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YES!!!!!! when asriel and chara draw together they either A. draw abstract concepts or B. draw many many frogs. they are ALL on the fridge. they draw a frog every thursday to replace each one on the fridge

YES and they even knit sweaters !! they were This One when they go frog hunting

25 Days of Klaroline + Another Time Period mini drabble (and yes I’m late again - I was too busy getting excited about Candice being in NOLA, hello endgame).

All italicised text is inner thoughts for the characters after the fact, I was going for something new.

The Year is 1964 and the Beatles have arrived in the United States for their first North American concert. Super fan, Caroline Forbes, attempts to sneak into their hotel not expecting to get stuck in the boiler room with a grouchy employee who doesn’t even like the Beatles.

Come Together

11 February 1964 - Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC

“Now, this is not what I had in mind.”

“And you think I did, sweetheart?” Klaus shot back, his deep set scowl a permanent fixture on his face. It was a shame given just how attractive he was with those crimson lips and dark, blue eyes. Caroline hated fake endearments.

“You realise that if the wind changes your face will stay just like that,” she huffed, taking a seat on the floor.

“With that level of naivety, I’m suddenly not so surprised abut your ability to get us locked in the boiler room.” Klaus was seriously concerned about who he was locked in a room with at that point even if she was stunning.

“It was a joke,” she scoffed. “But with your level of grouchiness I’m not surprised you didn’t get it.” He was grouchy, beyond belief, according to her later comments.

When art history student Caroline ventured out into the freezing temperatures that night, her mission had been to hunt down the Beatles. It was a lot less psycho than it sounded. They were performing their very first concert in the States at the Washington Coloseum. Her mother, in true Liz form, had forbade her from going in no uncertain terms. She was a police officer and was concerned about her safety given 8,000 screaming fans were expected.

Klaus, meanwhile, had headed into work for another shift dreading the ensuing craziness. He was studying law at Georgetown. Coming from a relatively affluent fasmily, his work at the hotel was only to give him some spending money. What he hadn’t expected was to come into contact with a bossy, but extremely beautiful, blonde with too many opinions. The fact she loved the Beatles was definitely a deep character flaw in his estimation. 

“Great,” he mumbled, banging on the door for the hundreth time in the past fifteen minutes. “I’m stuck in here with Little Miss Attitude. What part of no didn’t you understand before you came back here unauthorised and then managed to lock us inside?”

“I’m persistant,” she pouted. “My mother says it’s one of my most endearing traits.” Klaus came to realise she was indeed persistant and could win the award, if there was one actually available.

“After the saying about the wind and my expression, I’m not sure you should really trust anything your mother tells you.”

“Has anyone told you that you have serious anger issues? Don’t you ever just let loose and have fun?” Caroline was spot on. Klaus was highly strung and hadn’t let loose in years, his excuse was that college was his priority.

“Oh what? Like you mean sneaking into a hotel and getting stuck in the boiler room?”

“That obviously wasn’t part of my plan,” she growled. “If I had my way, I’d be partying with the Beatles right now.”

“You and everyone else,” he mumbled. “I’m curious, what exactly happens after the partying?”

“Excuse you? I’m not that kind of girl and the fact you would insinuate such things is…” Turns out she wasn’t that kind of a girl and a lie detector test would have proved that very fact on the spot…

“Yet, you sneak into strangers' hotel rooms?”

“John, Paul, George and Ringo are hardly strangers.” Klaus had struggled to retain his composure that sentence was so weird and kind of stalkerish.

“Just because you know their names, favourite foods and a few of their repetitive songs doesn’t mean you actually know them.”

“Repetitive songs?” She inhlaed sharply, it was like a punch to the guts. No one insulted her boys and got away with it. “How dare you.” Caroline was seeing red and wasn’t quite sure how to calm the anger this idiot had caused.

“This may come as a shock but not everyone likes the Beatles.” Caroline had said afterwards that this was the moment she hated him.

“Yeah, okay,” she drawled. “What did they do to you besides those songs you love so much? Are you jealous or something?” His stormy expression was enough to tell her otherwise.

“Jealous? Hell no. I suppose I’m more of a Stones person and the Beatles' hysterical fans have a tendency to put me off given that high pitched squealing I’ve been dealing with continuously the past few days.”

“Who?” She asked not bothering to address his complaints.

“The Rolling Stones.” Klaus had struggled to not roll his eyes at this point and decided she needed some musical intervention in her life.

“Yeah, well given I have no idea who they are I highly doubt they’ll ever be bigger than the Beatles.” Klaus wished he’d placed a bet on this comment years later.

“I beg to differ, love.” It was a comment Caroline came to really regret later. She blamed it on the fact they were still relatively new to the music scene in 1964.

“You know I’m really getting tired of your holier than thou judgemental tone and comments. As if this night hadn’t turned out bad enough already. And don’t call me love.”

“I don’t know your name and maybe you should look in the mirror,” he snorted. “You’ve been judging me since you got us stuck in here.” Caroline’s mouth was agape and before she could argue he continued. “I wasn’t the one who pulled the door shut.” Turns out they were both extremely judgmental, probably why they were so perfect for each other.

“How was I supposed to know it locked from the inside?”

“Because I told you but you were too busy evading capture to listen." She was evading capture from her mother more than he knew at the time.

Caroline didn’t respond, just stood up abruptly and began pounding on the door as he had been only moments earlier.  She felt sick knowing that if this guy reported her to the police her mother would be the first person on the scene. The fact she’d lied about being at Katherine’s house would be the final nail in her coffin. Caroline would be lucky if she could venture out of the house before she turned thirty.

"So, now you’re silent? If I’d known that was all it would take I would have delivered that line twenty minutes ago,” he chuckled, spying at her curiously from the corner of the room.

“And suddenly you’re all zen,” she hissed. “The heat must be getting to you.” She’d dressed in four layers that night and was feeling the need to shed pretty much all of them. It was a shame he was present so she couldn’t strip. Her mixed feelings towards the arrogant but gorgeous guy was messing with her resolve. 

“If I promise not to talk to you again if you will you just stop with all the judgy comments?” The heat was killing him and he wouldn’t have been averse to her losing clothing but Klaus wasn’t that guy, no matter how attracted he was to her.

“That depends on how long we’re stuck here.”

“George our handyman will be here at 6am,” he shared. The look on her face was enough to tell Klaus she was worried. “Past your curfew?”

“That’s none of your business.” It was then that Caroline thought she hated him for his anti-Beatles comments but she decided at that point he was also the arrogant, devil incarnate.

“That spiteful hatred has been surprisngly entertaining but we’re stuck here till six and will never see each other again. So, how about we just be honest for a few hours?” He cocked his head to the left curiously, a few stray dimples making an appearance and leaving her a little flustered, not that Caroline would admit it to this ass.

“Fine,” she admitted. “I don’t like you very much.” Caroline was pretty certain she had unwittingly fallen in love with this idiot.

“The feeling is mutual,” he growled, the fact their eyes were now locked in a battle of wits was saying something. Klaus was now officially in love. 

And they lived happily ever after, even if Liz had questioned his intentions, gun at her hip. Turns out it was okay because she was a huge Rolling Stones fan. Caroline, meanwhile, had refused to acknowledge his ‘questionable' taste.

At their wedding two years later, the bride and groom had insisted that the Rolling Stones and Beatles would be present. The number of songs needed to be equal as to avoid an all out riot, but when they decided to make their wedding dance a mixture of In My Life and Wild Horses that was the moment when their love for each other came full circle.