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Ben Platt from The Book of Mormon and Pitch Perfect sings “Moving too Fast"  from Jason Robert Brown's The Last 5 YearsAugust 18, 2014 at 54 Below

When I see/hear a comment stating that Dom and Letty were just ‘casual and not ride or die in the first movie I always wonder if I saw a total different movie than them….
All their scenes told you they weren’t casual….even when Dom was on front street pretending he was out on the chase. Letty had him wrapped around her finger….from her first scene where Mia is begging him to go break up the fight and he replies with a joke til Letty does her 'Dom! Do as I say…it’s serious voice. From that too his 'I’m just talking Letty’ and her “I think we should go up stairs and you should give me a massage”.

Their relationship was in no way casual but more of the push and pull - you could tell they both knew the emotions were there but that for a long time their relationship had been set with her pursuing and him slightly running / keeping some range of distance by never admitted his emotions. This was proven by the scene where he tells her of the dream he had about their future to which her response is a disbelieving 'really?’ Not because of the beach location but because with his confession he was emotionally opening himself in a way he hadn’t before, because he was speaking on their future as a them…a pair, a couple. And then him vocalizing that emotion with the words of love after her car wrecked.

I think what most people have to remember is the Dom in the first movie had lost his parents yes but he hadn’t experienced lost within this makeshift family he had created for himself. Dom in the first movie was all about this kind of image - living hard and fast and slightly emotionally stunted on some points. I think people have to remember that you don’t just learn about these characters in movie 1 but everyone they’re in afterwards. Movie 6 gave such an insight into Dom’s perspective on their relationship. He says 'you don’t turn your back on family even when they do…’ And this held true for him because really he had been doing it to Letty for years. Letty had always known about Dom, had always been interested in him, but Dom didn’t even notice her for 5 years. And a whole year of that no one even knew about…when she was 15 he was secretly trying to impress her. People (like Mia) didn’t even notice his attention to her til she was 16. I think that says a lot about how Dom presented himself and his emotions back then up until the first movie. Its clear that in the beginning Dom had emotional walls he had up but despite that Letty held on to that bond she continued to pursue him refused to let dalliances to get in the way. She spent years doing what he had to do in movie 6 and 7. Like he said you can’t tell someone they love you, you can only be there for them and hope they realize it.

Dom is different in movie 456&7 because one he’s experienced lost and two he experiences losing her. On top of that you have to realize what ride or die possibly means to these two people, which seems to have various meanings - the normal 'I’m in no matter how crazy’, the 'I have your back no matter what’, it’s synonymous with their way of life - live life to the extreme and on the edge not backing down from the challenge. Dom and Letty are actually quiet alike from their love for cars (even the same type) to their self sacrificial beliefs. They fit so well because they have this deep level of trust and knowledge of each other and that’s why their relationship could never be casual, because even before he said it in part one she knew the love was there just like he knew in part 6 & 7 that despite her amnesia she still felt the same. Plus Letty doesn’t actually say I love in any of the movies(I haven’t had the chance to watch 7 more than once but I’m pretty sure it remains true for this one too) - but we all know ride or die plays as a dual meaning for those words too in their communication form. I’ve always enjoyed that they’re way of love was more about proof in action than in words.

'Fast Five' Review

Vroom! You are driving in a fast car going 100 miles. This is what it is like to watch the movie Fast Five, the movie that I am reviewing. This movie is good for three reasons. It is packed with action, there is my favorite actor The Rock in it, and the movie makes cars seem fun and fast. That’s what makes Fast Five to be the best movie yet!

First, action. Fast Five is filled with a lot of action. I went to the movie with my parents and my Dad liked the action but my mom did not. Fast Five is best for Dads and sons and sometimes Moms think it is too loud but they still like it. Fast Five has a lot of great action.

In addition to, Fast Five has my favorite actor The Rock. The Rock was born on May 2, 1972. He was a professional wrestler but now is an actor in movies like Fast Five and others. He is my favorite actor because is he strong and can also be funny and cool. The Rock is my favorite actor.

Last, Fast Five has a lot of cool cars. From BMWs to others, there are almost so many cars in Fast Five! These cars aren’t like normal cars or like a van, they go fast and The Rock drives them. My Dad had a BMW in college but sold it when he got married. Fast Five has a lot of great cars.

This has been my review of Fast Five. It has action, The Rock, and the cars are fast! It was directed by Justin Lin and came out in 2011. Maybe you can watch Fast Five and write a review, too!