fast food feline

Back when I worked fast food, we had this particular male customer who always rushed me. I’m talking about cutting off my sentences, shoving his credit card/cash into my hand or just simply dropping it on the counter, and watching me and the cook prepare every bit and critique as we go.
When I quit that job, I was so happy to not see him again. Well, a couple of weeks ago, while working the register at my new job, I see a familiar face that I would rather not see. Of course, it’s the ‘Mr. My time is so precious, let’s treat people like shit.’
I greet him (of course without a response, since he’s a dick), then start scanning his cans of food and he just slides his card. I cannot stress how much I hate premature swiping. The pin pad asks for your phone number for your savings card. Are you that stupid that you can’t read what’s on the pin pad.
After I’m done scanning I say, “you can enter your phone number on the pin pad for your rewards card, if you’d like.”
Of course I get, “yeah, yeah. Rewards card. Can you do it by last name?”
“No, I’m sorry. We do it by phone number. I can look yours up on here, if you want me to.”
“I can work a pin pad.”
He hastily puts in his phone number, then notices the screen says 'please slide card.’ “So I’m all set.” And he begins to gather his bags.
“Sir, does the screen say anything else?”
“Yeah it says 'please slide card.’ I already did that.”
“We can just slide it one more time, it didn’t seem to read the first time.”
“If I get charged twice, I’m complaining to corporate.”
“You won’t get charged twice. You only get charged if a receipt prints out.”
It was pretty much a back and forth until he finally got the concept of following directions on the pin pad. I ended with “you have a nice day.”
No response. Rushes out of the store.