fast 6 cast

Me and my Brotaku were talking

And we realized that the Fast 6 cast works a lot like the Strawhats. like first of all they’re all ridiculously durable. many of them shouldn’t even be alive. I mean.. falling down from the sky? no water is that soft. Jumping over the of a freeway, catching another person in mid-flight, then smashing into a car? no way should they be walking away practically scratch-free. 

The the crews really aren’t even criminals, i mean the world government(s) really want them, but they’re pretty much good people.

and they’re all badasses.

but when it get’s real cool is the character matchups.

like Dom is Luffy. they’re nothing if they aren’t protecting their nakama/family. and woll literally go through anything to save their loved ones. Plus they’re the captains, and the strongest/fastest people in their crew.

Brian (i think it’s with an i) is Zoro. being the “first mate” and being uber close to Dom/Luffy. and being able to handle his own.

Rome is Usopp. because duh. that shit is perfect.

Tej is Franky because they’re tech-heads and can build shit and are funny as fuck. 

Leti is Robin (excluding the love between dom and leti) because she’s this lone cat. you know? she’s knows all of her history anc archaeology shit like leti knows cars, and she’s passionate about it. not to mention the whole crew went through hell and high waters (haha get it, cause they’re pirates) to get them.

Giselle is Nami because you know what she was an actual criminal too. and she fucking goes hard, and handles shit like a boss. and she loves to travel boom.

Han is Sanji, because well he loves giselle and is such a gentlemen and cool. plus the dude is like always eating something.

Mia is Choppie because she’s always patching up people, you know? taking care of folks. plus her relationship with brian. even though canonically zoro and choppie aren’t like that, they still are really close and it’s cute as fuck.

and last but not least

(seriously this one is my favorite)

Hobbs (aka the Rock) is Jinbei. They’re big as fuck. Fallen from high Government statuses. And they’re not directly in the crews but associate with them, but might maybe in the future become a fixture in the crew.

Anywhoo that’s that. it all sounded way better in conversation but some of this shit is un-motherfucking-canny.