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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Rajab 💜 ☪

. The Holy Prophet () said ❝Rajab is the great month of Allah (ﷻ). No other month equals it in sanctity and merit. During this month fighting against the infidels is prohibited. Indeed Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah. Surely whoever fasts one day in Rajab secures Allah’s greatest pleasure, distances himself from the wrath of Allah and one gate of Hell is closed for him.❞


. Imam Kazim (عليه السلام) said ❝For those who fast a day in Rajab, the fire of Hell recedes from them a distance of one year walking and whoever fasts for three days in Rajab is certain to enter Paradise.❞

. Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said ❝ Rajab is the month of forgiveness therefore seek much forgiveness during this month.❞


. Imam Kazim (عليه السلام) said ❝Rajab is a river in Paradise which is whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. Whoever fasts one day in Rajab will be given a drink from this river.❞


. Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said ❝Allah (ﷻ)has exalted the month of Rajab and given it a stupendous sanctity taking it upon Himself to honour those who fast it. Whoever fasts a single day of the latter part of Rajab will be saved from the severity of the throes of death, from the horrors encountered after death and the torment of the grave. Whoever fasts two days of the latter part of Rajab will cross over the Sirat (bridge) with ease and whoever fasts for three days will be secure from the terrors and calamities of the Day of greatest terror and will be given immunity from Hell.


. The Holy Prophet () said ❝Whoever recites ‘la ilaha il Allah’ 1000 times during the month of Rajab, Almighty Allah (ﷻ) will decide for them 100,000 rewards and award them 100 houses in Paradise.❞

. Imam Sadiq (عليه السلام) said ❝Whoever recites Surah al-Ikhlas 100 times on a Friday in Rajab will be given such a light that they will enter Paradise.

📓 All hadiths taken from Mafatih al-Jinan

📆 Important events in Rajab:

1st Rajab: Birth of Imam Baqir (عليه السلام)

3rd Rajab: Martyrdom of Imam Hadi (عليه السلام)

10th Rajab: Birth of Imam Jawad (عليه السلام)

13th Rajab: Birth of Imam Ameerulmumineen (عليه السلام)

15th Rajab: Martyrdom of Lady Zainab al-Kubra (سلام الله علیها)

20th Rajab: Birth of Lady Sakina bint Hussain (سلام الله علیها)

24th Rajab: Birth of Hazrat Ali al-Asghar (عليه السلام)

25th Rajab: Martyrdom of Imam Kazim (عليه السلام)

26th Rajab: Death of Hazrat Abu Talib ( رحمه الله)

27th Rajab: Miraj and the beginning of the prophethood of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

28th Rajab: Imam Hussain (عليه السلام) and his caravan leave Medina

Seven Excellences of Ramadan Fasting.

The Holy Prophet (saws) has stated:
There is no Mu'min, who fasts for a day in the month of Ramadan with the intention of attaining its rewards, except that Allah, The Exalted, grants him seven excellences:
1. The forbidden food that had entered into his body melts away. 
2. He moves closer to the Mercy of Allah, The Exalted.
3. Allah expiates his sins.
4. Allah reduces for him the agony of death.
5. Allah protects him from the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment.
6. He is granted pardon from the fire (of Hell).
7. Allah provides him the good and pleasant food of Paradise.

Source (Mustadrakal-Wasaailal-Shia'h, vol. 7, pg.395)

Fasting of the soul means restraining your five senses from all sins and emptying the heart of all motives of evil.
—  Imam Ali (as), Ghurar al Hikam, Ch. Fasting, #6

I know some Muslims have a solemn observance during these days to mark the martyrdom of Ali ibn Abi Talib, and seeing people post about that reminded me of a story we learned while I was studying Islamic and Middle Eastern history in university. The moral of the story had a deep impact on me, even though I may not be a Muslim, and had an impact on the way I view things.

It is said that during the Battle of Khandaq (5 AH - 627 CE, also known in English as the Battle of the Trench), when the Meccan Quraysh laid seige on Yathrib (now Madina) with the intent to stop the Prophet Muhammad from spreading his message in the early days of Islam, Ali ibn Abi Talib was fighting a man called Amr bin Abdawud.

The battle grew fierce, and Ali ibn Abi Talib was about to kill Amr bin Abdawud, when Amr spat on his face. At that moment he dropped his sword and left the battlefield.

