fast and furious week

Lauran would be the hotel’s room service through the holidays.  He knew the serving outfit brought many things to mind for the guests, but he couldn’t complain after Dee warned him.  He was right, the tips were fast and furious!  Only a week to go!

This is my solo in the show I was just cast in! The cast recording is incredibly sappy and overdone but it’s the only one I could find.
It’s a beautiful lullaby. I know the kid who is playing my kid (to whom I’m singing) and he is wonderful. A fast a furious 8 weeks coming up! Five weeks of rehearsal, three weeks of performances. We have a three show day… that’s gonna be fun. *rolls eyes so far back they get stuck*
But I’m seriously stoked for this production. I’m the only adult in a cast of 12. So much talent packed into tiny little people.

This sweet girl joined us on October 6, exactly one week late (despite being told at my 38 week appointment that I wouldn’t make it through the weekend). Like her brother, when she finally came, it was fast and furious. Almost no time for an epidural.

The past three weeks have been challenging yet so much easier than the first time around. Like her brother, A has a tongue tie and I’m exclusively pumping again. But this time, I’m
so much more relaxed, so much calmer. I’m tired but I feel GOOD. If I’m being honest, how good I feel this time makes it very clear that I was dealing (or more accurately, refusing to acknowledge and deal with) some postpartum depression the first time.

M has been so sweet with his sister. He says good morning to her, kisses her little head, runs to the rescue the second she loses her “sucky” (pacifier), and tries to share his trucks with her. It’s amazing considering everything he’s dealt with in the last six weeks - his nanny going on maternity leave, transitioning to a bed, me being home all the time, a new nanny, an ear infection, and a bad stomach virus, and a new sibling. He’s been a real trooper.

It’s only been three weeks, but I already can barely remember life before this sweet girl.

I have been watching one of the Fast and Furious movies a week with the Film and 40s Giant Bomb commentary and I just finished Fast Five (I forgot how thoroughly entertaining it was) and it’s so hard for me to wait until next week for 6. I think I’m going to watch 6 and 7 tonight because I don’t think I ever actually watched them.

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Relationship status: together 30 years, married 29

Favorite color: shades of blue

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick

Last song I listened to: I remember it all - Keith Harkin

Last movie I watched: Hacksaw Ridge

Top 3 TV shows:
Hawaii 5-0

Top 3 Characters:
Sam Winchester - SPN

Roarke - JD Robb In death series

Rollo - Vikings

Top 3 ships:

Han and Leia but they hardly count, everyone loves them

Toby and Happy - Scorpion

Thor and Jane 

Brian and Mia - Fast and Furious

Books I am currently reading: Three weeks with my brother - Nicholas Sparks

I made a tinder account about a year and a half ago, just to casually swipe in my spare time. Met up with a handful of dudes that all pretty much sucked in their own special way. But then I met this guy.
He was quite a bit older than me, super attractive, has his life together; no way he’d ever be interested in me, right? I mean, I still live with my mom.
Anyway, we matched in April ‘15 and I swear I messaged him first. He said he was at his friends house watching WWE, and somehow we made a conversation out of that. We went to see Fast and Furious 7 a few weeks later, and I informed him that I was super intimidated and almost bailed on him. I was super reluctant to meet up but I showed anyway. We hung out every weekend for a month or two and he friendzoned me harrrddd.

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Coming Sunday to #BigRonFilmReviews:
The Fast and The Furious….. Week
……..Yes week! All Seven of the bastards!!!


Fast Dungeons & Furious Dragons: a Fast and Furious role-playing game

In honor of this week’s Furious 7 release, we made full D&D 5th Edition character sheets that you can play at home. We even recorded a podcast of our own Fast Dungeons & Furious Dragons game.

A couple notes:

  • Some of the skills have been changed to match the world. For example, magic is now computer hacking.
  • All crazy car stunts require you to have knowledge of the car and what it’s capable of — which is why our vehicle handling skill (formerly animal handling) is based on the character’s wisdom.

One week ago, I had seen one and a half movies in the Fast & Furious franchise.
I had always been a skeptic of the films’ powers, perhaps because I had seen just 2 Fast 2 Furious (easily the worst installment) and Fast Five without sound on a plane (still pretty awesome).
Then I watched all seven of them in a week.
I stand before you today not just a convert, but an evangelist. The Fast & Furious movies stand as one of the best film franchises America has going for it right now — and maybe even a gloriously dumb representation of everything good about America.

Underneath it all, this is grand, glorious soap opera, with motor oil pumping through a heart measured in horsepower.
This is America reimagined as a fireball.

By me, from 11 questions you were too embarrassed to ask about the Fast & Furious movies, over at Vox.

GIFs all made by me, from the Universal Pictures movies.

Seriously, you guys, if you ever have a problem, just throw a car at it.


get to know me meme: [1/10] favourite movies: fast five

“The guys we’re after are professional runners. They like speed and are guaranteed to go down the hardest possible way so make sure you’ve got your thunderwear on. We find ‘em we take ‘em as a team and we bring ‘em back. And above all else we don’t ever, ever let them get into cars.