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// Sometimes Heartbreaker tried to help Boris with herd, but it was hard to call “help”. One day he accidentally led the herd completely to another pasture with was hunted by some forest monsters and barely returned it back. After this Boris didn’t let lil’ demon even touch his sheeps.


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I finally got to do a fast facts about my FAVORITE GAME!


This green veggie is in season through June in Connecticut. Lots of people may think asparagus is an acquired taste, but with nutrition facts like these we should all eat more of it!

  • 1 raw medium spear of asparagus has only 3 calories
  • 4 spears of cooked asparagus contain 12% of your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A
  • 4 spears of cooked asparagus contain 5% of your daily recommended intake of fiber

Come back soon for some great recipes featuring asparagus!

5 Fascinating Facts About the Bowerbird

Lots of species will go all out to land a mate, but few courtship routines are as elaborate as that of the bowerbird. These birds craft nest-like structures, known as bowers, and decorate them with attention-getting items. Females tour many of these local bowers, assessing both structure and suitor before selecting a mate.

  • Male satin bowerbirds festoon the front terraces of their bowers with shiny or colored objects, preferring those of a vivid blue hue.  
  • Bowerbirds don’t discriminate when hunting for objects to add to their bowers, displaying natural treasures like fresh flowers, feathers, and cicada wings alongside objects like ballpoint pen lids and bottlecaps.
  • Decorating a bower doesn’t end at displaying objects. Some satin bowerbirds mix plant material with saliva to make a “paint” they spread over their bower walls.
  • Competition for bower decorations is fierce, and male bowerbirds will steal desirable trinkets from other bowers to improve their own.
  • If a female admires a bower, she enters it, but the mating ritual isn’t over. The male then proceeds to perform a dance while holding a favorite trinket in his beak.

Find out more about bowerbirds and their mating rituals in Life at the Limits: Stories of Amazing Species.

In all aspects of life, the body and mind are constantly adapting. Our muscles become stronger with continuous contractions. Our minds become more resilient against reoccurring stressors. Our immune system learns to react faster to incoming bacteria. Humans are astounding, really. We are so completely flexible towards improvement, not only physically, but mentally as well.

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Finally, the wait is over! The project that Funymony and I have been working on can see the light of day. Introducing the first episode of How to be O.P., a new animated web series that will be featured on Polaris!

While you’re waiting for the debut of each new episode, check out a new Fast Facts every week on the Lore channel on YouTube. Look for Lollergator and Funymony in the credits!

Quick fact. Ready?
Green tea contains special compounds that can help reduce anxiety.

How? An amino acid that it contains called L-Theanine is able to cross the blood brain barrier and inhibit neurotransmitters that are associated with anxiety.
Get yourself a cup of soothing green tea and drink up!

Quick fact. Ready?
One pound of lean body mass effectively burns 50 calories per day at rest. That’s only if you have been stationary for an entire day. Imagine how much more muscle burns when they are activated through exercise and activities of daily living.

Quick fact. Ready?
Working at different intensities of exercise determines whether one is burning more carbohydrates or fats as fuel. Higher intensities use mainly carbs, while lower and more prolonged intensity training makes use of fats.

Quick fact. Ready?
Melatonin is a hormone in charge of regulating one’s circadian rhythm. It is produced naturally by the pineal gland as night time approaches, but this secretion can be disrupted by too much light exposure during the evening hours.

What kind of light? Blue light in particular. This is often given off by electronics such as cell phones, tablets, and televisions.