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A little response to towardblue‘s AU doodles from earlier this week

Sumar (raedoodles) and Rajah just wanted to practice their own version of the fast-ball-special with Ellana (towardblue)! Alas, the adorable elf inquisitor was not a fan of this tactic. At least she’s able to take care of herself when things get out of hand! =P

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anonymous asked:

here's another question you Don't have to answer, bUT. how do you think each of them (the defenders) affect like, the group dynamic. or what are each of their main roles in the group and how does that affect the Team/their effectiveness as a whole? (why are they better or worse as a team?)

Honestly, it’s hard to say at this point! “The Defenders” is a team name that’s been used in the comics, but not with this group of characters. All three of the guys have been Defenders at one point or another but never all at the same time, but always with a whole bunch of other people, and Jessica’s never been a Defender. (In fact, the Netflix character most associated with the Defenders in the comics is Trish, as Hellcat.) All four Netflix heroes were part of Luke’s Avengers team in the mid-00s, but again, with a ton of other characters, which changes the dynamic quite a bit from just the four of them. Plus the history between the characters was very different - Luke and Jessica had already had the baby and Luke and Danny had decades of BFF-ship behind them - so I really don’t think we can look to their group interactions in the comics for comparison. Not to mention we haven’t even met Danny yet and don’t know what his MCU personality will be like. (Angsty, probs. Sigh.)

I guess I could talk about power sets and fighting skills but, like, we all know Luke’s gonna be the tank (my KINGDOM for a bunch of fastball specials where he’s just hurling his teammates at bad guys), so instead, here’s a wishlist of what I’d like to see:

  • Danny likes everyone right away. Jessica dislikes everyone right away. Matt is convinced that everyone dislikes him right away. Luke is not sure why they’re all in his apartment.
  • Luke and Danny just clicking instantly - like, bam, friendship soulmates, immediate bros, they just get each other. Danny thinks Luke’s THE COOLEST and Luke’s deeply entertained by Danny’s shenanigans. (Matt and Jess are like “…okay?”)
  • I said this already, but FAST! BALL! SPECIAL!
  • Matt and Jessica working together to achieve investigative BRILLIANCE. Matt is capable of gathering an enormous amount of data but it’s rare that he actually uses it in an investigative capacity, which is a shame. And MCU Matt is honestly significantly dumber than Comics Matt (there’s a reason they gave all the figuring stuff out to Karen), so let’s just have Jessica use him as, like, a bomb-sniffing dog, basically.
  • Honeypot scam to get information. Matt is the honeypot. (“BAT YOUR EYELASHES MORE, MURDOCK!” “Jessica, please.”)
  • Similarly, Jessica is the one they send in to intimidate, Luke is the one they send in to establish a friendly rapport, and Danny is the one they send in looking scared and helpless.
  • No one is exactly “the brains” but they all have different knowledge bases and analytical strengths: Jessica draws connections, Luke is the most logical, Matt knows the legal and political systems that run the city, and Danny is there for any mystical know-how and also probably the only one who has any idea how to fight strategically as a team, because everyone else is a loner and he was trained in group classes.
  • Matt and Danny sparring for funsies and showing-off purposes, OBVIOUSLY. Like, a solid bottle episode of it while Jessica and Luke eat popcorn and place bets.
  • Matt and Jessica bickering. I figure he’s the most fun for her to needle, since she and Luke have painful history and Danny’s (I hope) so sweetly goofy that he doesn’t realize he’s being provoked. Plus Matt’s just so darn needle-able!
  • Everyone knows it’s childish but they all secretly hope Claire likes them best.
  • This is even more self-indulgent than the rest of the list but: Jessica finding out that Daredevil knows that annoying chatty guy who works for Jeri and bugging them both about it incessantly.
  • Okay but seriously, Foggy is my vote to perform the emotional labor for this team, because none of them are capable of feeling their feelings. Claire is the more logical person for this but emotional labor is such a gendered thing and she already does so much unpaid shit for these bozos (see also Trish and Malcolm, who are likewise Good At Feelings; let’s make the white guy do the work). I just want her to have a ton of screentime wherein nice things happen to her, okay??? Maybe she just sits around making fun of them, that would be nice.
  • Jessica carrying Matt or Danny (OR BOTH) around.
  • Luke painstakingly explaining to Danny that no, any plan that starts with “first we get a dragon” is probably not going to work.
  • But then they get a dragon.
  • “If you want to be a part of the group, you have to be a part of group hugs, Zuko.” (They are all Zuko.)

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