This is my first time doing digital. The colors are basic, but I’ll use this kind of artwork for this comic. Yeah, I made another one. For Undertale anniversary. well…it’s already one day too late but eeeh…

But before that. I want to thanks and apologize to @yugogeer12 Thanks, because you said everyone can shine and it inspired me to create my own Sans cuz I just love him so much. And I wanna apologize too, cuz I realized that his style of clothing kinda same with Epic!Sans. o.O

I didn’t mean to do that. I seriously didn’t mean to plagiarism your awesome comic at all! I can’t compare myself with yours, seriously. That’s just me being too cocky, no. This idea just popped out of my mind after re-playing Touch Detective game, like “hey! I think there’s no Sans who love fashion before!”

I tried to create another clothing for him. I spent tons of my paper and almost three hour passed but this one still fit the most! Because Fashion!Sans (get the joke?) need more space for him to put sewing material inside his clothing. So jacket was the first thing that came to my mind. 

I really, really am sorry if this made you mad. I don’t want to get burn by your fans. And I SERIOUSLY didn’t mean to plagiarized your work at all!

(The next post of Fashiontale is out~)

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At least she knows one supreme-kawaii-anime-obsessed dino she can blame. At.Toriel & Ut.Sans are pretty cool tho, giving their siblings cool nicknames. Az & Paps, hmph.

Annnnd yes,I did, again, pull an all-nighter to finish yet ANOTHER Altertale Comic. Frii, boo, I'm speaking to you directly.
I have a problem, and it's all your fault. I've already invited renovators to construct a balcony in my trashcan home. I loveth you and your comics, but the garbage truck drivers & me are on a first name basis now. Whyyyyyyyyyjdjdhdgah. That being said, I was up so late the sun clean smacked me into realization at it being morning outside. Thank JEZZUSS I'm 19, idk if I'd be in my prime any older, even if I'm not in my prime now. And yes, I realize she has no horns... I suck at those.

BIG P.S. Remember to go to @friisans work with here Altertale series. She, and it, is love & liffffffffahhhhhh (le-eye-fah).



I’m in a bad mood. My senior decided to held an event today, that started from 7 AM until 5 PM!! And they tried to ‘justice’ their injustice by saying “hey, we’re senior here. We can add a rule whenever we want”. 

Screw you, big-headed senior! Mock all you want, Imma just gonna sit here, scroll trough my Tumblr and maybe post the new chap -_-

Before everyone gonna protest about Frisk gender, I have a fair reason for it. I’m not being racist here, but let’s just face it. Girls clothes are way much colorful, unique and full of variety. I’m not gonna say boys can’t choose bright color for their style. It was just, girls can wear skirt, short or jeans. But boys can’t wear skirt. Even in party, girls wear frilly, elegant, sexy dress, while boys can only wear tuxedo or suit.

That’s why I choose female!Frisk as ‘my’ Frisk.

And not because I’m Frans shipper cough

But just to be fair…

Here is Female!Frisk in her uniform~

And here is Male!Frisk in his uniform~

I hope you’re satisfied with my own version of Frisk in Fashiontale :D

Also, here a bonus of Frisk’s friend design. Her name is Scarlet, just like her hair.

It’s not like because I’m running out of name so I decide to call her with unoriginal kind of name

This character just sorta popped out of my mind. I potrayed Frisk as a clueless, too naive girl or boy or whatever. She need someone to take care of her. And because I chose female!Frisk, then she need a big sister~

I just love sisterly or brotherly love. Platonically of course. It’s cute -w-

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