For mischiefgoddesscomplex :-)

This is for her masterpiece, The Sound of Heartstrings … I’d do one for her new one she keeps teasing about, but alas I have not seen one (hint hint … jk).

Happy Birthday, Kat! (so I had to put aviators on Loki … had to)


Inspired by this Jane Eyre poster, because while (in my humble opinion) Toby Stevens was best, Fassbender was the hottest Rochester.

Michael Fassbender

unknown source

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#Repost @stormfanforever
So far the known casting for X-Men: Apocalypse are…
Newest Edition…
•Jubilee-Lana Condor
With the following…
•Apocalypse-Oscar Isaac •Storm-Alexander Shipp
•Cyclops-Tye Sheridan
•Jean Grey-Sophie Turner
•Magneto-Michael Fassbender
•Professor X-James McAvoy
•Mystique-Jennifer Laurence •Beast-Nicholas Hoult •Quicksilver-Evan Peters
•Nightcrawler-Kodi Smit-McPhee
•Moira MacTaggert-Rose Byrne *Rumored for Cameos…
•Storm-Halle Berry
•Gambit-Channing Tatum
•Wolverine-Hugh Jackman
•Magneto-Ian McKellen
•Apocalypse (Young)-Brendan Pedder
Will we also see returns from former cast-mate such as
•Havok-Lucas Till or any others?! #Marvel #Xmen #apocalypse

ellizaana asked:

Did Michael in San Francisco this yet? Love to know what he is doing and that ..... miss you !!

Michael is in bed with me right now. To be more precise, he is making breakfast for me at the moment.

No, no I am just kidding.

Or am I not?? *winks and shrugs*

Who knows!

No, to be serious again, I hear he is still in California. Sorry I can’t give you more details!

HAHA I was watching ‘’shame’’ and michael fassbender looks exactly like my dad like it’s so weird AND now I went to stalk my stepbros fb wall and somebody posted a pic of fassbender on his wall and said this looks exactly like you but older, lyke do u get it