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Jamie has been including “G-Foot” (which has been used in past fases, if I’m not mistaken) in some of his images, more specifically, on the members clothing. The same appeared on the website when it came back (posted on Reddit by one of its users).
Could this mean a possible, let’s say, clothing line for Phase 4?

Noodle did mention something about design in one of her newer interviews (I think it was something like shoes). And she has been following many fashion related Instagram accounts. She even posed for a fashion magazine.

Let’s hope so ♡

Starting a website for black artists & those who are over looked. All forms of art is welcomed. Fashion designer, stylists, models, photographers, chefs, poets, story tellers, artist who draw, paint, act, sing, script writers, graphic designers, game programmers, etc! All is welcomed. FUBU ! - SaintHaven is coming. If your interested DM and we will talk and I want to feature you. Your work is your work, your art. No censorship. If your interested. Your art, my art matters !

My 2017 goal & project

What websites/shops/boutiques are great to shop for plus size clothes?

So far I have….

What else is out there?

a note for fashion website creators: please. please. you are trying to sell me the dress. you are charging 10,000+ dollars for this dress. please. take a picture of someone smiling while wearing the dress. give it decent lighting. just…don’t use a photo taken at a runway event. runway models are essentially mannequins that walk around; your customers, however, are not mannequins that walk around. take a good looking photo. i know you can because you do and it’s really jarring to see “smiling woman in studio wearing dress” surrounding “runway model”

also, that’s a hideous dress. what the fuck were you thinking.


Have Nice Dreams on Duvets and Pillows of Society6 Artists

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Duvetcovers / Pillows/Walltapestries/Rugs/WallClocks
Shower Curtains / Cards and Mugs / iPhone Cases
Men Tshirts / Women Tshirts / All Printed Shirts/Leggings
Art prints / Throw Blankets / Framed Art / Canvas

Hey, real talk: one thing I wish I’d thought of in college was to go to fashion outlets’ websites during seasonal changes because they tend to have huge clearance sales and free shipping in bulk; I just got about two dozen pants, shirts, and tuques for like $200. It’s a good way to stock up on quality clothes if you’re not someone with much disposable income and kinda waste too much of it on entertainment.

I hope this helps someone.

the industry is taking so many young amazing new models for granted when will they get the creative shoots they deserve!!!! stop using plain ass backgrounds the only difference b/w some of these editorials and random fast fashion websites is better lighting and higher quality clothes. 


If I wrote a blog about my life (basically) would you be interested in checking it out?

I want complete control over my content all while sharing it. I am a private person but to a certain extent. I SHOW what I feel comfortable sharing. 

I’m a Mexican-American SoCal resident. I’m exiting my teens & entering actual adulthood. #lame. I have a passion for adventuring & hiking. Current life situation: Student, Taken (LDR), MilSo, & learning to not be afraid of adulthood. I honestly wish someone taught me how to “adult”.

Hobbies include: photography, hiking, bullet journaling, & trying new styles/looks. 

I know I have this Tumblr account but there’s certain things I don’t like. I’m genuinely curious to know who would be interested in this. Regardless I’ll do it because it’s my way of documenting my growth as a person. 

Much Love, 


Wanted to draw lots of plants and a cute gal n’ cute boy in cool clothes. I feel like I can’t stay on model with them at all times, but I do love to draw them ~sigh~ 
Also - getting REALLY stoked with how I am slowly understanding sneakers.