My favourite Dalter fics so far

I’ve read pretty much everything that seemed appealing to me in the tag on ao3 and I wanna highlight my faves. Also a friend of my friend suggested we should call dalter ‘Fassturbation’ and i think it’s hillarious.

Walter stays series by sandpapersnowman - 5,971 words  
A series of short, stories, also explicit ones I liked very much despite not being that much interested in porn in this ship. I like how touch starved David is. If you want some android porn that isn’t awkward or weirdly designed but you can still tell they are robots here it is.

How Strange It Is To Be Alive by  mXrtis -  7,534 words
Rather a slow burn (I think because nothing but kisses and David’s thirst happened yet) but I enjoy it very much and I’m waiting for the update. I like David’s and Walter’s backstories. Also Walter stays on the planet with David au.

Saturn by  th_esaurus -  2,340 words
Last but not least, Saturn is my favourite David/Walter fic so far. It’s darker than the previous two and it stabbed me in the heart. Still I very much liked the ending. It also has some smut in there but not explicit which I personally like.