Geeze, I don’t know why bb Couthon is clapping so sarcastically. I bet he’s jealous that the other members of the infamous Robespierriste triumvirate that might not have even existed, like Saint Just and Robespierre, get more attention than he does.

Well hmph. I don’t need bb Couthon, okay? I don’t need nobody. Saint Just is proud of me!

Uh, sorta. Robespierre’s happy for me, at least.

well close enough.

Anyway, thank you to fashionpiggy for helping me reach this goal! 

Your virtuous assistance is most appreciated, citoyenne.

timestitcher replied to your post: Hi! I love your blog. It is just so beautiful and…

Some of the larger US cities have Costume Guilds that meet regularly and hold costumed events throughout the year. There are also costume conventions like Costume College (W coast), Dress U Conference (E coast), Costume-Con (travels) and others.

athenagirl1990 replied to your postHi! I love your blog. It is just so beautiful and…

Where do you live? Washington (more the Seattle area) does a SteamCon every year, and more steampunk conventions keep cropping up.

Thank you! I didn’t know about Dress U, and now my girl and I are planning on going next year!

lemongrabmypenis  asked:

Because of you I am now obsesses with 2NE1!! I can't stop! they are just so amazing! now im just listening to not stop K-pop!! Do you listen to BIGBANG too? p.s love the shoe layout.

Welcome to the club!!! I haven’t stopped listening to KPop since I discovered 2ne1. I love BIGBANG! Taeyang and T.O.P. are my favorites!

lemongrabmypenis  asked:

Hi! I love your blog. It is just so beautiful and i get my historical costume fix! I was wondering if you or any of your followers could suggest some convention or events for historical costumes? thanks

Hello! Thank you so much! I honestly don’t know of that many conventions.  I know that in California there’s the Costume College every summer. Besides war reenactments, you could try and join the SCA. I’ve also seen groups of people get together in larger cities, more often in Europe, and have some type of historical costume themed party. 

Any of my followers have anything else to add or suggest?