Cool & Classy

Filip brings in a very sleek but fun outfit into the mix. He gets his
stylistic inspiration from Instagram fashionistas and if he could bring
back any old trend, it would be oversized sweaters.

Get the look: Button Up, Express. Bowtie, H&M. Jacket, Sneak Outfitters.
Earrings, Macy’s. Pants and Bracelets, Forever 21. Shoes, Cotton On.

Checkered Champion

Jen turns to Eileen Kelly, a tumblr-famous fashionista, for style inspiration. She is currently digging monochromatic color palettes paired with mixed textures in addition to offensively humorous graphic tees. Get the look: Sweater, Forever 21. Dress, Forever 21. Tights, Forever 21. Bag, Madewell. Boots, DSW.
French Countryside Princess Anna describes her personal style as “scattered” and “stuck in the past.” The highlight of this outfit is her awesome, vintage skirt from an antique shop in Seattle. Another fun fact is that her shirt is from a shop in Osaka, Japan. We love her color palette; it’s perfect for this spring but could definitely work in the fall too. Get a similar look: Cardigan and shirt, Target. Skirt, Shabby Apple. Shoes, Urban Outfitters.
Overcast Fresh Diana describes her style as “casual but stylish”–and we agree! When it’s overcast on a spring day, try wearing earthy colors, like Diana’s beige jacket, for a refreshing look. Tiny floral prints are perfect if you’re going for a more subdued look. Prints, like these, also work great for petite bodies, since they’re not too overpowering. Get the look: Shirt and Jeans, Forever 21. Jacket, H&M. Boots, Steve Madden.
Flowered Down Taylor tells us, “I kind of look for novel looking clothing items.” He likes to highlight at least one piece of clothing in an outfit. He gravitates towards patterns typically found on women’s clothes, but he tries to look for them in men’s styles. Boutiques and thrift shops are a couple of his favorite places to shop. Get the look: Shirt, Klaxon Howl. Pants, A.P.C. Shoes, Clark’s.
Florence Outfit Rosie wore this outfit because it reminds her of Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine. She describes her personal style as “classic on some days and other days, more boho.” Also, her handmade necklace is a beautiful abalone, which brings a vintage flare to her outfit! Get the look: Dress, Forever 21. Boots, Steve Madden. Tights, CVS.

It’s a Jungle Out There

Saya’s favorite prints are colorful and bold. Even with an injured foot, her looks are fashion-forward and daring. The more masculine black crop top and cardigan balance out the vividness of the tropical pants and chicness of her shoes. Her favorite stores are American Apparel and Top Shop.

Get this look: Pants & Shoes, F21. Cardigan, Brandy Melville. Crop Top, American Apparel.

It’s All In the Details Tiffany pulls her look together by adding small golden accents in her belt and sandals. She always looks to Ariana Grande’s 50s-inspired outfits for her own personal style. She like that vintage, retro look as well as bold prints. Get the look: Cardigan, H&M. Romper, Fashion Q. Belt, Swing Boutique. Sandals, Ross.
Classic Cosmic, Making a Cosmic Appearance, Look to the Sky Juan is a big fan of button-up shirts and shirts with patterns. He says, “Really, I just wanted to wear this shirt.” In addition to his love for cardigans, he strictly only wears skinny jeans. His cosmic shirt and striped cardigan surprisingly make a great appearance together. Get this look: Pants & Cardigan, H&M. Shirt, Forever 21. Shoes, Sperry’s.

Everything Goes

Emilie says she’s usually too lazy to wear nice clothes, and she adores
just wearing soccer pants. However, she does try to spice up her casual
clothes by adding something unique into the mix.

Get a similar look: Infinity scarf and jacket, H&M. Shirt and jeans, Forever 21. Boots, Rampage for Macy’s. Backpack, Billabong.

Rough Around the Edges Vanessa describes her style as “comfortable and casual with a little bit of edge.” We are loving how she coordinated the minimalistic print on her pants with an acid wash tank and knit cardigan, creating a look that’s classy yet not formal. She tells us that she likes to shop at a boutique in the Bay area called Therapy. Get the look: Shirt and Cardigan, Urban Outfitters. Pants, Gap. Shoes, Therapy.
Kimono Love Tammy tells us, “I really like baggy stuff.” She’s very much into clothing that is flowy, comfy, and on the loose side. Fun fact: she actually got her floral kimono in the plus size section of Forever 21, since these same kimonos tend to sell out in the rest of the store. Get the look: Dress, thrifted. Kimono, Forever 21.  Boots, Bag, Urban Outfitters.

Bold Empowerment

Brian’s fashion choices are bold and make a statement. His fashion inspiration is “London street style.” His favorite stores are Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M, thrift stores, and Buffalo Exchange. He tells us, “I like finding a way of combing different colors, patterns, and textures.”

Get the look: Scarf and boots, Forever 21. Socks, Sun Diego. Shirt, Macy’s. Shorts, H&M. Sunglasses, Buffalo Exchange.

Thrifted Art As a result of studying paintings for the past 7 years, Megan describes her style as “eclectic and fun.” Much of her inspiration comes from abstract art, and she enjoys working with color combinations. Her eye-catching jacket is from a thrift shop in Santa Cruz. Get the look: Jacket, thrift shop. Dress, Amvets Thrift Store. Bag, Kate Spade. Shoes, H&M.
Blossoms Regina stays on trend during spring by occasionally featuring floral prints in her attire–this particular outfit stands out because of the contrast of her white top and floral draw-string shorts. She usually shops at stores with European influences, such as Topshop and Zara.  Get the look: Top, Fashion Q. Shorts, Zara. Shoes, Topshop. Necklace, Tiffany’s.