What Does Your Pocket Square Say About You?

10 handkerchiefs that show personality

One of the best ways to polish off your suit or sports coat is by adding a pocket square. This simple piece of fabric shows not only your style, but character too! When shopping for the perfect handkerchief, make sure you take a few things into consideration, like what does this print or color say about you?

1. Minimal – Dotted Prints & Solid Colors

2. Hipster – Bandana Prints

3. Preppy - Linen Fabrics & Pastels

4. Sophisticated – Silk Fabric & Classic Prints or Colors

5. Risk-Taker – Bold Prints & Florals

6. Fashionisto – Designer Brands

7. Mysterious – Simple & Dark Tones

8. Cheerful – Bright Colors & Prints

9. Sporty – Nautical & Racing Stripes

10.  Retro – ’60 & ‘70s-Inspired Prints

Which pocket square goes with your personality? Share with us!