fast flying fairy

As a way to cheer myself up, I thought of a Voltron AU!

Tinkerbell AU

Like hear me out, in the new movies there’s like different types of fairies, right?

So we have Pidge who is obviously a Tinker Fairy because just look at her

And Hunk who I think is probably an Animal Fairy (I mean he literally gave the Balmera a belly rub)

And Keith is a Fast Flying Fairy because those emo, proud, quick fairies were made for him

Lance would be a Water Fairy I think (mostly going off of his color and lion)

And then Shiro i think would either be a Dust Keeper or like a fairy in the Winter Woods that goes along with all these other fairies on adventures to make sure they don’t get hurt

I’m not sure about any of the other characters but yeah, just thought of this last night and had to write it down!