Watched Song to Song today and I was overwhelmed

I want to GIF every Fassy moment in this film

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert!

Top 10 Fassy moments in Song to Song (in my opinion)

10. Michael driving a golf cart

9. Weightless scene on the airplane

8. Chimpanzee imitation on Mexico beach 

7. Drunk Fassy being dragged on the street by Gosling

6. Threesome with two hookers (there are 3 threesome in this film and Fassy is in all of them)

5. Intimate scene with Rooney at the beginning of the film

4. Coax Gosling, call him “brother”& tap dance 

3. Say “marry me” to Natalie

2. Coax Natalie into a threesome with an escort 

1. Scenes after Natalie died


“He’s the type of guy who can make your knees weak with just one look.”