THE VALUE OF HUMAN LIFE The consumption and desire for more is at the cost of human life. Are you aware that in 1990, 90% of American designers produced in the U.S. and today less than 2%. Be aware at what cost your desire for fashion and other items are costing others. We all are living on this planet, we all are radiating what exists within our hearts and minds and its time to start caring what we are doing to each other and this planet! Purchase what exists, purchase with awareness but live with love for one another and not for acquiring more money! Help us find a way to plant the seeds of goodness! We love at BunnyJack!Today’s look the tote bag #Balmain Dress #JilSander #AnnDemeulemeester lace up shoes and zip front #Prada leather jacket. SHOP AND DO GOOD!
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#FashionForAPurpose Rehersal come out and support tonight at Penn State York in the conference center. FREE to get in but donations will be taken! Doors open at 5:30 show starts at 6:00. Come show support!


The goal of Remade by CanvasPop is to convert wasted canvas into stylish, recycled wallets. The wallets raise money for charity, which is great for consumers who want to make more of an impact with their purchases.CanvasPop chose to work with charity: water, a charity that brings safe drinking water to areas in need all around the world. 


OUR FEELINGS Our emotions are very much affected by the weather and environmental changes such as the upcoming full moon on Monday. If the moon makes the seas and oceans rise image how it affects our bodies and our inner balance. Also add the layer of discontentment, greed, killing and fighting and realize that our Earth suffers with us and expresses pain openly. We are a small and humble and gracious start-up that wants to embrace new possibilities and change at a grassroots level and selling merchandise and placing a percentage of the value in our foundation with a firm belief that we all have a responsibility to make our world and community a better place to be. SHOP AND DO GOOD today’s look by Angela #Chloe pants, #Givenchy shirt, #Chanel python clutch, #Martin Margiela loafers and a #Chanel classic jacket. Make a difference by purchasing what exists and help us to plant the seeds of goodness! We love at BunnyJack! #ootd #fashionforapurpose #fashion #designerfashion #designer #beautiful #love #lookoftheday #love #behappy #passion

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Positive affirmations everyday equal positive confirmation of the value living within you. You are beautiful as you are because to be unique and revel in that fact and celebrate self expression and your originality makes you beautiful! Believe it and it is so. We love at BunnyJack! #beautiful #love #passion #care #fashionforapurpose #plantseedsofgoodness