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My new cooking tutorial: Moomin Mushroom Stew. (CC) It’s a simple, easy, quick and super yummy recipe to make! The recipe says you only need 300g of mushrooms, but I actually used around 1500g! It has a really nice, creamy taste to it and if you add rosette potatoes, it gives it a very nice, round taste :)

  • interviewer: can you use html codes?
  • me: yes
  • interviewer: excellent! did they teach you as part of the curriculum?
  • me: *thinks about including italics and bolds and paragraph spacing in smutty destiel stories on ao3*
  • me (nervous laugh, crosses legs, drops two pens): yes - yes, it's included in the curriculum. it's a great curriculum. the best curriculum, definitely.
  • me: please don't check

Okay, listen– Listen– are you listening? Look me in the eyes and focus, so I know you’re actually listening to me–… One of my hands is definitely softer than the other. Here, here– feel. My left is totally softer than my right– isn’t it? Take my right hand– soft, right? Then take my left– softer. It’s like– like the fur on a puppy’s ears– Weird, right? 


WHAT YOU GET: a framed picture of ME!!!

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Folks come up with prisons so fast, folks come up with banishment so fast, folks come up with violence so fast…how can we imagine a world without prisons? What could that look like?
—  adrienne maree brown on reproducing the same colonial, oppressive structures/narratives in speculative fiction. From the Dreaming Change: Collective Sci Fi / Visionary Storytelling workshop. The workshop focused on the connections between community organizing, visionary fiction and collective world building.