fast food heights

Remember that time you said “burgers are great, but I wish the bun, the cheese and the sauce were the color of asphalt”? Well, your prayers have been answered! In Japan at least. Via

Burger King releases black burger with ‘bamboo charcoal cheese and squid ink sauce’ in Japan

Burger King in Japan is taking bizarre fast food to new heights with black cheeseburgers complete with black buns, black cheese and black sauce.

The chain started the Premium Kuro Burger (kuro means “black”) in 2012, colouring the bread with bamboo charcoal and adding squid ink to the ketchup.

Last year it evolved to the Kuro Ninja, which had all the above with a slice of bacon for a tongue, and now Burger King is on the third generation.

Apparently Japanese customers quite liked the bamboo charcoal, so it is now in the cheese slices as well, along with beef burgers made with black pepper, an onion and garlic sauce with squid ink and the black bread.