- Camping with the Windenburg kids -

Wolfgang: “So you patched up with your dad?”

Ripp: “Kinda. I don’t get that man and neither does he me. It’s not that we’d set out to argue, it just happens. Well, at least now that Tank has his career underway and a respectable girlfriend, he’s in dad’s good grace again.” 

Wolfgang: “Cool. The last memory I have of my father is him beating me up for trying to beat him up for beating up mom. For failing to beat up Lucas when he cried, I suppose.” (waves dismissingly) “Out of sight, out of mind.”

Ripp: “Ey, fathers…”

Morgan: “Mine’s okay! Just a square.”

Yuki: “I never knew my parents. The Behrs adopted me as a baby, but their own daughter is so much better than me! Cute, creative, popular, fashionsavy, dumb as bread and shallow… everything one could desire in a daughter. If we hadn’t grown up together, I think I’d fallen in love with Candy.”

Wolfgang: “And you, Uli?“

Ulrike: "I’m the proud descendent of wicked magister Georg Faust and the pure Gretchen.”

Ripp: “What now…?”

Ulkrike (shrugs): “Well, I might be. As might you. It’s been so long ago! I’m czech-german-something and all the folktales I get from this heritage are way more amazing than any individual parentage of mine.”

Yuki: “Okay, we won’t prod. Tell us when you’re ready.”