Where To Land

Featuring tribecalledflex

No compass
No map
Only your voice for directions
Angelic enough to put my mental state in heaven
Each annunciation
Gets an exclamation
Gives me an excitement
Delighted to come near you
I didn’t know where to land
But who am I to be to judge of that
You know I’m coming for you because with you is where it’s at

So can u direct me girl to that secret place where only we can go
Where we have that deep connection and our relationship can grow
Let this world keep spinning since at the end it’s only us
So what do you say?
To the heavens or bust

But this ain’t blackjack I’m not gambling on your love
I’m either dating you, taking care of you sexing you maybe all of the above
So I’m jumping out on a limb just hope it don’t snap
But just in case it does please tell me where you at

Where To Land
Hopefully in the palm of your hands

Big thanks to tribecalledflex for helping me finish this piece