1)For the readers who do not know you, tell us a bit about yourself and where you’re from…

Im a visionary from Paris who loves the world of fashion - you can say I’m addicted. and I’m also a young designer.

2)What is your brand and 3 words to describe it?

My brand is ‘FASKO’ and I guess the 3 words would be creativity, paris style (with L.A states of mind) and freedom.

3) What inspired you to get started?

JCDC ( jean /charles de Castelbajac) inspired me a lot with his designs. I always had the idea to design, I always customised my clothes since i was young. Stussy, LRG and BAPE inspired me to get started on my own brand.

4) When in the growing up stage did you realise that this was what you wanted to do?

Yes, since the first day I know I wanted to be a stylist and designer. I just had a lot of ideas in my head for fashion.

5)What is your greatist inspirations when it comes down to producing and designing?

Kanye West inspired me a lot when Im listening to one of his tracks. Thats when most of my inspirations through. And Givenchy too.

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