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OKAY listen well my babies, idk If you love Tinkerbell and The Pixie Hollow and Disney Fairies in general as much as I do, but my bff and I thought of this AU for YOI… and I couldn’t help myself, I had to draw it haha (maybe this could inspire some talented fanfic writers out there idk….))please))make my to come true))

Victor and Yurio are fairies from the Winter Woods and Yuri…obviously not lol

Yurio is a fast-flying fairy (maybe thanks to him there’s snowstorms), really talented despite of being really young, yet there’s so much he needs to learn

I haven’t thought well what kind of talent Victor may have, maybe he’s a winter animal fairy (I can imagine him taking care of a giant Makkachin hehe and riding him everywhere), but I also thought he can have a delicate and artsy talent like snowflake-talent

and finally, Yuri is a tinker fairy, born from the loudest baby laugh lol and hates to be understimated because he’s capable of amazing things. 

Winter fairies can’t cross to warmer lands and fairies from there can’t cross to the Winter Lands, but just by destiny, Yuri meets Victor in the frontier, and they have a Romeo-Juliet like relationship. Yurio discovers them and Yuri gives him Katsudon keep him quiet hehehe

I also thought about Otabek for this AU, and giving him the dust-talent, I’ll maybe talk about it later lol

I hope you like this AU, I fell in love with it!! and I’ll be glad to read your thoughts about it <3

also, later I’ll post each of them separately so you can appreciate them better ;))

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okay dylan. I'll bite. the fuck you on about this time

*inhales* okay here we fukkin go.

When a baby laughs for the first time, that laugh becomes a fairy. There are lots of different kinds of fairies, great wanded fairies, shimmering fairies, wishing fairies, but the most special kinds of fairies of all are Never Fairies, fairies that live in Neverland. 

Every fairie in Neverland has a ‘talent’ which they immediately know the moment they’re born, and perfecting that talent is their greatest and purest joy. There are Tinker Talent fairies like Tinkerbell, Fast Flying fairies like Vidia, and Dust Talent Fairies like Terrence.

But sometimes when a baby laughs, they laugh so hard and so joyfully that a little piece of them carries over to Neverland, and the fairy that is born from the laugh is different from the others. These special fairies are more human in both appearance and mannerisms. They say the wrong thing, are often too familiar with the other fairies, and usually dont know what their talent is right away. These special fairies are considered eccentrics by the other Never Fairies.

In contrast, the baby they were born from will often be different too, because they have a piece of their fairy in them as well. They’ll act more like a fairy would, having a determined ‘talent’ that is their greatest joy, acting sort of aloof and seemingly not understanding social cues, or sometimes just being very mature for their age. 

Because of this connection, the Special Never Fairies can ‘blink’ to the mainland whenever they want so they can play with human children. This is a vital and important skill, because if a child ever stops believing in fairies somewhere a fairy will die. If a Mainland Blinking Fairy is able to make children clap, then they can save the dying fairy back in Neverland.

I’m probably making a botch of this lore, but tbh I doubt anyone will come after me due to the total lack of a Disney Fairies fanbase. 

As a way to cheer myself up, I thought of a Voltron AU!

Tinkerbell AU

Like hear me out, in the new movies there’s like different types of fairies, right?

So we have Pidge who is obviously a Tinker Fairy because just look at her

And Hunk who I think is probably an Animal Fairy (I mean he literally gave the Balmera a belly rub)

And Keith is a Fast Flying Fairy because those emo, proud, quick fairies were made for him

Lance would be a Water Fairy I think (mostly going off of his color and lion)

And then Shiro i think would either be a Dust Keeper or like a fairy in the Winter Woods that goes along with all these other fairies on adventures to make sure they don’t get hurt

I’m not sure about any of the other characters but yeah, just thought of this last night and had to write it down!