Floral Book Clutch | Caught On A Whim

Most book clutch projects require you to have a gorgeous good quality hard cover book. Now some of you may have luck finding one but in my second hand book shops all I can find are John Grisham hardbacks and weird ugly covers. So this pretty clutch project is perfect because it doesn’t matter what’s on the cover - you’re going to be covering it anyway! Of course, you don’t have to cover it in floral fabric, but I do love the chintzy fabric.

DIY Open Back Bow Shirt!

You know those loose shirts that always manage to find their way into your closet? You know, the ones that have company names, or names of special events, etc? The ones that you’d NEVER wear outside of the house? Don’t know what to do with them? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Inspired by Bethany Mota! Watch her video here: 

Here’s what you’ll need

Old Shirt


Fabric of another colour

Hot glue

Optional: a ruler and pens to measure your cuts

  • Cut the neck. This will make the shirt loose, and comfy. How wide all depends on you. We went with an off the shoulder look, so we made the cuts relatively wide.

  • Use a ruler and pens to mark where you’re going to make slits in the back of the shirt. When you’re satisfied with your decisions, use the scissors to poke a hole at the start of the line, and cut until the end.

  • Using the other fabric, cut smaller rectangular pieces. Then, scrunch the flowy pieces of your shirt in the middle, and wrap the rectangular pieces around them, like a bow.

    And there you have it! Your open back bow shirt is complete! Maybe you still wont make it an OOTD but it’s a comfy shirt to wear around the house!

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    Heavenly Imperfections 

Lucy Hale’s button-up look gets a Button Ave button swap upgrade, using our “Contrasting Tone” horn & metal button. Totally ties the outfit together, right?  See the stunning button here:

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Link in bio. Cheers! (at Link in bio. Cheers!)

Decadent Crystal Necklace | Fall For DIY

One of my favourite things about visiting the Museum was the gum ball machine in the shop - except it didn’t give out gumballs, it gave out crystals! I’ve always had a love of crystals, gems, minerals and all those beautiful things that nature has created. So this DIY immediately caught my eye - and then I saw the part that said ‘no tools required’ and I was hooked! There are lots of shops on etsy selling crystals. My favourites are amethyst, pink druzy and carnelian. Layer them up or wear a single pendant on a long chain.

DIY Jean Shorts!

Have you ever looked at a pair of jean shorts and said

Ugh, these are too short!


I don’t like the pattern on the front :\

Trust me, we all have. But we have a solution. Make your own pair!

Here’s what you’ll need

Old pair of jeans


Thread and needle

Optional: Jems and glue

  • Take your pair of jeans, and figure out where you want to cut. You may have to try them on, first.

  • Cut them, straight across

  • Next, you’ll need to cut them on an incline. Make sure the shorts are cut so that the cut goes downwards as you get closer to the middle. (It’s okay if it’s a little messy, it’ll be covered up anyways!)

  • Next, roll up the bottoms, twice. Stitch them so that they don’t unravel.

  • Optional: Add jems with hot glue! These ones are from the dollar store.

    And there you have it! Your own pair of jeans. They’re so cute! You can wear them anywhere! 

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    Heavenly Imperfections

Creative fashion idea? Yes please!! We are totally loving today’s feature on how to turn t-shirts into jewellery!! Using copper tubing, a few brass rings and some trusted needle nose pliers, learn how Brit & Co make some seriously stunning jewellery pieces using Jersey…that we CAN totally replicate at home!!

Love…Light…Liberty. x

Image credit: Brit & Co

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Weekend 2 of Coachella has finally come to an end and the outfits have prevail! Watch out for a new tumblr post of outfit slayers! This time crowd fashions 🌺 #nature #ootd #fashiondiy #flowercrown #instalike #fashionworld #diy #instagood #instagreat #sunglasses #fashionphotography #coachellalookbook #fashionaudience #fashionblog #fashionblogger #coachellainspired #hippie #tumblr #hippiefashion #coachella #week2 #coachellafashion #hippiegirls #indio #indiocalifornia #flowerchild #bohostyle #crowdfashion #thankyoucoachella #week2coachella by threadsbya

Leather Cuff Jeans | Brit + Co

I’m not a big jeans wearer - my official uniform is dress, cardigan & leggings. But after seeing this DIY I’m thinking I might need to sew up a pair of leather cuff jeans to add to my routine! If you’re going to make yourself a pair, then make sure you have a heavy duty needle in your machine so you don’t end up with a broken needle.