competition in 10.204 seconds. (Faster, by the way, than Patrick Kane did it this year.) 

You can look through youtube for a million highlight reels, but the ones I’ve linked are some of my faves. 

He got named captain in September 2013 (Stars’ previous captain Brenden Morrow had been traded the previous spring). It’s been an interesting growing experience because while, according to legend, he isn’t actually that shy in real life, he is PAINFULLY awkward in front of the camera, and a captain is expected to be in front of the camera a lot. He’s clearly had a lot PR training because he sounds like a parrot in front of the camera sometimes, but he doesn’t really have the panache to make it sound natural coming out of his mouth. (For that kind of panache, see Shawn Horcoff or Jason Spezza. Hopefully it’s something that will come with time for Jamie, but it might not. No big, he can keep being the strong silent type.) 

When it came time in 2013 for them to invite players to Team Canada’s camp, Jamie Benn was conspicuously left off the invite list. Stars fans were pissed, understandably, because they (I wasn’t a fan yet) knew what they had and what Team Canada was missing out on. Tyler was traded here that summer, and that’s why the infamous “let’s prove ‘em wrong” text was sent. ANYWAY, fast forward to January 2014 and Merrin crying at her desk when they finally (FINALLY FINALLY) got around to announcing the roster (seriously if you were watching that live you know what I mean, it took FOREVER for them to actually get to reading names) and Jamie Benn was listed. I bought a Team Canada jersey as soon as they announced his number and I REGRET NOTHING. He was also pretty influential in Canada actually winning that gold medal, netting two game winning goals at the games, including the single goal in the America/Canada semifinals game. (STILL REGRETTING NOTHING.) 

He had the best season of his career last year, which is usual for brand new captains, because they’ve got something to prove, and also because he was matched up with Tyler Seguin on the top line. (Who, coincidentally, also had the best season of his career.) His points production has dropped of somewhat this year, but that’s also very normal for captains, and not something that I’m remotely worried about. He’s still producing at about the same level that he’d been prior to last year, and Seguin’s only picking up. (Well he was. Goddamnit, Kulikov.)

Speaking of his bff Tyler Seguin, they’ve made some amazing videos together: 

Valentine’s Day prank

That ESPN interview where they interviewed each other

Dude Perfect video

He’s got a tight group of friends from home (he calls out one of them in his ice bucket challenge video). Like, he went home over the all star break instead of going somewhere warm and sunny. Maybe because he gets enough of that in Dallas, maybe because he missed his mom, who even knows. He also really loves his brother, and has a matching tattoo with him

In summary, he’s a fucking amazing hockey player who loves his team, loves his family, and loves his friends back home. He shows up to play every game and is generally a beast. I adore him. 

For additional viewing pleasure, I compiled this list of videos the last time I was asked something like this. 

“When I was 11 years old, Panic! At The Disco became my first favorite band. Brendon Urie was only 19 at the time. Fast forward 8 years later to August 20, 2014. I was finally able to see P!ATD live. It sorta felt like everything went full circle cause I had just turned 19”

Also, can you believe I was able to take this beautiful picture of Brendon Urie??