Winter Outfits for school

Monday: Top Bottom | Shoes |Jacket | Accessory

Tuesday: Top Bottom | Shoes |Jacket | Accessory

Wednesday: Top | Bottom | Shoes |Jacket Accessory

Thursday: Top | Bottom Shoes |Jacket Accessory

Friday: Top | Bottom | Shoes JacketAccessory


Clothes to chill in on the weekend:

Saturday: Top | Bottom | Shoes |Jacket 

Sunday: Top Bottom | Shoes | Jacket 

For men: Tops | Hoodies Jackets |Pants


I don’t really like doing commissions but I somewhat need to, so I decide to make ‘em fun for me - for $30 (paypal!) I will draw you Scully in any outfit you like. Blazers are a lot of fun, but as you can see, there’s a lot open to interpretation. Inspo here came from plaid, Mika’s instagram and Janelle Monae. The people get me.

Want one? Email [contact @ kateleth . com] with your outfit idea & I’ll send you paypal info.

(Very) limited time.