fast dinner

10 Minute Tuna Salad


  • ½ gem lettuce
  • ½ red onion
  • 5 cherry tomatoes
  • 1 can of tuna in sunflower oil
  • 2 eggs
  • mixed leaves

for the dressing:

  • ½ tbsp mayonnaise
  • ½ tbsp mustard
  • ¼ tsp lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp Italian herb seasoning
  • salt, pepper


Peel and very finely slice the red onion, finely slice the lettuce and cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters. Drain the tuna, but keep the oil for the dressing. Boil the eggs for 7-8 minutes, peel and let it cool for few minutes, then cut it into quarters.

For the dressing, mix all the ingredients and oil from the tuna together, then season with salt and pepper to your liking.

To assemble the salad, add mixed leaves, lettuce, red onion, cherry tomatoes, tuna and eggs to a plate and top with dressing.

Bon Appétit!


please fire me: a poem.

no, you are not an animal because you don’t know what the charcuterie plate even is.

no, you are not a monster when you order five courses, but can’t finish a single one.

and no, you are especially not a savage when you order our best steak extra well done, or even when you cover it with ketchup.

what makes you despicable is that you leave no tip because you felt you spent too much already.  THAT is what makes you inhuman.

It’s Impossible

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Jay knew having a baby was hard.

He knew what he was getting into. When he found out he was going to be a father, he was happy, ecstatic even but the high of getting his wife pregnant with his child died down rather fast. It was over dinner when the reality of having a baby bitch slapped him across the face. He almost had a nervous breakdown in front of you but he controlled himself and excused the stoic expression and cheeks drained of colours as being tired.

He didn’t get a wink of sleep that night.

The next day was worse, telling your father was possibly one of the most hair-chilling experience he had went through. He was nervous and Jay wasn’t one to become nervous easily. Your father stared at Jay long and hard. Jay knew that he didn’t want you to get pregnant so early on the marriage saying how it would affect your career, of course your mother thought otherwise. He had implied rather harshly at Jay multiple times and when Jay felt your mother’s hand clenched his arm. He turned to look at her only to be faced with glassy eyes and a wide grin on her face. He felt better almost instantly and you squeezed his fingers that were intertwined with yours.

However, the horror didn’t end there, telling his mother was nothing short of it being breezy.

She was happy that she was getting grandchildren but once dinner was done. She gave Jay a pep talk or rather an hour long lecture as he asked Jay to help her with the dishes. The sage advice she gave him weren’t at all calming. She scared him out of his wits.

“I can’t believe you’ll be a father soon.” She looked at him and Jay just smiled at her. “You can’t keep on this childish behaviour you know? You have to be a grown man now, responsible. I don’t want to hear you leaving her alone at home at night while you’re off with Jaehan and the rest of the boys at the office. Do you hear me?”

It wasn’t that she was trying to scare him off but it was rather that he scared himself off.

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one of the greatest things about homeschooling is having quick and steady access to a kitchen full of snacks and i would just like to thank jesus for this blessing 

Oops, sorry I haven’t posted in a while! But here’s an awesome dinner I had the other night… Grilled salmon, spicy grilled veggies (red and orange peppers, cauliflower, mushrooms, broccoli) and my FAVORITE salad right now: arugula with cherry tomatoes and parm with a delicious dressing I made!

Simple salad dressing:
(makes enough for 4-5 small salads)

-3 tbsp lemon juice
-4 tbsp olive oil
-pinch of onion powder/garlic powder