Want to earn some extra brownie points for Valentines ? Are you in need of some sweet treats for your significant other half? Lol !!! then look no further ! Here are my favourite pink & red picks courtesy of Miu Miu; do I even need to say anything else, just let the pictures do all the talking!
Just head over to your nearest Miu Miu store and BUY BUY BUY!! ( If anyone wants to get me anything I’ll take them all + a box of chocolates the size of my head #kthanks)

I remember the first time I saw these, glistening from afar in the middle of a busy Selfridges 4th floor afternoon! I gasped and my heart started beating fast, keeping my eyes focused on these beauties I ran over (okay I walked really fast) over and held one up in the air; like it was the holy grail or something !! ( enter heavenly music) I couldn’t believe it, glitter, sparkles, awesome design, flats, quirky, (did I mention glitter) all rolled into one amazingly, magnificent shoe.. Finally someone designed something that was completely and wholely me! And for that I can’t thank you enough @chiaraferragnicollection

Rant / Big Announcement

Needless to say, but I love fashion. I would love to work/be a part of the fashion industry. I feel like these past couple years, I’ve always wanted to start a fashion blog, but I never went through with it because of my reserved nature. Believe it or not, as outgoing as I may come off, behind my perky personality, I always feel like the little girl who was picked on for wearing a pink floral patterned halter on top of a turtle neck white-pinstripe-turtleneck. I still cringe at the thought, but I love how the little twelve year old me had spunk, spontaneity, and personal style.

So why rant?

Overdramatizing the situation will intrigue potential readers. It works for the Kardashians and so far, we all know how much I have in common with them.

Okay, enough with the theatrics.

Hello, world! My name is Shamaila Iqebal & I’m going to finally take my blog of fashion and other things seriously!

-Stay tuned!

Xo xx