fashionable otp is fashionable

Ok so Dany is very beautiful so it’s no wonder Jon was immediately attracted to her

But imagine if he had seen her in the dresses she wore in Quarth and Mereen where it was much warmer than it is in Dragonstone/The North:

I can’t wait for the Long Night and Winter to come and go because jonny boi is in for some sexy af outfits from his queen




“an acute angle– like a cute ANGEL, get it?!”

“you’re such a fucking nerd, alex.”

I/you went away and now I’m/you're back and you got:

- Hot

- Tall

- Even worse fashion sense? How is that possible?

- In a relationship?? Without me?? :((

- A job and we can’t hang out as much and I miss you

- Freakin loaded and why do you keep buying me extravagant presents (I like you for you! not your money!) my sibling says you’re trying to woo me but that’s ridiculous

- A tattoo/piercing

- A pet! Can we be co-parents?

- Into a cult? Wtf dude can’t leave you alone for a second

- Famous, make sure those paps get my good side

- Evicted and you’ve been living at my place and I only found out because I got home early

- Turned into a vampire/werewolf/miscellaneous creature of the author’s choice

Do something good for yourself. Put more sugar in your coffee if it’s too bitter. Eat whatever you like, go to the gym whenever you want to. Read as many books as you want, whenever you want to enter another world. Read to further educate yourself. Study for school, uni or that midterm exam you’ve got coming up. Grow. Give all you’ve got. Use the energy you have for the things that are good for yourself. Take a shower if you want to clear your head. Walk around the block to get your mind off things. Scream if you gotta let something out. Forget how many calories are in that piece of cake you’re craving. Eat, eat, eat. Live in the moment. Laugh as loud as you want, no matter how many people will stare at you. Turn up your favourite song, as loud as you want. Dress as you like. Drink green tea, travel to unknown places, take aims and fulfill as many of your dreams as possible. Say your thoughts out loud. Cry when you’re sad. Analyse your problems and try to find a solution. If something’s getting too much for you, lay down and rest, you’ll figure it out tomorrow. Don’t stay in one place, remove yourself from all the negativity in your life. Feel the moment, live your life the way you think is the right way. Drink, party and dance all night long. Do your homework. Get ready for your exams. Eat healthy and greasy. However you want. Open your eyes and step away from all the lies, intrigues and toxic people. Run, as fast as you can, to overtake everyone else, be better for yourself as you were yesterday, a week ago or a month ago. Don’t stop. Don’t give up, keep your head held high and show everyone who didn’t want you, what they’re missing. Don’t ever stop dreaming. Tell those who don’t believe in you to go to hell. Trust but don’t be naive. Give everything you’ve got. Your only competition is yourself. Eat, whenever you’re hungry, wear that outfit you like, if you want to, dye your hair in all the colours, be crazy, be moody, don’t be all square and express whenever you don’t like something, when you’re unhappy or uncomfortable. Stand by your opinion. Take yourself seriously. Laugh loud, get excited over little things, laugh about yourself, say “please” and “thank you”, be happy for others. Grant others the things you’d like to have as well. Don’t be perfect. Be brave enough to do your thing, take advice but don’t accept it without thinking about it yourself. Don’t spill your secrets to everyone, trust yourself the most. Start accepting your mistakes, loving yourself, your flaws, your rough edges. Talk good about yourself, with yourself and start thinking positive. See positive in all setbacks and defeats. Look for the small victories and believe me, you will find them. Do something good for yourself. You’re worth it. You deserve it.
—  I think so many people still don’t get this. original text by @neues-leben-berlin , translated by @cldhearted