DIY Leather Swiss Army Knife Key Ring Tutorial and Template from Fashionrolla. I would make and carry this - I have the leather punch (find cheaply at a hardware store). This would also be a good DIY gift for men. It’s going on my “manly gifts” tag -DIY gifts for men here.

For another DIY Swiss Army Knife Key Ring, check out this DIY wooden one from Instructables here. 

DIY Peplum Belt

The peplum style made a comeback in a big way in recent years and it appears as though it’s here to stay. We’re pretty happy about that given its versatility and the flattering line it creates. Now you can lend some peplum perfection to your favourite wardrobe staples following our Friday DIY with Fashionrolla. All it takes is a plain belt, the material of your choice and some oh-so-simple maths. Nothing you can’t handle over some afternoon tea and biscuits.

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DIY Mise en Dior Inspired Earrings by Fashionrolla with a twist. Xenia Kuhn wanted a pair of double pearl earrings that didn’t distort her earlobes and came up with a clever solution of dangling the second pearl or bead off the earring post.

For more Double Pearl Knockoff Earrings:

  1. Sophie Bille Brahe Inspired Pearl Earrings from My White Idea.
  2. Knockoff Dior “Mise en Dior” Pearl Earrings #2 from A Pair & A Spare here.
  3. Knockoff Dior “Mise en Dior” Pearl Earrings #1 from A Pair & A Spare here.
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DIY Easiest No Sew Lace Collar Necklace Ever Tutorial from Fashionrolla here. I love this blog and post a lot of links to Fashionrolla’s tutorials. Some of her tutorials are not beginner level, but this one requires only good taste in picking out the perfect lace and brooch.

DIY Round Leather Clutch Tutorial from Fashionrolla. There is also a link for DIY Red Bead Tassel. I really like all of Xenia Kuhn DIYs because they are unique and there is an attention to small details that sets her work apart. Excellent step by step tutorial.

I also like this DIY Horse Clutch that I posted by Fashionrolla here.

DIY Easy Sophia Webster Inspired Leather Kissed Heels Tutorial from Fashionrolla. There is a fun to watch short video for this DIY. Top Photo: Sophia WebsterLiza Get Lippy” here. Bottom Photo: DIY by Fashionrolla. I have several blogs that I know will post original and well made tutorials and Fashionrolla is one of them. For more of her unique DIYs go

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DIY Cherry Sandals Tutorial from Fashionrolla. You can use large wooden beads for the cherries. If you sew on leather, denim, plastic etc… make sure you have the right needle - and more than one. I can’t tell you how many I’ve broken in the middle of a project. For more sandal restyles including barefoot sandals go here: