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♥ a small step to a big dream ♥

Hey guys! This is me, Myranda. I’m just another average girl who’s at her starting point of finding herself and her own style. In this blog, you’ll be able to see how I express myself through the things I wear. If you scroll through in the future, you’ll be able to see how I grow, not only as a person, but as a fashion designer, fashion journalist, and fashion blogger. 

Today, Sunday 18 January 2015, is the day I created this blog. Fashion has always been something important to me. Fashion have been a passion of mine since I was young. What I wear, a lot of times, reflect on how I feel. I like to try a lot of new things. Even though I may follow a few trends, I do something with it. I take a trend and match it with something else to make it my own style. I’m not erasing and creating a new style, I’m simply expanding mine.  Why am I starting this blog?

Fashion is like an escape to me. At my highest highs and my lowest lows, I always feel the need to look my best. People might say I have no one to impress, but that is where they’re wrong. I have myself to impress. I guess a way you can describe me is “stressed, depressed, but well dressed”. A goal other than dressing well every day, is creating something other’s can dress well in. Working in the fashion field has been my dream since I was young. I am now sixteen years old, and I’ve decided I want to do something to start this life long dream of mine. I know that there are other people in this world that have the same goals and dreams as me but they might have not figured out their path. I want to be able to help people alike to me by expressing who they are with my designs.

Sketching and Designing at such a young age.

I started designing when I was 12, and as I say this, don’t think I’m one of people who starts sketching at a young age and produce sketches that others would think Hayden Williams did. Trust me when I tell you, my sketches were not pretty, at all. But I don’t show people my work, I keep it to myself and I used to always have this sort of picture in my head of how the outfit would look like, and I felt that what I’ve drawn was good, at least good enough. So what I’ve been doing since I was little was what kept me and my dreams going until today

Well I guess that’s all I have to say for myself, I’ll talk to you guys through my next blogpost. Feel free to ask me any questions in the “questions?” section of my page. Make sure to follow me on all of my social media, and ask me for a follow back saying my blog sent you there. thanks heaps! ♥

I remember the first time I saw these, glistening from afar in the middle of a busy Selfridges 4th floor afternoon! I gasped and my heart started beating fast, keeping my eyes focused on these beauties I ran over (okay I walked really fast) over and held one up in the air; like it was the holy grail or something !! ( enter heavenly music) I couldn’t believe it, glitter, sparkles, awesome design, flats, quirky, (did I mention glitter) all rolled into one amazingly, magnificent shoe.. Finally someone designed something that was completely and wholely me! And for that I can’t thank you enough @chiaraferragnicollection

#CHICfbapproved this @maisonmargiela model is the proof that we badly needed genius #JohnGalliano back on the runways. I seriously don’t care for anyone’s opinion on the subject, his wit, irony, acumen, spirit, freedom of mind, sensibility was deeply missed. #EdnaModemood #Itellitasitis #fashionwriter #todayIjustneededthis #pfw #Parisfshionweek (at in Paris, more or less )

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Im really getting frustrated with myself.

Teen Vogue University and The Vogue Festival are two things I had barely any knowledge on, and they are amazing networking and learning opportunities that are occurring or have occurred this year. Im just getting frustrated. I know I’m only 20 but Im ready to start my name somewhere, >.<

One of my favorite #trends out there, #doubledenim #denimondenim This combo looks amazing on everybody! #fashiontip #tips #fashion #denim #fashionblogger #mylook #mystyle #louisvuitton #lv #speedy #classic #fashionwriter #finnish #finnishgirl #brunette #ootd #outfitoftheday #outfit

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January: Back to my thesis, my visual landscape sprinkled with rubies, postmodern theory and the beautiful #fashion illustrations calendar I received from the talented @angelicamoreno from @marieantoinettefashion / Enero: De regreso a la tesis, mi paisaje visual puntuado por rubíes, teoría posmodernista y el bello calendario de ilustraciones de #moda que recibí #fashionwriter #thefashionablemind

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Rant / Big Announcement

Needless to say, but I love fashion. I would love to work/be a part of the fashion industry. I feel like these past couple years, I’ve always wanted to start a fashion blog, but I never went through with it because of my reserved nature. Believe it or not, as outgoing as I may come off, behind my perky personality, I always feel like the little girl who was picked on for wearing a pink floral patterned halter on top of a turtle neck white-pinstripe-turtleneck. I still cringe at the thought, but I love how the little twelve year old me had spunk, spontaneity, and personal style.

So why rant?

Overdramatizing the situation will intrigue potential readers. It works for the Kardashians and so far, we all know how much I have in common with them.

Okay, enough with the theatrics.

Hello, world! My name is Shamaila Iqebal & I’m going to finally take my blog of fashion and other things seriously!

-Stay tuned!

Xo xx