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Megane!Noctis <3
I always gotta do the thing and have Noctis match Prompto or vise versa! The second sketch was inspired by my Senpais beautiful cosplay on twitter! Check them out okay, they’re amazing! Sorry if the first sketch is a little straining on the eyes however, the screen-tone is definitely stronger than the usual! 

Enjoy! <3 


Your wish is my command, @dumbluckycharm and anon~! <3 

(Actually, I really wanted to draw these guys anyway, so it all works out! I love this pairing ^_^) (Also, because YA Nino with an undercut is totally my headcanon now!)

Here are my older versions of Nino and Alya (20ish yrs old), as I originally drew them for @geek-fashionista‘s Sidekick!Adrien AU.  (Sorry I keep tagging you so much, I swear I’m not a creepy internet stalker! ^^’)

I’m so sorry I uploaded this late. I just got back from a little trip and on top of that I got a little sick but here it is and it’s FINALLY done.

Happy (belated) 40th Birthday, Mr. Dancy. <3

x-avversiera-x  asked:

hc + clothing

send me  ‘ hc ‘  + a word and i’ll write a headcanon about it regarding my character.

I mean he LOVES clothing and accessories and shoes and and…Everything!
 (Because he basically had like…2or 3 outfits from his10 to 20′s. so being able to have a closet full of clothing is just…He’s was going to take advantage of it)
But he is very particular to the type of clothing he likes.
Aka: You will never know what will stroke his fancy.

Sometimes he will like things that people go “oh yeah, that actually goes really well with your silhouette and te rest of your outfit” other times it looks so loud and weird that people don’t even say anything just…Stare.

But his fashion was never to please other people. Just him.

  • You: You're mean!
  • Me: No, I'm goal oriented.