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What planet did they use as earth c? Also, are those pics from act 7 from earth c (like the one with kanaya and rose and the text "thanks for playing")?

They took Earth from Universe B2 (the alpha kids’ Earth). They traveled to its distant future where the oceans had receded.  And yes, Act 7 takes place in Universe C.

Cinders - Chapter 9

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SUMMARY: It’s time for a rescue mission

WARNING: Graphic depictions of blood, gore and/or torture

WC: 2372

Ray feels himself being shaken awake, his finger tips trembling painfully and humming with lights. Half unconscious he draws his hand closer, taking in the intricate wiring with confusion before rocketing up straight, eyes wide and alert. Staring at his hand, he feels himself beginning to panic, fear clawing its way up from his stomach and using his ribs as a ladder. Shaking himself and trying to level his head, Ray struggles from the blanket he had cocooned himself inside of and scrambles from the couch. “Fuck!” he exclaims, staring down at his hand as the painful sensation continues to shoot through his fingers; your interlinked distress signal crying for help with impatient hums.

He starts pacing frantically, unsure what to do; his movements sharp and clumsy. Such a signal only sounds when the cybernetic enhancement is damaged; and this could happen for a wide array of reasons. Trying to calm himself down, he thinks of the possibilities and attempts to ease his heart rate. You could have tripped and fallen, could have been submerged in water for too long; but none of it fit with the deep pit of anxiety beginning to form knots in his stomach.

Reaching for his phone, he presses his fingers to the back of the device, flinching as the technology draws the information from his cyber fingertips and inside of its mechanism with a warm shock. Left stinging, he scrolls through the data your signal had sent, becoming angrier as he listens to the audio recording contained within the internal black box.

“Now that I have your attention - Make sure he’s watching - I think we need to get a few things straight”

The sound of your bloodcurdling screams are accompanied by your leg’s silent distress call, the faint beeping lacing as an undertone beneath a sickly, wet tearing sound that echoes uncomfortably throughout the apartment; burrowing its way into the carpet.

“I’m in charge here”

Ray moves with unwavering determination, slinging his weaponry together as his hands shake; a stream of curses running under his breath. Readying himself, he uploads the location of the signal to his phone before bolting out the door and into the cool night without a moment’s hesitation.

“All you’ve gotta do sweetheart, is tell us where your boyfriend’s crew hangs out”

“Fuck you”

The punches come quick and sharp, pummelling into your tender stomach mercilessly, causing you to double over while trying to stifle the groan. Lifting your head, you stare at him, his square face furious and pink; eyes the colour of muddy dishwasher water. It had been at least four hours. Four hours since the first time they forced glass into what remains of your weeping leg. Four hours since you’d promised yourself that you’d kill them all, slowly.

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Davepeta said that the Dave side of them felt right about having ROMANTIC feelings for Karkat. Also are you saying that the whole part with Roxy asking Dave if he had ever kissed anyone/was in love while Rose was egging him on was just nothing? Come on, man.

Again man, I’m with you guys, I don’t ship Davekat but I do think it’s canon, but I’m the facts guy, I’m just giving facts and different ways they can be read, gotta try to be impartial.

Fast Animals and Slow Kids: in pausa✔️ Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica: in pausa✔️ Zen Circus: in pausa✔️ L'Officina della Camomilla: in pausa✔️ Lo Stato Sociale: in pausa✔️ I Cani: in paus…ah no quelli sono morti proprio✔️ Io: la mia vita non ha più senso✔️


2-hour speed paint from last night! Unwisely started at 12 AM.

Okage: Shadow King was such an inspiration to me growing up, and it’s still one of my favorite games of all time. Epros (this guy here) was my favorite character.

If you have a PS4, it’s available for download on the store as a PS2 classic. Cutest, most whimsical little game you’ll ever have the pleasure of playing. :)

Reaction BTS - Meeting You For The First Time

Kim Seokjin || Jin
He would probably be the most welcoming, giving you the warmest, most charming smiles. You would meet him in a fanmeet, after finally saving enough, and he would definitely make it worth your time and money with his terrible Uncle Jokes and stunning winks.
“What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay? A bagel!”

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Kim Namjoon /Rap Monster
You would meet in a bookstore while they were resting from their latest comeback, his dimples recognizable from miles away as he smiled down at his book that he was reading. Then his eyes would flicker up and catch yours, his grin widening.
“Can I help you with finding something?”

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Jung Hoseok/J-Hope
Being his typical overly-extra self, and seeing how beautiful you were from his position at the table, he wouldn’t let you leave the fan meet without taking at least fifteen or twenty selcas with you, tagging you in them on Twitter before he let you move on to the next member with a bright and excited grin.
“Come on! Just a few more pictures, please?”

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Min Yoongi/Suga
You were browsing through a record selection, when all of a sudden you came across an AGUST D CD. You reached out your hands to grab it when all of a sudden a voice came from beside you. It was muffled by a fask mask, but you could tell by how the features you could see matched those on the CD you brushed your fingers against.
“Acceptable choice. I heard that CD is very well composed.”

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Kim Taehyung/V
He ran into you while he was running away from Jungkook, who effectively was chasing him with a huge snowball to hit him with in revenge of the elder starting. You were effectively knocked off your feet and onto the cold ground, and all sorts of playing around ceased as he apologized profusely and checked you over for injuries.
“Aish, I’m so sorry!! Are you okay? Are you hurt? God, I feel so bad-”

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Park Jimin
He was flustered witu trying to learn a new dance, when all of a sudden you walked in. You were a new trainee and you were assigned to work underneath BTS before your new group debuted in a few months. Needless to say, Jimin was definitely excited with which member of your group Bang PD-Nim had assigned you with.
“Jimin. Park Jimin. I think we’ll definitely work well together.”

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Jeon Jungkook
Being shy around new people, especially girls, he would be surprised to find a new makeup stylist joined the team, assigned to him. Only you werent his noona – you were younger, only by a little bit. But regardless, with how beautiful you were, Jungkook could maybe learn to get over his shyness around women. Especially with you.
“I-I… I suppose it’s a little unorthodox, me calling you noona like the other stylists when you aren’t older..”

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