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Do you have any liper or valgrace headcanons?

why not both and have some good old fashioned ot3 love for jasipereo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The three of them always have sleepovers okay??? Like the kind of sleepovers where they all smush into one bed and keep telling each other to move over all night long and watch too many scary movies.

They all love playing super smash bros, Leo and Jason tag teaming to beat Piper cause she’s just that good.

Leo getting upset about something and getting pulled into a group by them and gets smushed in the middle. Really he wouldn’t mind it but he gets he face crushed into Jason’s chest by Piper boobs. I’m full of sin

But like…. Piper and Leo love going shopping while Jason is the bag holder friend™.

But they buy him lunch so…it’s kinda worth it.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Jason and Piper can no longer enjoy fireworks the way they used to. Because it reminds them off the explosion Leo died in :)))))) So on Fourth of July, they are both holding Leo’s hands while they hide out in the bunker watching a movie instead of going out to celebrate.

One time they loose Piper in a crowd so Jason gets the brilliant idea to put Leo on his shoulders and they walk around like that for about a half hour trying to find her.

these all suck I’m sorry…