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Raging-At-Customers Reacts: Bad McDonalds Reviews

You even admitted that you’re aware McD’s stops serving at 10:30, so why the hell would you come at 10:27 anyways and order breakfast and actually expect it? If they ran out of crap, that’s not their fault, that’s your fault for not coming earlier. They’re not going to start up a new batch of ingredients to satisfy you, three minutes before breakfast ends.

What’s the cashier suppose to say? Just be happy she didn’t just ignore you while talking to her co-workers to get the info that breakfast is sold out.

I feel bad for your co-workers. Your common sense lacking ass doesn’t deserve to be paid more than fast food employees. At least you had enough IQ points to go to a place that serves breakfast all day.

Why would you take your kid to McDonalds to eat healthy?! That’s like a contradiction. Like dude, go to Walmart, buy a bag of apples for like $3 (then cut them yourself), buy a box of Go-Gurt for $2, and a bag of chicken nuggets at the frozen section for like $5. Save yourself some cash!

Also, if a store keeps fucking up your order, Why. Do. You. Go. Back??????

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Haaaaaa, joke’s on you, you’re not getting real food there either.

If they say they have no lids and didn’t check in the back, obviously, there’s no lids.


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