fashione for girl

17 years later I’m still wearing the same busy jackets as when I was 5. It’s funny how some things carry over with us after we transition. There’s a misconception about transgender people in that once we transition, our interests, hobbies, fashion, personality, and every other aspect of our beings will change. Effectively, the person who we used to be has died. However, this isn’t the case for most of us. We’re still the same person. 

The gender binary denies the existence of trans people and thus to transition, our past selves must cease to exist. Despite this, our experiences and worldviews carry over and while being openly trans can shape who we are, our past experiences do as well. Once or twice a week, someone will ask me why I didn’t change my name. Simply put: I don’t want to hide who I am and my name doesn’t cause me dysphoria. By “carrying over” these aspects of who I am, I hope it’s possible to communicate the many different possibilities of trans experience.  It’s certainly a privilege to live openly trans but nonetheless we need to un-gender names and all of these aspects of life that society deems to be gendered. Even busy, colorful jackets.