Recently I got the chance to interview Jerrica a Dominican fashion blogger of who shared with us her Five Fashion must haves along with being Latin in the blogging industry. Check it out!

  1. What’s your Fashion Philosophy?
    That’s Simple- if you feel good in it wear it!
  2. How would you define your personal style?
    At the moment I would define it as minimalism, classic, menswear inspired thing with a touch of seduction. *Sorry for the mouthful*
  3. What it’s like to be a Dominican (Latina) fashion blogger?
    Pros: I like being able to communicate a second language and learning different phrases/slang words from other Spanish speaking countries. The biggest con is being a tad lonely. I don’t have too many Latin followers nor do I have many favorites but I’m working on changing that.
  4. Do you care more about Fashion or Style?
    To me you can’t have one without the other. Style describes the specifics of an individual’s taste- categorizes them you can say into branches of eccentric, retro, minimalism, etc.- while fashion is the tree that houses each branch of style.
  5. How has your culture inspired you to dress the way you dress?
    My culture is very sensual and I find I’m naturally drawn to dress the part. I love showing a good amount of skin and curves. I’m inspired by the strength and mysterious nature from the women of my culture.  
  6. Who or what inspired you to create a fashion blog?
    I was looking for fashionable interview clothes on Google and came across I quickly noticed everyone had this platform called “a blog” to share their love of fashion with street styles, inspiration images, etc.- after that I was hooked. No one around me craved fashion the way I did and having a blog connected me to others that shared my obsession. The first blog I ever visited happened to be a Latina blogger, Delmy of FashionBananas.
    Links: &
  7. What does Black Fashion mean to you?
    Black Fashion is exciting, colorful, and daring. There’s a sense of community no matter how different the styles are and I find that incredibly unique within a community.
  8. Your five fashion must-haves?
  1. Perfect fitting bottoms that won’t flatten my bottom (preferably in black).
  2. Loose fitting sheer shirt (preferably in white).
  3. Silver-metal accessories.
  4. Sleek slightly over sized tote bag
  5. A pair of killer shoes (no preference).

Check out Jerrica’s blog Fashion Nostalgia and tell her we sent you!