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See the Alexander Wang T-Shirts You Can’t Buy Anywhere
All the Wang models got custom airbrushed boardwalk T-shirts.

[oh you mean, the reasonably priced tshirts that Black/Brown have been doing for literally decades? yo, hope this starts a real conversation because im kind of tired of nonBlack repackaging Black/Brown culture for easy consumption. this is what erasure looks like, ppl. this is watered down basic bullshit. now all the airbrushed shirts Black kids got as kids at malls/parties/from family friends are being sold by a nonBlack designer for a mostly white audience. how many Black/Brown ppl are even in the slideshow?! this is sad and disturbing.]


Remember when I was getting all pumped for Suckers Apparel to launch? Well, it did! And oh boy, did it ever. You’ve probably seen links for it, especially the Super Suckers line, which features Superhero-inspired leggings, bodysuits and dresses. I know nerd fashionista Betty Felon is a fan of their Hawkeye-inspired dress, and they’ve got a fan in Tallulah, daughter of Hawkeye writer Matt Fraction and Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick. Awww!

Anyhow, the store is open for business and now has a Bowie-inspired line as well. And hey - See those leggings on the bottom left? Sheer at the top, with an opaque thigh-high? Yeah, those are called the Kate, thus named because the designer gave me a pair at TCAF and I raved about them all weekend and have since done nothing but beg for more pairs in the same style. They’re so sexy!

Suckers’ stuff may seem pricey, but it’s seriously high-quality. I remember looking at my pair of leggings and thinking they’d never fit - then I put them on and they were the most flattering things I can remember wearing! Plus, they don’t charge extra for larger sizes. Very cool!

Check it out!