Dusk’s Fashion

Tagged by: @adellennehocoleux

Color: He tends to favor the color red and almost always wears the same long skirt to his different outfits. Commonly mixed with black. Blues and white hues also appear but besides those colors he rarely, if ever, dress in other colors.

While he do fancy purple a lot, he prefers to see others (like Neoma) dress in the color.

Style: It’s all about comfort for Dusk hence why he so often wears the skirt and most of the time skips undergarments, even with the swimwear. Growing used to the compact armor he always wears when out in the wild was a challenge, but eventually he found comfort in it in other ways. 

He likes to decorate himself and has come to enjoy flowers as the accessories of choice. Pearls, gems, stones, claws and other types of accessories can be found as well and he occasionally thinks about other forms and ways to decorate himself, especially traditional tribal ways involving body, scale, horns and tail modifications.