Because of the large crowds at the Alexander McQueen Exhibition, it was hard to get up close and spend time looking at his work. Here is a great overview from the Metropolitan Museum of Art narrated by Andrew Bolton, Curator, The Costume Institute

Minty Sunday

Yesterday’s outfit of the day was my first official Spring look! Definitely went for the typical…PASTELS! What can I say, I like the usual & when it comes to Spring, I think of flowers, light colors and BRIGHT colors, warm sun, breezy grass with bright blue skies…and even fluffy clouds!! *sigh* I feel like I’m describing The Sound of Music when Maria is out in the meadows singing…if you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch “The Sound of Music”. A favorite musical movie of mine! Anyway, before I continue to drift away, hope you guys liked my Sunday church outfit of the day on Palm Sunday. A super comfy look for any relaxing Sundate :) XO-M

Top from Bubbles Boutique.
Pant pants from Bubbles Boutique.
Wedge Sandals from LolaShoetique.
Ivory Crossbody from Ross.
Belt came with some shorts from Bubbles Boutique.
Cross necklace in The Santee Alley.

Photos By: Edward Barrera


Viktor & Rolf Runway Presentation

Demon Lover song owned by Róisín Murphy

Shaun Leane for Alexander McQueen
“Spine” Corset
Untitled, spring/summer 1998
Aluminum and black leather
Courtesy of Shaun Leane
Photograph © Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce

Andrew Bolton: McQueen found ideas everywhere: in the streets, in nature, in art, and in history. He was even inspired by a green sweater worn by the character Joey on the TV sitcom Friends. You can also see the influence of film in this somewhat sinister corset.

Shaun Leane: He was always fascinated by the spine. So he asked me to create a corset, which was the spine with the rib cage, so that the girl could actually wear this as a corset on the outside of her body, so we would see the beauty of these bone structures on the outside, attached to the dress.

And as we were doing it, Alexander came to me and said, “Will you put a tail on this?” And where he got that idea was out of the film The Omen. When the mother of the omen was discovered—her skeleton—she was half-raven and half-dog, and he was quite inspired by this.

In McQueen’s Words

“I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists. I have to force people to look at things.”

Harper’s Bazaar, April 2007