Why? Because in the moments after he was spat on, his mind became focussed on fighting to avenge the insult he just faced, not for the greater purpose of the battle- to protect Yathrib, and the Prophet’s message. He returned to the battlefield only when he regained composure and fought with his mind set on the greater goal.

This really made me analyze how we go about our lives and why we do what we do? Are we doing things for ourself, and for our own ego? Or are we doing them for the greater good?

I apologies if this post was intrusive, but I just wanted to share the notes i found a few days ago. :) Hope your fasting is going well.

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Prompt: Thanks to Ashlyn, Ali was proud of her body, but at times self-conscious. The team was out celebrating, some girls left early so the remaining players had to pile into the last van. Seats were limited, so Ashlyn pulled Ali to sit on her lap. Ashlyn could feel the stiffness in Ali's body, she knew Ali was worried about being too heavy. She tried to quell her fears but it didn't work. Once they returned Ashlyn effortlessly pick Ali up to reassure her she'd never be too heavy for her. ♦️

Ever since Ali was a teenager, she had struggled with her body image. She never looked the same as the girls in school and there was a small part of her that resented being different. All of her friends had skinny legs with gaps between their thighs. They had falt stomachs and curvy hips. Most of them had really narrow shoulders with slender arms. Ali on the other hand, had thick thighs that were all muscles and biceps that were bigger than most of the boys she knew. It wasn’t until she got to high school that she realized that this wasn’t the normal body type for girls her age and she began to work out even harder while eating less to try and get rid of her ‘fat’ thighs.

As she had gotten older, Ali had learned to appreciate and accept her body, even if she still didn’t look like other girls.

Ali had just graduated college and was heading to national team camp. Out of curiosity, she had looked up the girls on the roster that she hadn’t met yet just so she could see what she was getting herself into and familiarize herself with the women that she would be working with for the next few weeks, and most likely the next few years. It was in this camp that Ali met Ashlyn Harris. As the two women grew closer, Ashlyn had come to learn about Ali’s lack of confidence in her body. Whenever Ali was feeling low or just needed some advice on how to change her diet, she went to Ashlyn first. Ashlyn was always supportive and did everything in her power to help Ali achieve whatever goal she had set for herself, but she also always found a way to remind Ali of how beautiful she was. Ali and Ashlyn were not only best friends, but they were gym buddies as well. If Ali wasn’t eating properly or tried to change her workout so that she could lose weight, Ashlyn was always there to give her a gentle nudge in the right direction and make sure that she was taking care of herself.

The last time that Ashlyn remembered Ali having trouble with her body was before the ESPN photo shoot. Ali had come to Ashlyn, almost in tears, because she was scared of having her naked body displayed on the cover of a magazine. Ashlyn had tried to pull her down on the couch so that they could cuddle and talk about why Ali was nervous but when Ashlyn pulled her closer, Ali stiffened up. Ali had explained to Ashlyn that she didn’t want to be too heavy laying on top of her. Ashlyn just smiled and pulled Ali to lay on her chest, hugging her as close as humanly possible, showing her that she would never be too heavy to cuddle with. They spent the next hour talking about all of Ali’s fears and insecurities and Ashlyn was nothing but caring and supportive. She reassured Ali that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her body and that women everywhere were going to be jealous that they didn’t have a body like hers.

Ali had been in Orlando for a few months and things couldn’t have been better. She was strong, healthy, and happy. All of the girls from Orlando Pride were going to take one of the team buses to a bar to meet up eth the Orlando City men so that they could all celebrate and have some fun together. Ashlyn and Ali had decided to carpool with Servando and some of his friends because Ali was taking forever to pick an outfit, which was nothing new.

“Al, hurry up! Serv just pulled up and we have to go pick up a couple of the other guys too.”

Ali walked out in a simply outfit, looking as gorgeous as ever. Her and Ashlyn made their way to Servando’s car and piled in.

“We may have to double up.” Servando informed he as he pulled away.

“Not a problem.” Ashlyn said with smirk as she pulled Ali over to her.

Ali crawled onto Ashlyn’s lap as two men from Orlando City got in the car. Ashlyn had her arms wrapped securely around Ali’s waist, which is why she could feel the stiffness in Ali’s body. Ashlyn ran her hands up and down Ali’s arms and started placing little kisses on her neck to try and get her to relax. All of the boys in the car let out a collective ‘awwww’ at the action, which made Ali and blush and Ashlyn laugh. Ashlyn put her arms back around Ali’s waist and hugged her closer. She could feel Ali’s arms and back relax slightly, but she was still clenching her leg muscles to keep from putting her full weight on Ashlyn’s legs.

