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that ADHDers are cryptics that gain their true powers at night after the sun has set and the regular folk are fast asleep? their energy levels rise with the moon and they become unstoppable forces of nature until dawn comes around and they roll back into procrastination and despair? they must be Stopped At All Costs before they start another project and the sun comes back and they forget to fini


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On this day in music history: April 5, 1988 - “Tracy Chapman”, the debut album by Tracy Chapman is released. Produced by David Kershenbaum, it is recorded at Powertrax in Hollywood, CA in Late 1987 - Early 1988. The young singer/songwriter is brought to the attention of record executive Charles Koppelman (The Entertainment Company, SBK Music) by his son Brian who is a student at Tufts University where Chapman is also attending school. Chapman works with veteran producer David Kershenbaum (Joe Jackson, Supertramp) on her first release. A number of producers pass on working on the project, not sharing Chapman’s vision of how the songs should be arranged and produced. The album is a huge critical and commercial success upon its release, spinning off three singles including “Fast Car” (#6 Pop), and “Baby Can I Hold You” (#48 Pop). Chapman also wins three Grammy Awards for the album including Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, and Best New Artist in 1989. “Tracy Chapman” spends one week at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 6x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.


Tracy Chapman, Fast Car (Live)

You got a fast car
I want a ticket to anywhere
Maybe we make a deal
Maybe together we can get somewhere
Any place is better
Starting from zero got nothing to lose
Maybe we’ll make something
Me myself I got nothing to prove

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I request a scenario of Denki flirting w/ a shy fem classmate who ends up blushing and laughing at his flirting? ty and I love your blog <3

“You know, Kaminari? You talk a big game, but I’ve yet to see you attempt everyone in class,” Sero mused, a telltale grin on his face. “You have tried to get with every living person in this room… except one.”
Kaminari froze. His dear friend had caught on so quickly, it was frightening. “…I don’t know what you mean.”
“You have not flirted with [Name] the entire time you’ve known them, and I wanna see you try. Go lay down some lines, dude.”
“Uhh…” He was floundering for a response for maybe the first time all year, trying to think of a way to skirt the issue. Come on, Kaminari. Use your mouth and give your friend a reason why you won’t go flirt with the hot, quiet person you’ve been staring at for a week. “…Yeah, okay.”
Good job.
As he sauntered up to you, he started running through all the information he had on you. You were shy, you liked pretty much every animal you’ve ever come across, and the USJ incident revealed that you were absolutely terrifying on the battlefield. So long story short, you were meeting all of his standards.
He was about to call your name when you noticed him first. “Hi, Kaminari! You look… different. Are you okay?”
He let his signature, relaxed grin settle over his face. “I’m much better now, now that I’m talking to you. We should do this more often, I think.”
Your cheeks were turning pink, and Kaminari decided that he liked that look on you. “U-uh, yeah! I mean, I don’t think we know each other th-that well, but you seem pretty nice, so…”
“[Name], you’re right,” your eyebrows raised at the statement, though it didn’t seem so surprising to him. “Let’s get to know each other. Maybe over, uh…” he pretended to think about it for a minute, thoroughly enjoying the look on your face, “do you like crepes? There’s this place near the train station that just opened up, I’d be honored if you’d come with me to che—“
You cut him off with a laugh like he’d never heard from you, but immediately wanted to hear again. “Kaminari, are you trying to ask me on a date?” On second thought, in this context, he did not want to hear that laugh again. “Y-you could’ve just asked, you know. Here, let me see your phone, you can text me when you wanna go, okay?”
He was left dumbfounded that the beautiful, shrinking violet [Name] not only accepted his flirtatiousness, but turned it back on him immediately. As Present Mic paraded into the classroom and demanded everyone take their seats, Kaminari looked back down at his phone. Eleven numbers that definitely looked real, right next to where you’d affectionately penned yourself as “✿❀[Name]❀✿.”
Kaminari had officially flirted with everyone in the class, and he finally got a success.
…Now what, though?

fast-and-adrift  asked:

Heyy ! You want me to ask u shit? Well, how do you manage to make the color smooth but without making it look like it got a weird smudged texture. I adore your art senpai and I wonder how does one make art so flawlessly. My question is like, How do You know when the line art has to be thicker and when does it need to be thin? Its weird questions xD oh and since when do you draw? (Your style look semi realistic mixed with comic book style and its so fucking wonderful dont ever stop) see ya!

Hey, thanks friend! These are some great questions!

how do you manage to make the color smooth but without making it look like it got a weird smudged texture?

Well, some of it is just building up color gradually with different brushes. I use a soft, sort of feathered brush for a lot of my coloring and build it up gradually at a low opacity:

This lets me gently build up a lot of color/light/shadow without hard edges, and without it having that really artificial airbrush look.

I also use different blending/smudging tools, outside the default photoshop smudging brush. I use a lot of Kyle Webster’s brushes, and the “soft smudge” tool is amazing for blending. 

How do You know when the line art has to be thicker and when does it need to be thin?

So, thick, heavy lines are good for:

  • Outlines of areas of depth
  • Outlines of areas in shadow

while thin lines are good for:

  • outlines of shallower areas
  • outlines of areas of highlight

Lines can also be used to denote gravity/mass, with thicker lines in ‘heavier’ areas or the underside of an object. You can also use line weight for atmospheric perspective; thicker, darker lines in the things closest to the viewer, with lighter, thinner lines further away.

I talk about it in a bit more depth in this post on my art lesson blog.

since when do you draw? 

Pretty much always! My mother likes to embarrass me by talking about how she taped paper to the table and gave me those fat round baby crayons as soon as I could sit up. But I honestly don’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have art supplies around and wasn’t encouraged to screw around and draw whatever I felt like. 

And thank you so much for your kind words! Honestly, it’s just taken a lot of practice over a lot of time. But even looking at my stuff from a couple years ago, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made. Working regularly at anything is the best way to develop a skill – and having awesome people who support you is always a help. :)

Dreams of Spring

About 2800 words.  Set after the events of the show and books, so consider this an AU.  I’ll have condensed notes on each of the new Stark children at the end for reference in any future writing, in case I get the drive to explore the characters (and postwar setting!) further.

Spring-born children laughed and ran outside the walls of Winterfell, and the King in the North was glad for it.  This made everything worth it:  the frantic minutes spent fighting in blooded snow and mud, the days spent in chains in an ice cell, the countless weeks and months spent traveling by saddle and sail, and the years spent freezing along the edge of the world.  The oaths he’d broken and the lives he’d taken had all been spent to purchase the peals of children’s laughter.

Not his children, the dark-eyed king thought solemnly.  Jon had swore once to father no children, but that burden had been set aside.  Still, the time was not right for it.  The king was not yet wed and he had promised himself he would put no baseborn babes into this world.

It was a different world from the one he’d known, but the idea of another long-faced lad sitting apart while his lord father broke bread was too much.

So the king was unwed, but not unmatched.  The tall woman sharing his company was proof of that.  They stood together on the battlements as they had so long ago, but nearer, elbows and shoulders almost mingling.  It was arguably too warm to wear the matching wolf-hide cloaks she had sewn them in winter, but allowances had been made.

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My new cooking tutorial: Moomin Mushroom Stew. (CC) It’s a simple, easy, quick and super yummy recipe to make! The recipe says you only need 300g of mushrooms, but I actually used around 1500g! It has a really nice, creamy taste to it and if you add rosette potatoes, it gives it a very nice, round taste :)