I made a terrible mistake and turned on Fox News to see what they were saying about the debate

- His campaign manager said Clinton did not win the debate because she didn’t deliver a “knock out punch,” so basically it’s not good enough Clinton beats his ass in every arguements, she literally has to smother him with a pillow to be declared the winner. 

- They are all giving him so much credit for not tearing into the fact that her husband has cheated on her in the past and instead just ominously threatening her that he could’ve been meaner, despite the fact she was professional as fuck with him. HE”S LITERALLY GETTING CREDIT FOR NOT HAVING A TEMPER TANTRUM AND I AM LOSING MY FUCKING MIND

- Then, thennnnnn, Bill-get-off-my-lawn-O’Reilly says Clinton needs to stop being so “smug” about herself and that it doesn’t look good to gloat. Just to repeat that, this human testicle just said that CLINTON SMILE OR LAUGH WHEN TRUMP SAYS SOMETHING ABSURD BECAUSE THAT’S A FORM OF GLOATING AND UNPRESIDENTIAL EVEN THOUGH THE FASICST CHEETO PUFF TO HER LEFT LITERALLY ALMOST JIZZED ON HIS OWN FACE RECOUNTING HIS MANY ACCOMPLISHMENTS LIKE BUILDING A CLUB THAT DIDN’T DISCRIMINATE AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE….. LIIIIIIKE, THIS IS REAL LIFE. He also mentioned how personal attacks, like the fact Clinton repeated verbatim what Trump has said about women in the past is beneath her…. because apparently outright misogyny just isn’t a presidential issue, its not a mother fucking consideration when you’re trying to become the leader of the free world. 

I hate Republicans, like sooooo much, like sooooooooooo much.