January 20, 2012, Montreal, Quebec—The night was young, hip, and edgy—the concept, killer. Every third Thursday of the month, Die Young Die Happy Productions produces “Mews”, an emerging artist and designer series.  “It’s a breath of fresh air,” asserts Aasit Thakkar CEO of FashionForFreedom™ Fashion Public Relations. “Everything from the showcase, the people, and even the drinks are down-to-earth and off the beaten path.” Mainstream is pushed aside, and grassroots fashion and art finally embraced.

Fashion designers Masabni and Sugaristik took the stage at the latest edition, among other supplementing artists. 11 year veteran Jennifer Masabni constructs flirty feminine pieces including cocktail dresses and tops aimed for the confident young woman who aspires to succeed and enjoy the good life. “It’s for the real young-woman, who works hard and enjoys going to fine restaurants and lounges” described Jennifer. The latest SS2012 collection is set for a Mar 2012 launch at select boutiques including Delano, Mood Corps et Accessories, and Novo in Quebec city among others.  Creative director Rossi Kalkovska took the spotlight during the second half of the evening with her upbeat and innovative collection called “Sugaristik.” Sugaristik’s approach at fashion emanates from drum and bass beats, fused with street culture—the people, the lights, the streets,” asserted Rossi. The latest collection is dubbed “L’Exsistence Nocturne,” and let’s just say first impressions are stunning. Overall Sugaristik aims to be multifunctional, sustainable, and avant-garde fashion. Sugaristik is available online at

From local fashion showcases and wall art, to the people that occupy the space of a venue out of mainstream—Mews successfully manages to piece together an expressive and supportive series quite “Outside the Box.” Directors Danik Yopp and Dina Habib are engaging, fun and personable and without their style—Mews would just be any another event. For the moment, however, it certainly is not and one cannot wait to explore the next round of emerging talent Montreal has to offer at Mews.

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