fast food costumes

i didn't have enough recovery time from this weekends stream

~Jordan saying fuck you
~“why is your nipple so warm”
~John Cena or James Cena
~James with cornrows
~Jordan fucking saying “fuck you” to James
~Daniel with no eyebrows
~goddamn minion costumes
~playing games with fans
~Miles vs.Ve Vo Ve vs. Christina
~fucking “fuck you” came out of Jordan Mathewson fucking mouth
~Aron’s scalp is probably ruined
~Intern joe ate a cockroach
~the fanfic killed everyone
~Dex and the expired mayo
~snorting fun dip
~Stef’s Mom
~“I don’t deserve that” ~James
~Arts and crafts with John Cena
~fast food shots
~just their costume choices in general

This weekend was just a wild ride.