“Baby, relax.” Ashlyn whispered as she smiled up at Ali.

Ali finally let her body relax into Ashlyn’s lap. She was much more comfortable this way but she was still worried that she was going to be too heavy for AShlyn’s legs and make her uncomfortable. She didn’t have to worry about this for long because by the time Ali relaxed, it was only another five minutes before they pulled up to their destination. Ali slid off of Ashlyn’s lap and jumped out of the car with Ashlyn following closely behind her.

The rest of the night was spent fooling around and laughing with all of their friends. Ashlyn made sure to keep a close eye on Ali. she wasn’t going to fight her on eating a proper meal in front of a bar filled with their friends, but if she didn’t eat, it was a conversation that they would most definitely revisit when they were at home. Ashlyn was pleased to see that Ali ate all of the meal that she ordered and she even drank more than half of the chocolate milkshake that Ashlyn had ordered for herself.

It was nearing thrr in the morning and Ashlyn could tell by the look on Ali’s face that she was getting tired.

Ashlyn went to the back of the bar to find Servando. “Hey, Serv. Me and Al are headed out.”

Servando jumped to his feet. “Oh, let me take you guys home.”

Ashlyn waved him off as she spoke. “I already called an Uber for us.” She leaned in to give him a quick hug. “Stay and have fun, We will see you soon.”

Ashlyn texted Ali to meet her outside. Once they were out of the bar, Ashlyn and Ali waited on the sidewalk for their Uber to show up. They didn’t have to wait for long before they saw their car and got in. Ashlyn gave him the address and they were in their way. Ali leaned her head on AShlyns shoulder and wrapped her arm around her bicep on the way back to their house. Ashlyn could see that she was fighting off sleep the entire time. The traffic made the trip home a long one, but they eventually pulled up outside their house. Ashlyn held her hand out for Ali as she got out of the car and they started walking up the driveway, towards the front door. As soon as the Uber was out of sight, Ashlyn bent down slightly to wrap one arm around Ali’s back and the other around her thighs so that she could scoop her up in her arms.

Ali let out a squeal as she wrapped her arms around Ashlyn’s neck. “Ashlyn Michelle! What are you doing?” Ali pretended to be shocked, but she loved it when Ashlyn would run up behind her and pull her into her arms or give her a piggy back ride when she was too worn out to walk.

Ashlyn opened the front door to the house and kicked it closed behind her once they were inside. “I can’t have my drunk, tired Princess falling up the stairs, now can I?”

“Excuse you! I am not drunk! Tired, yes. But not drunk.”

Ashlyn gave her a look that said oh please and Ali just shrugged in agreement. “My knight in shining armor.”

Ashlyn set Ali down on the bed and grabbed some clothes for them to both change into. Ali stripped off her tight jeans and pulled on her shorts with a sigh of relief. She loved getting dressed up to go out with Ashlyn, but there was nothing that felt better than putting on freshly washed pajamas and cuddling in bed. When Ashlyn was finally changed, she crawled into bed next to Ali. Before her head even hit the pillow, Ali’s body was on top of hers with her head nuzzled into her neck. Ashlyn smiled and wrapped the comforter around both of their bodies. Ali squirmed for a minute, trying to find the perfect position to sleep in. When she finally settled, Ashlyn knew that she had accomplished her mission. Ali was fast asleep with her body completely draped over Ashlyn.

Ali knew that there would come a time when she was unhappy with her body, but she also knew that Ashlyn would always be there to remind her of how beautiful she really was. For now, she could sleep comfortably knowing that she was safe and loved.

Ashlyn laid awake, rubbing her hand up and down Ali’s back. Before she fell asleep, Ashlyn whispered, “You are the most beautiful girl in the world. I love you more than anything, Ali B.”

Ali shifted slightly and said, “Love you more, beautiful.” before falling back asleep with a smile on her face.

Fasting of the body means restraining oneself from food willfully and by choice out of fear of punishment and out of desire for reward and recompense. Fasting of the soul means restraining the five senses from all the sins and emptying the heart of all motives of evil.
—  Imam Ali (a), Ghurar al-HIkam