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My Best Friend is the School’s Bad Boy(Luke Hemmings)

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Luke walks down the hall, hard look on his face. His tattoo covered body was what drawed a lot of attention towards him, not that Luke minded. He smelt a bit like cigarettes, having just smoked one before class, and the freshmen that saw him had already told half the school.

He opens his locker, removing the dark sunglasses off his face, and tucking them on the collar of his shirt. “Hey, Luke,” you grin leaning on the locker next to his.

“Hey, Y/N,” he gives you a soft smile.

“So, the new Fast and Furious comes out this week, and I already got us tickets.”

Luke chuckles a bit, “When?”

“Friday, a little before nine,” you answer. “We could get something to eat before,” you offer. “Pizza at Leo’s?” He smirks, knowing full and well that that’s what you would want to eat, and that you’d probably hate eating anywhere.

“Great,” you grin. He shuts his locker, swinging his arm over your shoulder, walking towards you locker. “So, rumors true? Were you smoking outside?”

He sighs, “Y/N.”

“You promised,” you frown at him.

“I promised I’d try,” he corrects.

“Luke,” you pout. “I don’t want to lose you to lung cancer, please, will you get better? For me?”

He sighs again, “Fine, for you.” He grins watching as you clap your hands with a smile on your face.

“Give me the pack,” you hold your hand out.

Luke complies, taking the new pack from his back pocket, and slapping it into your palm. You toss it in the trash as you near your locker. “So, you wanna spend the night after the movie?” You turn the combination on your locker. Luke has been sneaking into your house for awhile now, and he often spent the night. Luke helped with your nightmares, which you get rather frequently. “Have they gotten worse?”

“They aren’t as often, but they aren’t getting better.” You grab your textbook.

“I’ll be there,” he smiles.

“Mr. Hemmings.” You both turn to see the principle standing there. “My office, now.”

“Yes, sir.”

“What happened?” You asked later at lunch. You both sat alone most days, but sometimes some of Luke’s friends would join. Michael, Calum, and Ashton were just like Luke. Four very misunderstood nice guys. Today they had a different lunch period, so that meant you two were alone.

“Well let’s just say you did good taking the pack,” he says.

“Those freshmen really work fast.”

“It’s uncanny,” he comments.

A few minutes later, you’re approached by a girl in your grade. “Are you guys dating?” She asks, timidly.

“Is that your business?” Luke asks. He wasn’t trying to be mean, but he didn’t like when people would spread rumors about you. You were one of the few people he considered family.

“Luke,” you scold. “No we aren’t dating, why?”

“Some people were talking, and-”

“Who?” Luke cuts her off, and she cowers back a bit.

“Luke,” you give him a look. “It’s fine.” You give her a soft smile, “Don’t worry about him, but no. He’s like my brother,” you shrug.

“Oh,” she seemed surprised. “Really? Cause you guys seem-”

“We’re not, okay? Now leave,” Luke says. The girl hurries off, rushing back to her friends.

“You didn’t have to be such an ass,” you comment.

“I’m gonna kill them,” he grumbles. “Why were they talking about you? They should know better than to-”

“Luke,” you smile, “It’s okay. It’s high school, it’s normal for people to talk. You can’t protect me from everything.”

“I sure as hell can, and I will.”

“Luke, they’ll suspend you if you get in another fight. Just leave it alone, please,” you plead.

“Fine, whatever,” he rolls his eyes.

“Perfect, now I’m coming over to help you study for the science test on Thursday.”

“We have a test?”

“And that’s why I’m coming over.”

Movie Night Confessions // Archie Andrews

Can you do something where the reader is cuddling with Archie and he tells her how he feels about her?

Here you go! I’m honestly surprised of how many requests I’m getting 😂 anyway, here’s another Archie one! Jughead, another Cheryl and Archie will be coming soon too! Enjoy!


‘Honestly, what the hell!’ I threw a popcorn seed from our empty bowl at the laptop on Archie’s lap. 'What a shit ending to a decent movie.’

'Oh don’t be sour, they’ll be a sequel so I don’t know what you’re complaining about.’ Archie argued, shutting the lid of his laptop and placing it on the floor next to his bed.

Archie and I had just finished our movie, a tradition we’d had done for a long time. We’d order pizza, eat ice cream then watch a movie with popcorn. It was my turn to pick it, since he chose Fast and Furious 7 last week.

'It’s a movie I’ve been waiting for since the book came out, I’m allowed to be grumpy thank you very much Andrews.’ I muttered, crossing my arms over my chest.

Archie chuckled at my angry expression, checking his phone. His eyes widened, a yawn following afterwards. 'Alright, it’s almost 2am and I need to function for tomorrow. Time for sleep.’

'Awh, c'mon Arch. Why you gotta. Be a party pooper? That’s Betty’s job.’ I joked, causing him to chuckle again.

'Fine, then we don’t get to cuddle.’ He smirked, knowing that I couldn’t say no to cuddling with him.

