Decadent Crystal Necklace | Fall For DIY

One of my favourite things about visiting the Museum was the gum ball machine in the shop - except it didn’t give out gumballs, it gave out crystals! I’ve always had a love of crystals, gems, minerals and all those beautiful things that nature has created. So this DIY immediately caught my eye - and then I saw the part that said ‘no tools required’ and I was hooked! There are lots of shops on etsy selling crystals. My favourites are amethyst, pink druzy and carnelian. Layer them up or wear a single pendant on a long chain.

DIY Open Back Bow Shirt!

You know those loose shirts that always manage to find their way into your closet? You know, the ones that have company names, or names of special events, etc? The ones that you’d NEVER wear outside of the house? Don’t know what to do with them? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Inspired by Bethany Mota! Watch her video here: 

Here’s what you’ll need

Old Shirt


Fabric of another colour

Hot glue

Optional: a ruler and pens to measure your cuts

  • Cut the neck. This will make the shirt loose, and comfy. How wide all depends on you. We went with an off the shoulder look, so we made the cuts relatively wide.

  • Use a ruler and pens to mark where you’re going to make slits in the back of the shirt. When you’re satisfied with your decisions, use the scissors to poke a hole at the start of the line, and cut until the end.

  • Using the other fabric, cut smaller rectangular pieces. Then, scrunch the flowy pieces of your shirt in the middle, and wrap the rectangular pieces around them, like a bow.

    And there you have it! Your open back bow shirt is complete! Maybe you still wont make it an OOTD but it’s a comfy shirt to wear around the house!

    If you want more of this stuff, follow our blog. :)
    Heavenly Imperfections 

Zipper Book Clutch | See Kate Sew

I’m loving on this amazing sewing project! What a cool way to upcycle an old and loved book (or a vintage book with a cool spine!). And to my pleasure, this project does not involve any sewing! That’s right, no sewing, just some glueing with some super strong E6000. Just make sure you use that glue in a well ventilated area to avoid headaches!

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Floral Book Clutch | Caught On A Whim

Most book clutch projects require you to have a gorgeous good quality hard cover book. Now some of you may have luck finding one but in my second hand book shops all I can find are John Grisham hardbacks and weird ugly covers. So this pretty clutch project is perfect because it doesn’t matter what’s on the cover - you’re going to be covering it anyway! Of course, you don’t have to cover it in floral fabric, but I do love the chintzy fabric.


Instagram Projects

Don’t let your amazing Instagram pics sit on your phone, bring them to life with these three amazing projects! I have to say I’m in love with that little Polaroid necklace (interchangeable pics, so cute!)

Big Display Ideas For Instagram | Dot Coms For Moms

Tiny Polaroid Magnets | Ambrosia Girl

Polaroid Necklace | Dot Coms For Moms

DIY Rope Bag | Style Me Pretty

I should have a new regular post called ‘can you work out how this was made?’! This tote bag is made of rope that is sew around and around in a circle. I imagine that once you start building up the sides of the bag it might get a little tricky, but you’ll end up with a super tough bag that’s perfect for groceries, clothes, library books, etc and that you can chuck in the machine to wash. If anyone attempts this I would love to know how it works out! (also this would look awesome using neon rope!)


Floral Vans | Always Rooney

I would never have thought to use iron on transfers on a pair of Vans - but they look amazing! The perfect ‘Summer shoes’ to slip on and get going in. As soon as I saw these I had the perfect floral images in mind to make my own pair, but all you need to do is either google image search 'floral pattern’ or have a search on Pinterest.


Marbled Scarf | The Etsy Blog

All I can say about this DIY is - WOW! That is on of the most amazing patterns I’ve ever seen. Though this DIY will take a few dollars to get all the ingredients, imagine all the patterns and styles you could create - and make not only scarves but fabric to make bags, purses, skirts… If anyone tries this I would love to see the outcome and know if it was hard/easy.


Vintage Style High-Waist Bikini | Insructables

High waisted swimsuits are a God send for those of us who don’t like showing off our stomachs during the Summer. It’s just like wearing a cute pair of shorts! Plus can i just say how much I freakin’ adore that fabric. There are patterns for small, medium and large sizes and detailed instructions. Then go out there in your one of a kind, adorable vintage style bikini and do a bomb in the pool for me!

Galaxy Scarf | Anna + Evers

Is the galaxy print cool anymore? Do kids still say that? Cool? Well I don’t care cos I still love it. And the DIY version is so easy and fun to make. The best part is, each version is going to be different and you don’t have to be artistic to do it - it’s a galaxy, none are perfect as we all know! Plus - great last minute Christmas presents!

Tassel Dress | A Beautiful Mess

OK so maybe I’m a little obsessed with tassels at the moment! I just adore this dress, it’s so fun and colourful and Summery! And even better you can make the little tassels whatever colour you want so you can go multicoloured as above or get them to coordinate with your dress. And don’t think you have to go with a plain colour for this to work - it would look super cute with a bright floral pattern!