So This Is Athleisure?

An Exercise In Looking Cute In and Out of The Gym

You’ve heard of the “cozy boy”, maybe even “health goth”, but now athleisure seems to be the new term people are using to describe the trend of wearing athletic wear outside of the gym. I mean, I just call it lazy because that’s what I am, but hey it you wanna make it cute and a trend then the new nickname works. If the ubiquity of luxury sweat shirts and sweatpants in the past year hasn’t made it official enough, then surely the recent Alexander Wang x H&M collab solidified athleisure as the new direction in fashunz. Even athletic brands are making a big comeback with old school Adidas and Nike logo apparel becoming popular again. Anyway, here’s my take on gymwear for non-exercise purposes (because ughh I hate working out). What are your thoughts on the athleisure trend?


Reiss Coat  //  ~*~Etsy~*~ (lawlz) Sweatshirt  //  Adidas Tiro Track Pants  //  Adidas Superstar 2 Sneakers  //  Ambig Hat



hey all! so it’s been awhile since I’ve shown my face around here, but Alisha came over today and so kindly took some outfit pictures for me. (: 

I really like how my hair/make up looks in these!

(top: Urban Outfitters, skirt: asos curve)

I only went into Marks for a bottle of Carmenere, and ended up finding my Treat yo'self dress. 

I know that block colours are probably already out, but fuck it, I love all of these colours, especially mustard (Dijon is my preference…just in case you were wondering). 

Also I apologise for the awkward pose, I really do have it nailed. You see, I’m not a fan of full body shots, because lol stumps for legs, but it was the only way to show it off, other than on the hanger, which didn’t do it justice.