Ugh, shorts

They’re terrible & the bane of my existence but they’re a v necessary evil when your environment regularly lives in the high of 110 low of 92 area for a few months.

I finally had a few pairs that worked and I was getting into a fitness shape I wasn’t hating with the amazing Las Vegas Valley YMCAs. But I went and had another baby and moved so now there’s no fitness and my body shape is again round and lumpy and weird.

So where do y'all get your shorts? Last year I kept rocking the maternity shorts until winter. I’m not opposed to it, tbh. But I’d like regular ones. I’m around 200lbs avg about a size 14 depending on the cut & brand.

I don’t really want Bermuda shorts to my knees. But I’m in my 30s with 3 kids so I don’t need the 1" inseam bullshit popular with pretty much all stores I shop at and that are available to me.


hey all! so it’s been awhile since I’ve shown my face around here, but Alisha came over today and so kindly took some outfit pictures for me. (: 

I really like how my hair/make up looks in these!

(top: Urban Outfitters, skirt: asos curve)