Ending prom season with a mini collection inspired by the woman who started it all. With her African inspired prom dress designer Kyemah Mcentrye set the record for many African Americans to feel beautiful & comfortable in their own skin. Taking our culture into prom season and making it the most epic prom season of all time. I present to you Prom16: Cultural Appreciation By:Yashara Hynes

(Closed) Monster AU

@motivational-young-mccree said:Jesse hid inside of a storage closet on base listening as he heard different footsteps pass the door. His ears twitched a bit, a small frown on his face as none of them were the right person. He soon heard the footsteps he had been waiting for coming down the hall and grinned. Just as the footsteps got to the door, he jumped out letting out a roaring “boo!” He had his fangs exposed with a sneer, his arms over his head in an attack pose, “claws” and all. “Did I scare ya’? Even just a lil’ bit?" 

Hanzo had made his way down the hallway, clothes neatly tucked in place, long black pants and a neat waistcoat, perhaps old fashiond but it worked for him.
He hadn’t heard the other, and jumped slightly when he jumped out, stumbling and almost falling. Quickly he went to his go-to expression.
“I DID NOT- DO NOT-WHY WOULD” he’s bristling, fangs bared and posture on defense. “A Shimada does not get scared! I was simply shocked.

As humans we tend to miss #beauty around us daily because we are so occupied with the “immediate responses” , social networks and sending text messages before we even have service. How many us notice the stranger with tears in their eyes on the subway, the pretty little girl smiling at us as she walks by, or the homeless man waiting til he can get back in that shelter at night? We are so #disconnected from humanity that we rather false connections than real ones. #TODAY - STOP …TAKE A MINUTE AND NOTICE YOUR SURROUNDS. HUMANITY…YOUR HUMANITY DEPENDS ON IT! - #fashiondeity

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I’ve hit my next tumblr milestone and just wanted to thank you guys for 1.5k Follower’s ^^

Thank you so, so much and just uiiii *runs up to you and cuddles you to death* xoxo

Thank you guys for always being with me, thanks for deep midnight talks, for having my back, for always being there for me, thanks for always cheering me up and on, thanks for shared laughter and shared tears alike. I love you guys <3


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D’ann my cute lil wifey :3 I can’t thank you enough for being just the way you are ( and existing at the same time as me ) I don’t really know about you, but sometimes it’s upright creepy how much we have in common o_O like what where the chances of meeting you, out of all people, here? I am so thankful for having you in my life, every single day :”) Thanks for being the bestiest wifey one could ask for :*** I love you <3

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