When Archie held me, I felt like I was somewhere different. Away from any problems that were affecting me everyday, he made it better, he made it go away.

I sighed dramatically, getting under the covers and resting my head on his chest. I felt his arm snake around my waist, pulling me close.

'Hey, Y/N,’ Archie began, running his fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes, humming in response. 'I can tell you anything, right?’

'Yeah, of course you can.’ I smiled, lifting my head up to look into his beautiful chocolate orbs. 'What’s up?’

'There’s something you need to know, something I need to tell you.’ He sighed. I could feel his heart racing quickly, signalling he was nervous.

'Arch, hun, what’s wrong? You’re scaring me…’ I grabbed his hand, holding it in comfort. He looked down, running him thumb over my knuckles, though it was the most interesting thing in the world.

'What if I told you that I’m in love with you?’ Archie blurted out, not directly looking at me in the eye.

My heart swelled, a small smile appear on my face. 'What did you just say?’ I asked, hope in my voice. Archie refused to look me in the eyes, so I grabbed his chin, softly turning his head to look at me. 'Archie…are you telling the truth?’ I asked.

He chuckled, biting his lip. 'Yeah, I’m in love with you. I have been for a while now. There was never a good time to tell you though…so I thought this was the best way to do it.’ I smiled, moving closer to his face.

'And I’m glad that you did.’ I whispered, placing my lips onto his soft, perfect ones.

His hand found its way to the back of my neck, whilst I managed to do the same, keeping him close.

We pulled away, both of us breathless. 'So, I’m guessing that you have some type of feelings or did I get the wrong signal?’ Archie teased, making me chuckle.

'No, you got it just right.’ I smiled, resting my head back onto his chest, holding his hand in mine.

Best movie night ever.


get to know me meme: [1/10] favourite movies: fast five

“The guys we’re after are professional runners. They like speed and are guaranteed to go down the hardest possible way so make sure you’ve got your thunderwear on. We find ‘em we take ‘em as a team and we bring ‘em back. And above all else we don’t ever, ever let them get into cars.


thereallukeevans#TBT to stunt training with the late and great Paul Walker for #Furious6 — released 4 years ago this week, how time goes by.

Lauran would be the hotel’s room service through the holidays.  He knew the serving outfit brought many things to mind for the guests, but he couldn’t complain after Dee warned him.  He was right, the tips were fast and furious!  Only a week to go!

🌿 Greek week sayings & slogans! 🌿

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  • Today, tomorrow, forever greek
  • Go greek or go home
  • Whatever the letters, greeks do it better
  • The greatest week on earth
  • May the odds be ever in your favor
  • All you need is greek life
  • Let the games begin
  • It’s all greek to me
  • Greeks united
  • Get ready to rock Greek Week
  • Greeks do it all
  • Worth the sacrifice
  • It’s no longer a competition, it’s a tradition
  • This time we came to win
  • We have a legend
  • Greekstock
  • Anything you can do, greeks can do better
  • Cruisin’ down the road to victory
  • Greekopoly
  • Battle of the greeks
  • The best Greek Week ever
  • No excuses, play like a greek
  • You only live once, but if you live it like us, once is enough
  • The few, the proud, the greek
  • Greek Week wars
  • Are you feeling lucky?
  • Out wit, out last, out play
  • All for one
  • All is fair in love and Greek Week
  • Lights, camera, greeks
  • Where the wild things are
  • Game on
  • Live young, wild and greek
  • Life, liberty and the pursuit of Greek Week
  • Star spangled Greeks
  • We’re all mad for Greek Week
  • A league of our own
  • Hustle and heart set us apart
  • One spirit, ___ teams, one Greek Week
  • Greek Week is sport, make it count
  • Win from within
  • All for ONE
  • Bring the heat to Greek Week
  • {School} Greek Week: where amazing happens
  • Tradition never graduates
  • Peace, love and Greek Week
  • Good. Better. Best.
  • Bringing out the best in each other
  • United we play, united we win
  • {School} Greeks - it’s a way of life
  • Fast and furious
  • Keepin’ the dream alive
  • Fortune favors the bold 
  • Greek Week 2015 - no regrets 
  • We define epic
  • Work like a captain, play like a pirate

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I made a tinder account about a year and a half ago, just to casually swipe in my spare time. Met up with a handful of dudes that all pretty much sucked in their own special way. But then I met this guy.
He was quite a bit older than me, super attractive, has his life together; no way he’d ever be interested in me, right? I mean, I still live with my mom.
Anyway, we matched in April ‘15 and I swear I messaged him first. He said he was at his friends house watching WWE, and somehow we made a conversation out of that. We went to see Fast and Furious 7 a few weeks later, and I informed him that I was super intimidated and almost bailed on him. I was super reluctant to meet up but I showed anyway. We hung out every weekend for a month or two and he friendzoned me harrrddd.

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