fast food costumes

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When Peggy's on drive thru (?) (idk if this is a real restaurant or fast food) and a costumer gets angry Eliza helps calm Peggy down and talk to the costumer

Peggy wuld be the most passive aggressive drive thru worker like
She genuinely tries to be nice but once the person starts acting rude she is all fakes smiles and way to sweet ‘do you need extra salt with ur meal???????????’

One thing I learned from working at KFC is that people think they are clever... They're not. Here are a few responses I hear ten times a shift.
  • Me: Hi sir welcome to KFC what can I get for you today.
  • Costumer: Chicken would be nice. *Laughs*
  • Me: What are you drinking today?
  • Costumer: A beer when I get home. *laughs*
  • Me: *Checks 20 dollar bill*
  • Customer: Printed that this morning. *Laughs*