- ̗̀cool ideas ̖́-
  • go stargazing! i found out recently each sign of astrology (ex:aries,scorpio) has their own constellation! pretty neat huh? it would be cool to go out at night w/ur best buds & look for your constellation!! 🌟 even if u guys end up not finding it, at least you had an excuse to hang out!
  •  sleep naked! it’s actually pretty awesome tbh. it’s your bed! you decide what to do with it!! it feels free & is so comfortable! just tell anyone you’re living with to not come to ur room in the morning just in case u throw off ur blankets ;; 
  • match clothes with ur friend!! im planning to do this soon~ it makes u feel all warm & happy. shop for clothes 2gether! even if they’re an internet friend! do ootds together that have the same shirt but different colors!! show ur guy’s love in cute ways 💕
  • make your own face mask! if you don’t feel like buying a face mask, make your own! here are some recipes for a couple of masks that you can make. they’re soothing & easy to create! google is ur friend if u dont like these recipes!
  • make a journal! buy a plain journal and design the cover by yourself, pick what you want to have in the journal, and just make a page a day! there are some great journal ideas right here for insp!


Dico aiutatemi

Dico davvero

Non ho più fede

Non ho più credo

Non ho paura

Del mare davanti

Ma senza i miei denti

Ho solo rimorsi

È che mi sento più solo

Mi sento solo più solo

Non trovo le forze ed affogo

Mi sento sempre più solo

A dio

Agli amici più grandi

A tutta la terra

A chi ho perso per strada

A me

Che sono un represso

A te

Che mi hai reso tale

A voi

Felici nel fango

A noi

Disillusi e tristiii

Al nostro futuro

Vestito di stracci

Alle nostre madri

Perdute nel parco

Ai nostri bambini

Che non ci capiranno

Ai nostri sogni

Per sempre in letargo

Non c'è più speranza

C'è la notte

C'è il silenzio

—  Fask

jeonghanii asked:

talk shit about seventeen, you know you want to 8D

Alright hold up lemme get on my pc for this shit storm.

Okay on my PC. Let’s get this started. I could talk shit on this whole band, tbh, but I think Ima focus on hip-hop unit because look what these fuckers did today. 

Okay be prepared for cursing, I did not even try to censor myself here.xD 

Okay so you know how you gets guys that seem really moody and emo and shit? that’s Wonwoo. But he’s a fuCKIN LIAR. THIS LITTLE SHIT IS ACTUALLY REALLY ADORABLE?? And he’s supposedly a lazy sloth and shit but he dances like he’s literally pure energy compressed into a little frame and wtf?? hOW FASKE CAN  YOU GET WONWOO. I AIN’T EVEN GONNA CAL YOUR ASS OPPA YOU DON’T DESERVE. Oh and while we’re on the subject of him being fake as fuck, let’s bring up that deep ass voice he’s got. Yeah you know the one, his regular speaking voice, the one he raps with, yeah that shit. bUT THEN COVER HIS EYES AND HE SUDDENLY TURNS INTO NAVI FROM ZELDA???? W T F ARE YOU ON. MANNER MAKES A MAN BUT YOU ARE NOT A MAN WONWOO YOU ARE RUDE AS FUCK NO MANNERS AT ALL. i’m kidding i love you oppa.

Okay Mingyu. Mingyu’s younger than me, I need to be nice to him. 

hAH YOU THOUGHT. Let’s go. I don’t even fuckin like Mingyu. My brain knew when I first got into this band to stay very far away from him and I have. eXCEPT THAT HE FUCKIN KILLED IT IN HIP HOP UNIT’S REMIX OF LOTTO??? LIKE??? DON’T YOU SEE ME TRYING TO IGNORE YOUR FUCKING EXISTENCE? STOP. STOP WITH THIS SHIT. AND DON’T YOU DARE POST ANY MORE OF THOSE DAMN SELCAS WHERE YOU LOOK LIKE SOME REFINED ASS GENTLEMEN WITH YOUR JAWLINE AND CHIN I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THE MOUTH WITH ALL OF THE LOVE IN MY BODY FOR YOU. which is gonna be a weak punch i don’t even like you go away. ily bby just stop pls for me.

Just listen to Coups’s part in Lotto. That’s it. That’s all you need to know that tHIS FUCKER IS GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF ME. Okay so first off, you two-timing asshole, sTAHP FLIRTING WITH ANGEL BOY OPPA FOR REAL. YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST BE ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE AND ENDEARING AND SHIT AND TAKE YOUR BANDMATE’S FIRST KISS AND SHIT AND THEN JUST GO AND FLIRT WITH HIS UNIT-MATE ALL DAY LONG. NO. NO. STAY IN YOUR LANE BEFORE YOU BRING OUT SAVAGE HONG AND HE WHOOPS YOUR WANNA BE DAD ASS. okay i’m sorry i’m just mad at coups poor jihoon just being cheated on all the time. trying to pretend like jicheol doesn’t exist or some shit, fuck you coups. BUT ANYWAY. I JUST HATE HIM SO MUCH OKAY. PRIME EXAMPLES OF WHY I HATE HIM ONE AND TWO. ‘NOUGH SAID. also jeonghan looked so damn fine at that performance wtf. also also don’t be fooled i love my leo buddy a lot.

i actually can’t talk shit about hansol ooops. i love him too much i’m still crying over him right this moment sorry. otl.


Sei minuti sono pochi sai
Per spiegarti tutto ciò che perderai.
Il treno arriva fra non molto e sai
Fra poco tempo il tempo non sarà più con noi

So che non mi cercherai d'inverno

Qualche tamblero rosicherà, io ripeto che i fask fanno cacare. Ci vado solo per far finta che mi piaccia un paio di poppe che in realtà nemmeno mi piace. P.s. Se risento parlare dei Luminal come gruppone vi vomito addosso. L'unica cosa bella era la maglietta dei Dead Kennedys della bassista. Del concerto di iosonouncane non capivo una parola per via dell'audio, però belle basi.