fassy and a bear~


Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling and their newfound bromance - shoulder massages and all - on the set of Terence Malick’s upcoming film Weightless

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the most requested Fassbender drawing on my blog. It’s Michael Fassbender drawing Nr. 60: A BEAR NAMED WINNIE. 🎉😄🐻

I hope so much that you like it, guys! I never had to draw a bear before. 😅 I hope it’s an appropriate pic to celebrate 60(!) Fassy drawings. 🍤🍸 Cheers!

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anonymous asked:

Did you see band of brothers? Michael and James are so cute and young and shy in the series ;)

I have not seen it, anon! I’ve heard they only appear for a very short time…? Though, to be honest, I’ve watched a ton of things in which they appear for short times or are just terrible (I watched Jonah Hex sighs). So I will check it out. Thanks for reminding me of it : D

If you enjoy young Fassy, have you seen A Bear Named Winnie? I saw it recently and it totally melted my heart <3

anonymous asked:

Fassy bearing his teeth as a sign of possession over his McAvoy - all is right in the sharkesque world he lives in

“What are you doing?” Charles asks over the loud music after a solid minute of watching Erik stare at something over on the opposite end of the club, teeth bared in what is probably some kind of ridiculous werewolf show of aggression. At the moment Charles can’t fathom whatever in this dark room of drunken, dancing humans could possibly be giving Erik’s alpha instincts a chance to rear its ugly head.

“Nothing,” Erik says at once, head whipping back around to face Charles while in the same instant the angry curl to his lips smooths out, admittedly impressive canines hidden away again. He sounds surprised, though not because Charles caught him–judging by the tenor of his thoughts, he hadn’t even realized what he’d been doing in the first place. “Just looking around.”

“Sure,” Charles says slowly, not entirely willing to fully believe him. At least this is better than another one of Erik’s territorial fits, he reminds himself. He goes back to surveying the crowd, scenting for blood and trying to determine which human is drunk enough to say yes, but not drunk enough to not actually mean it when he quietly pulls them aside for a little charity blood donation.

A few minutes later, however, Charles catches Erik with his teeth bared again, and this time follows his glare over to a human leaned against the bar. When he sees Charles looking over, the human smirks, eyebrows raising suggestively.

“He’s checking you out,” Erik growls before Charles can say anything. Were he in his wolf form, Charles imagines his hackles would be starting to rise. “He’s practically undressing you with his eyes, Charles.”

“Thank you for defending my hypothetical honor,” Charles answers dryly, but he puts a hand on Erik’s arm and deftly swivels him around so he faces the dance floor rather than the bar. Hopefully the lack of a visual will be enough to soothe Erik’s protective instincts long enough for Charles to be able to grab dinner. He pats Erik, thought not without a certain measure of fondness. “I’m lucky to have you.”

Erik mutters something that’s probably very unflattering under his breath, but at least his teeth are no longer bared and he seems mollified by Charles’ words of assurance despite himself. Charles continues stroking Erik’s arm absently, a subconscious motion that always seems to benefit them both in a way Charles never wants to examine too closely, and goes back to browsing the menu–venue.

His eyes are drawn back towards the bar, only to discover the same human sizing up Erik’s ass now that Erik’s turned away. When Charles catches his eye he slowly draws his lips back in a silent snarl, opening his mouth and allowing his fangs to extend out in a very clear warning, pointed and gleaming in the neon lights. The human’s face goes from cocksure to nervous, and a moment later he throws a wad of cash down on the bar and edges sideways through the room towards the exit.

Satisfied with himself, Charles withdraws his fangs and closes his mouth, licking his lips once and turning his attention back to the dance floor. That should take care of that.

Beside him, Erik hasn’t even noticed. “Blond over there in the corner got ditched by her friends and might be up for some company,” he says gruffly, still thrumming with a little tension but slowly starting to relax.

“Noted, darling, thank you,” Charles says, but rather than move towards the human he draws Erik’s arm up around his shoulders, willing to stay put for just a few more minutes.