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Is Hartlife unique in having been founded by a corporation or are most cities like that now? Will we ever see a city founded by a fast food chain, a toy company, or an improv group?

What lies outside of the HartLife Corporation is a mystery—who knows what fiefdoms and principalities have risen in the Wasteland of what used to be America?  A Ronald McDonald lead dictatorship?  A roving band of mercenary standup comedians? 

We do know for certain that there is a population of Canadian traders, and that Albuquerque was populated…until a certain Scientist paid the city a visit.

This is a good point to plug that our next goal for our Patreon is a miniseries set in Albuquerque, during the time when Herbert West was living there—so if you are interested in learning more about the world outside of HartLife, go pledge at

Fans of Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold!, which aired from 1996 until 2004, will remember tomboy Helga Pataki’s intense-yet-secret crush on the show’s protagonist, Arnold.

This sketch from the Garth Parker Premium Toy Design Papers, 1978-2012 collection shows a toy concept to be produced for the Burger King Kids’ Club.

[Hey Arnold! Magnetic Figures Drawing for Burger King, c. 1998. From the Garth Parker Premium Toy Design Papers. 1978-2012. Courtesy of The Strong, Rochester, New York.]

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here’s a piece of my childhood i managed to get back. this lady at the flea market had a bin full of fast food toys, 8 for a dollar. i was JUST thinking about these the night before because of @gothfluttershy‘s lydia icon. i was like dang, we used to have a figure where Lydia on one side and beetlejuice was on the other… i wish we still had it… but it was my brother’s so it’s been long gone for ages. BUT LO AND BEHOLD! the very next day i found the exact same figure at the flea market along with these other ones.

anyway, these were from burger king. there’s two other ones in the set but i couldn’t find them that day. the one i cared the most about was the one with Lydia. i would have been bummed to find the other ones and not the one we used to have.