I did a thing
the clothing I found brought these two to mind~

VSoul - @amber-acrylic
     Shirt - Pants
Witchy - @crowfry / @ask-the-holiday-viruses
   Hat - shirt - pants

(I’ll do links when Tumblr will let me)


At least she knows one supreme-kawaii-anime-obsessed dino she can blame. At.Toriel & Ut.Sans are pretty cool tho, giving their siblings cool nicknames. Az & Paps, hmph.

Annnnd yes,I did, again, pull an all-nighter to finish yet ANOTHER Altertale Comic. Frii, boo, I'm speaking to you directly.
I have a problem, and it's all your fault. I've already invited renovators to construct a balcony in my trashcan home. I loveth you and your comics, but the garbage truck drivers & me are on a first name basis now. Whyyyyyyyyyjdjdhdgah. That being said, I was up so late the sun clean smacked me into realization at it being morning outside. Thank JEZZUSS I'm 19, idk if I'd be in my prime any older, even if I'm not in my prime now. And yes, I realize she has no horns... I suck at those.

BIG P.S. Remember to go to @friisans work with here Altertale series. She, and it, is love & liffffffffahhhhhh (le-eye-fah).

Thanks to @sweaterclouds for this outfit concept originally for Napstablook/Hapstablook.



That got REAL dark all of a sudden o.O

….I LOVE IT!!!

And no, Soriel shipper. I’m not trying to dismiss this pairing by saying Sans treat Tori as a mother. Even tho’ I’m Frans shipper, I love to see ‘em as brother and a sister more than them as a couple. I never intend to insert romance into my story anyway `3`

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