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BTS REACT: To you disliking fast food

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Bts and if you want Shinee reaction when their Idol Crush don’t like Fast food bc. she prefers to cook (Burger,Pizza etc) by her own

Rap Monster: He wouldn’t mind, in fact he’d really admire how dedicated you were to cooking your own meals despite how busy you were. Whenever you couldn’t make your own food and you two were pressed for time and had no choice but to grab a quick meal, he would find you pout so cute.

“It’s alright Y/N, we’ll have time later to eat dinner at home. You can cook then.” *enjoys sandwich immensely despite knowing how much you don’t like it*

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Jin: As long as there’s food in front of him, this boy is happy. So whether you two are eating out because you were forced to or whether it’s your home cooked meals, Jin would eat it all without complaint (although he prefers your cooking because he also wants to cook with you). He’d also make sure to advertise your exceptional cooking skills that had surprised him because your food was so much tastier than fast food.

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Suga: Suga would find it a little ridiculous that you could be so picky with food. To him, it’s just food. 

“Come on Y/N, just close your eyes and gorge it all down.”

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J-Hope: When you refused to eat out because you wanted to cook at home, he’d be a little apprehensive because you had never cooked for him before. However, after tasting your food you can expect him to want home cooked meals as much as you.

“This is better than anything I’ve ever tasted before.”

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Jimin: I don’t really take Jimin as a picky type, he’d probably just eat the food rather than be picky over fast food or home cooked meals. He would respect your wishes and eat at home with you, but when he’s on his own you could expect nothing less than fast food.

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V: He’s the type to troll you over it. He wouldn’t force you to eat fast food but he would most certainly be in front of you, chomping on a burger he bought on the way over.

“You sure you don’t want any?”

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Jungkook: He’s honestly so used to fast food he would be surprised that you didn’t like it. It was good to him so he’d continue eating it, and he’d often forget that you didn’t like it because to him it was such a natural thing to just buy something quick and go.

“How do you have patience to cook Y/N?”

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10 Minute Tuna Salad


  • ½ gem lettuce
  • ½ red onion
  • 5 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 can of tuna in sunflower oil
  • 2 eggs
  • mixed leaves

for the dressing:

  • ½ tbsp mayonnaise
  • ½ tbsp mustard
  • ¼ tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp Italian herb seasoning
  • salt, pepper


Peel and very finely slice the red onion, finely slice the lettuce and cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters. Drain the tuna, but keep the oil for the dressing. Boil the eggs for 7-8 minutes, peel and let it cool for few minutes, then cut it into quarters.

For the dressing, mix all the ingredients and oil from the tuna together, then season with salt and pepper to your liking.

To assemble the salad, add mixed leaves, lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, tuna and eggs to a plate and top with dressing.

Bon Appétit!



My new cooking tutorial: Moomin Mushroom Stew. (CC) It’s a simple, easy, quick and super yummy recipe to make! The recipe says you only need 300g of mushrooms, but I actually used around 1500g! It has a really nice, creamy taste to it and if you add rosette potatoes, it gives it a very nice, round taste :)

not to be that bitch but i love being healthy….. well like only bc i actually depend on it i cant live eating bad bc i have probably the worst digestive system in the world and so my stomach goes out of whack if i don’t drink enough water or eat enough fruits and vegetables and clean lean meats… it a blessing or a curse…..i want to enjoy pizza and fried chicken but it makes me feel awful eating it i hate myself i have to actually be legitimately healthy or else my stomach will torture me so……does my body hate me or….bc living healthy truly is unrealistic yet ive been managing to do it lately bc i just don’t want to feel like shit all the time :/